Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A snowy day at the Burg!

 Junior Early Childhood/Elementary Education major, Deidra Harris and junior Biology major, Essence Mosely outside having an intense snowball fight!

(Left to right) Terrell Littlejohn, a freshman athletic training major and Quentin McSwain, a junior business administration major with a concentration in marketing, sitting in the Chesapeake Dining Hall waiting to swipe their cards.

October Event Coverage

On Saturday October 27, 2012 Frostburg State University hosted a unique Halloween party called Late @ Lane. The party was inside the Lane Center and it occupied both floors. Inside the conference room on the top floor is where the haunted house was held. Downstairs in the Armah was where the party and costume contest was located. It was very surprising to see how many students still celebrate Halloween from the ages of nineteen to twenty-one. A lot of people either have good school spirit or are still big kids at heart to participate in the costume aspect of the holiday. While lounging up stairs by the table where free Pepsi samples were distributed I shared words with some interesting people. I met a gentleman named Robert Mathis who was dressed in a Mermaid Man costume. Mermaid Man is a superhero character that makes appearances on SpongeBob Squarepants. His costume was homemade which made his costume even more unique because it was like an exact replica of the cartoon version. When asked why he chose to be Mermaid Man for Halloween he replied, “It was just so original that I had to show people how Halloween is supposed to look”. The entire building was filled with witches, nurses, maids, officers, etc., and it seems like everyone enjoyed themselves.
            I went downstairs to see what the party was like and the Dj was playing some good music and everyone was dancing. Next door to the party room was a buffet room that served macaroni & cheese, chili, chicken pot pie, and sample portions of pumpkin pie. Surprisingly the food was very tasteful unlike your typical school lunch. I was enjoying myself so much that I almost forgot I was on my journalist duty; a true example of business and pleasure. I also had a small talk with a girl named Breanna Lewis who was disguised in a SWAT uniform. This particular SWAT costume was so sexy and appealing that she would have been easily mistaken for a Janet Jackson costume. When asked why she chose this costume of choice she replied, “I chose a SWAT officer because I always been an action junky in my imagination”, this illustrates that this gives her an opportunity to pretend to be action packed for a day. She said that she and her friends have been anticipating this day all month because they love to have a reason to dress up. Frostburg event planners even put a basketball shooting cage downstairs outside of the pool hall and I thought that was pretty neat considering the fact that had no significance to the Halloween theme. The last person I interviewed was Malik Thomas who costume was unoriginal but very classic. He was the notorious horror film slasher Jason; he was equipped with the navy jumpsuit, hockey mask, and novelty machete. He was tall with a strong build to him just like Jason from the movie. When I interviewed him on why he chose to be Jason he replied, “Friday the 13th is one of my favorite horror movies and I want to scare everybody in the Lane Center”. This event was a big success and it gave the students something positive to do.

October Event Coverage: Frostburg Students Stride for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By: Tanisha Hamilton Eng 336.002

     On October 20, 2012 from 9 a.m - 2 p.m. hundreds of people came together in Cumberland, Maryland to walk for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Many of these people were breast cancer survivors or their cancer was in remission, while others were cancer free and came out to show support. Many of the FSU students who came out to support also helped volunteer by setting up everything that needed to be done for this big event. These students showed pure dedication because not only did they skip out on pre-homecoming activities but they had to be in Cumberland by 5:45 a.m. in order to make sure that everything was set up before other people started to arrive.
     One Frostburg student who volunteered, Kurtis Gorham from Baltimore, MD , said that " The survivors here show that having breast cancer is not a "Death sentence". They live everyday lives, just as any individual who does not have breast cancer. It just goes to show, that no matter where you are from, our how you were raised, in the end we are all the same." Kurtis is an executive board member for the National Society of Leadership and Success, he stated, "we must engage in at least one community service event a semester and we didn't have to go, I just picked to go because I want to support breast cancer awareness month and everything it stands for. I want to help fight for a cure! " The turn out was amazing to see and it showed people's passion for the issue we're fighting to solve.  

     People were giving each other words of encouragement to continue walking even though they were starting to get tired. We walked for people who were unable to take the walk because they were sick in their beds and for people who lost their battle with breast cancer. People wore shirts with loved ones pictures on it to show that they will continue to fight for a cure for breast cancer. This was a very beautiful moment to see with everyone coming together as one to help celebrate breast cancer awareness. Everyone had the opportunity to share their stories or the story of loved ones. Although there was a mixture of tears, sadness, encouragement, and smiles, this was a very inspiring and empowering moment and a delightful experience. Everyone should come out to show support next year in October. It's never too late to join the fight.

