Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Many Travels of Bethany Doyle By Jessica Curry, ENGL 336

Bethany Doyle appears to be your average student at Frostburg State University. What many people wouldn’t know about the English majoring senior is that she has visited and lived in over 8 different states and cities in the U.S. in her lifetime.   Bethany is 22 years old, and comes from a rather large family of 5 siblings. She is closest with her grandparents, as she gives credit to them for raising her in much of her life. I had the chance to talk Bethany, and I was amazed with all the places she has been a resident of, her summer activities, and her current extracurricular activities she balances while in school fulltime.
A native of Cumberland, MD, Bethany was originally born in Silver Spring, MD, an urban city not far from the nation’s capital. She has lived in Pennsylvania, directly in Washington, DC, and in Allegany County, MD more than once.  Her most favorite place of where she has lived is right in Frostburg. “I love it,” she told me. She feels she has the most independence here, while also really enjoying the school.
Being the avid reader that she is, Bethany aspires to be a writer, by way of being an editor for a prestigious company. Currently, she is doing an internship in Frostburg’sCreative Writing Center, on Main Street. There she is in charge of the social media content and manages the Center’s online activity.
When looking at Bethany, besides her well-traveled background, her heritage is comprised of German, French and Irish descent. I could tell she had ancestors from Ireland from her curly hair, porcelain skin decorated with freckles, soft-colored eyes, and her last name.  
In summer 2013, Bethany visited four states; the most traveling Bethany has ever has done in a certain period in her life. She visited North Carolina, New York, Colorado, and Chicago. The whole experience was an eye opener for Bethany of how much there is in the U.S. to see.
Although Bethany has not traveled abroad, there is still more in the States she would like to explore. Hopefully next summer after she graduates, Bethany would like to move to Kentucky for career opportunities.
She is not looking forward to settling anytime soon. Bethany’s future plans include moving to the west coast, and hopefully making a stop in Seattle, WA. Her ideal place where she would like to live is in Oregon, and maybe someday that could happen.

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