Saturday, September 21, 2013

Richard Brady: Baseball’s Hometown Hero

Richard Brady: Baseball’s Hometown Hero?
By: Lekia Clark ENGL 336.001

Tickets are purchased, food has been prepared, seats are claimed and students are showing pride by wearing their FSU Bobcat gear. The game is about to start and the anticipation is high, when out walks number 6, first baseman, Richard Brady also known as Ricky. Family and friends rush out their seats to cheer him on; among the cheering crowd are his parents, sisters and girlfriend. The oldest twin by two minutes with two older sisters Richard seems to be a well rounded guy but this did not come easy “it’s hard being the only boy,” he stated when asked about his siblings. 

Richard, a senior studying journalism at FSU is not new to the game of baseball he has been playing and perfecting his craft since the young age of five. Best recognized around campus by his tall 6’4 frame, quiet demeanor, baseball cap, and facial hair, Richard strolls through the halls of the Dunkle building with a silent confidence and mysterious air around him that captures his classmates’ attention from afar. Despite his outward appearance and demeanor Richard really enjoys interacting with his peers stating that “once I get around my team or the baseball field I am more comfortable and relaxed. I enjoy being in that environment rather than a school setting where I am to myself.”

 Not a Frostburg State University native, Richard takes pleasure in attending classes at FSU and experiencing all the things the institution has to offer. Originally attending Chesapeake Community College after high school, and then transferring to the University after getting recruited to play baseball, Richard seems to have a whole new outlook on life in the Burg “it took me a while to warm up to it [Frostburg] because of the cold; last year was an adjustment period,” he said. When it comes to sports he takes his future very seriously stating “five years into the future I want to manage a baseball team at a high school or collegiate level.”  While eventually he will be graduating with a bachelor’s degree there is no doubt that we will be hearing about Richard and his success on the baseball diamond soon. 

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