     For those who did not make it out to support the cause, it is strongly encouraged that you come out and help make a difference as these people did. You don't have to be a breast cancer survivor or have breast cancer to participate, anyone is welcome to join the walk. Anyone who comes out to make a difference is greatly appreciated. This will not be the only event this year to allow people to walk for breast cancer so look up future dates and help join the cause. If anyone is interested in walking for breast cancer or wants to sign up or make donations, you can follow the link and it will take you to Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.  Once you join the fight you won't be sorry and it's guaranteed that you will have a life changing experience once you participate. Kurtis Gorham had an amazing experience from both volunteering and participating in the walk. He said, " This was a truly amazing experience for me and I would definitely do it again and again."


Monday, October 29, 2012

President’s Concert Brings out Best in the Music Department by Sean Truly

For those who weren’t distraught by the rain and gloom of yesterday’s weather (the calm before  the ‘Frankenstorm’, so to speak) the Frostburg State President’s Concert could be considered an Unforgettable show for the music lovers of the campus. Despite the name, the concert was open to the public and was free to all students. Sadly, only half the theatre was full, leading one to question why students wouldn’t take advantage of an event like this. That aside,  6 of the school’s best student performers, 4 Faculty Artists, and the FSU Chamber Choir under the direction of Dr. Karen Soderberg put on a 10 part Concert of a lifetime.

 First on the stage was clarinet player Amanda Gold accompanied by Robert O’Neal on Marimba. They performed 3 movements of Prisms by Robert E. Kruetz, as highlights of the beautiful piece. This was not the first time the duet played this on the stage of the Performing Arts Center, however,  as almost a month ago they (alongside Dr. James DeWire) took to the stage with this piece and two others for Amanda’s recital in September. After their performance Amanda Kiser, a flute player, took the stage with an unusual piece of music titled “Lookout!” by living composer Robert Dick. Dick, heavily influenced by Rock music of the 1960’s, made his piece mimic the sounds of a guitar and drums of rock star Jimi Hendrix all on the flute. Despite being unorthodox, the piece was executed brilliantly. After Kiser was the first of the Faculty Artists, Dr. Brent Weber, took to the stage with his Saxophone. His piece, “Blue Caprice” by Victor Morosco, became one of the highlights of the Concert. Like the other performers before and after him he was met with a score of applause from the audience. Guitarist Robert Wallace was up after Dr. Weber, and played “A Breeze from Alabama” and “Prelude No. 2” by Scott Joplin and Heitor Villa Lobos. Unlike many of the other pieces it sounded less classically composed and more folk-like, which made for a beautiful change of pace for the program. Another professor would replace him on stage after Wallace, Dr. Steven Soebbing, as a Bass/Baritone singer alongside the faculty's accompanist Dr. James DeWire on piano. Aided by his years of classical training he sang “Baachus is a pow’r divine” by Henry Purcell and in German “Tom der Reimer” by Carl Loewe. Many of Vocal Music singers would agree that Soebbing is a useful and integral part of the Department of Music.

 Following Intermission was another vocal piece by soprano Britany Poindexter titled “Let a Gallant Youth Come Towards Me” by Carl Maria von Weber. Her voice can be heard from most of the vocal chorales of Frostburg State, and she is a powerful Soprano II in the Chamber Choir. Matthew Green, yet another Marimba player, followed Poindexter with a song from another living composer, David Steinquist, called "Uncommon Time". Next to perform was, without a doubt, the most featured artist of the faculty-Frostburg State’s newest accompanist, Dr. James “Jay:” DeWire. He not only had to memorize Dr. Soebbing and Britany Poindexter’s pieces but he was featured alone on the Piano himself. He played “St. Francis of Paola Walking on the Waves: Legend No. 2” by the famous composer Franz Liszt, a riveting song about the catholic saint Francis crossing a body of water to embark on God’s work after a boatmen refused to ferry him to the other side. It, along with Brent Weber's performance of "Blue Caprice" were among the favorites of the audience attending the concert. Second to last was Dr. Patrick Sise, another new teacher specializing in Guitar Music. He performed a song from Mozart’s The Magic Flute arranged by Fernando Sor. The last group to take the stage was the FSU Chamber Choir with 33 members in its composition. After singing 3 songs by William Byrd, the 2 hour long concert was over and everyone could leave.

It is interesting to note before I close  that, despite the mixture of Faculty and Students in the concert, one could not truly discern as to which group was better than the other. Both performed to the best of their ability, and every performer’s talents were mesmerizing. Though the President could not be reached for a word on how he enjoyed his concert-I have no doubts that he enjoyed the show of his namesake as much as the audience did.

Late at Lane Initiative Moves Forward

Late at Lane Initiative Moves Forward

            Frostburg State University is continuing its fight against off campus partying through the Late at Lane initiative.  On October 27, Late at Lane provided a Halloween bash for students. The Late at Lane team made the transition into this event a lot smoother than the Welcome to Frostburg: Vegas Style event.  Brian Wigglesworth, a junior Wildlife and Fisheries major said, “The system they had for the food was more efficient than the way it was done at the casino night.” A lot of work came in to planning every aspect of this event from the security to the performances to the raffles.

            There were only two entrances to Lane both with security stops. After walking through a metal detector, students proceeded to a security guard with a wand.  After being checked by security, there were stations set up to scan your identification.  This way Frostburg knew exactly who was entering the event in case of any discrepancies. 

            Upon entrance into the event, each person was given three raffle tickets.  These tickets could be entered to win a Lily Pulitzer basket, a Keurig, a free meal to the Grub Hub, a 32” flat screen television, an Xbox 360, or an iPad.  There were multiple drawings and several people went home with a little more than their student ID in hand.  Johanna Zelaya was the lucky winner of an iPad.  She said, “I wasn’t really expecting to win.  When I heard them call the numbers I got really excited because one of my tickets matched the numbers so I screamed and when they repeated the numbers I jumped and screamed.  My legs were shaking…I was so happy!”

            Throughout the Lane University Center there were psychics, tarot card readings, a haunted house, games, and stations where you could make your own license plate, street sign, or dry erase board.  Pepsi helped sponsor the event and gave away free basketballs and Pepsi products to guests.  In addition to free drinks for the patrons, Aramark, Frostburg State’s meal service, also provided food.  Patrons were able to enjoy mac and cheese, biscuits with chicken pot pie, pumpkin pie, and pumpkin-flavored ice cream. The food selection was perfect for this fall event.

            Late at Lane also featured two live performances with musical artists. Preston Pugmire, an acoustic Indie Pop artist performed several times throughout the night.  Not only did he provide great vocals, but he recorded his music on site to make a loop which created an even more unique sound.  Following Pugmire was Hip-Hop Violinist, Svet.  He is more than another musical act.  Svet really kept the audience compelled with his style put on today’s hits.  Cameron Stroup, a sophomore English major said, “The performances were really fresh and fun.”

            It was literally a Halloween Bash with an actual dance going on in the ARMAH in Lane. Anyone who did not attend this Halloween Bash provided by Late at Lane certainly missed out. The next Late at Lane event will be “A Night on the Boardwalk,” which will take place on November 17, 2012. 

Students enjoying Late at Lane performers
Photo credit: FSU Department of Student & Community Involvement

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Late @ Lane

By: Dylan Scherpf

From 10pm last night to 2am this morning, Frostburg State University hosted its second ever Late @ Lane event, a new program focused on providing students with an alternative to off-campus partying, where alcohol is typically involved. Last month’s casino themed event brought in more than 1100 students, a good sign for the continuation of the program. Last night’s turnout can easily be expected to match that.
With the holiday only three days away, the theme for the October event was, of course, Halloween. Many students, excited to show off their Halloween spirit, arrived dressed up as zombies, witches, super heroes, cartoon and anime characters, and various masked figures. The work put into individual costumes ranged from the cat girl with face paint, a mane, and a full cat-body suit to the guys wearing only the standard Halloween masks with regular clothes. Of course, there were many who chose not to dress up and were allowed in nonetheless.
The Lane Center itself, usually well-lit, was transformed, appropriately, into a dark scene. Every section of the building was decked out with cobwebs, spiders, skeletons, and the occasional dark figure that may or may not have been a real person. For the most part, each part of the building also had a different activity for the students. A short haunted house was set up in the Atkinson Room, where dark masked figures would jump out at passing students while they were preoccupied with the electronic screaming witches and mental patients. Meanwhile, psychics and tarot card readers were set up in the South Addition while Svet, a hip-hop violinist/music producer/ singer, preformed right next door in the Lane University Center Loft. Down in the Alice R. Manicur Assemble Hall, or ARMAH, the Halloween Dance was held throughout the night, stopping only for the costume contest at 12:30am. A number of more hands-on activities were also available. In different areas of the Lane Center students could make candy apples, street signs, license plates, wax hands, and dry erase boards. Despite all this, senior Gavin Pereira was not impressed. “I feel like this time they didn’t have as many activities. Like last time they had the magician and comedian.”  Refreshments were offered throughout the night too, while food opened up at midnight in the back of the ARMAH with sampler sized portions of macaroni and cheese, chili, chicken pot pie, and pumpkin pie, all free. Cory Proctor, dressed as “Dreamcast Man” (which was just a shirt with the Dreamcast logo), commented that “the food looked suspicious because it was in a dark room, but it was still good.” His opinion seemed to be a common one, as the line for food went down and halfway back up the hallway next to the game room.
With so much going on, the Late @ Lane staff was still on top of things all night. Each entrance had a security checkpoint complete with metal detectors and campus I.D. scanners. Several campus police officers also kept watch throughout the night to ensure that things went smoothly. Many yellow-shirted Late @ Lane staff members were also stationed around the building to provide assistance or answers to any students in need. One staff member, Antwann Harper, was even offering extra tickets for the prize drawing to students who completed a quick survey for him. “It helps just to see what they could do better,” Antwann said, “and to see what else you would be doing instead.” The school hopes to use this information to improve its future Late @ Lane events, which will take place once a month.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Sweet Party That Turned Sour

The Frostburg Gamer's poster for the event.
     On Oct. 25, 2012, the Frostburg Gamer's Club hosted it's second annual halloween costume party, a party where the members could show up in costume, play games, and win a prize for best costume. However, the party died very quickly when only 8 people showed up to the event. "Many people went home this weekend." said club member Bridget Willingham. "That could be why no one came."
     Despite the lack of attendance, the Frostburg Gamers were still determined to have a fun time with their new games that they recently got from their SGA loan. However, this also backfired as club member and Club Treasurer Chris Briles, went home for the weekend leaving the new games locked away in his room. Club President Aaron Blough, and Vice President Nick Mills, as well as many other club members, were less than pleased. "Chris isn't allowed to hold the games in his room anymore." Aaron said. "He really should have told us he was leaving so we could get the games beforehand."
     While there has been talk of doing this event next week after Halloween, It's likely not going to happen. However, the gamer's club is still determined to get more people to join and more games to play.

Frostburg Gamer's Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/118617751552549/

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Octobers News Coverage: Zach Wahls

  Zach Wahls: My Two Moms

Zach Wahls was one of the many people to come to Frostburg State University this semester so far, and he was the best yet! On Monday, October 22nd at 8pm Zach Wahls spoke to a room full of people about his story and same sex marriage. It was a very inspiring two hour event and knowledgeable.

Zach Wahls is a twenty-one year old author of a book called, “ My Two Moms” and is a LGBT Activist as well.  In the year 2011 Zach got a call from a lawyer asking him to come and testify at the Iowa courts.  Zach said, “When I got the call asking to come speak I said yes immediately. Then of course, like any other college student would do, I wrote my speech the night before.”  There was a little chuckle in the room, since we all know how that works. After Zach told us that he was asked to speak, he then showed us the three-minute video clip that had the most hits in all of the year 2011 on YouTube. 

In the three-minute video clip, Zach is standing before the Iowa courts trying to convince them that same sex marriage is nothing to be against, but something people should be for.  In the video Zach was only nineteen at the time, but was very well dressed and spoken.  He talked about how he was raised by two mothers and how it hasn’t had a negative impact on his life at all; and if anything having two mothers was better then having a “normal” family.  Once the video was done playing we all in the audience clapped and stood for him.  He then began to tell us more about the following days after that video was uploaded. “It was a snow day and so I woke up, checked to see if we had classes, then went back to sleep. When I woke up again I looked at my phone and noticed I had about a dozen missed calls.  I ignored it for the time being and began to make a cup of coffee. When I was done making my coffee I got onto Facebook and had about 400 notifications, and about double that in friend request. A moment after looking at this in amazement my phone ringed, and it was CNN wanting to do an interview.”  Zach then finished describing his hectic morning and hectic week to follow.  After everything that had happened a publicist, manager, and many more people approached him.  He ended up dropping out of college to become a political activist and author for the Lesbian Gay Bi-sexual Transgender (LGBT) community. 
After he explained the different shows that he has been on and the many people that he has met, he then sat there and told us all about the struggles he had growing up and trying to fit in.  Zach also told us some of the stupid questions that people ask him and how he handles them. “I get asked all the time, DUDEEE YOU HAVE TWO MOMS? And then they proceed to ask if they’re hot.” Zach said that it is always really uncomfortable. 

At the end of these amazing two hours, Zach held a Q&A session and allowed those of us who stayed to take pictures with him as well.  He is an amazing young man and what he is doing is an amazing thing! 

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Glance at Frostburg

A packed house on Monday night at Mountain City Traditional Arts for the Poetry Slam.
The event was hosted by poet and performer Allan Wolf.
Junior Ruth LaCourse setting up much needed chairs in the packed house.
Ruth also was one of the performers.
Sophomore Emmitt Kitchen is hard at work on his
bio-chem homework in the Compton Science Building.

Longing to get outside and enjoy the day, Senior Susan Snow
stares out of the window  in the Compton Science Building.

Homecoming 2012




Homecoming 2012

Frostburg State University


This is BobEcat, the schools best masot! He was out and about all homecoming week trying to pump up the school spirit! BobEcat was in lane center around lunch time everyday, and was taking pictures with people and dancing around. This picture is of him dancing around.

On tuesday of last week there was a flash mob in the middle of lane center. It was very random and unexpected. It definitely got the people in lane pumped up for homecoming and the rest of the upcoming events!

Photo's of frostburg!

Look who I found again! Freshman Veronica Williams and Sophmore Christina Williams posing it up at the frostburg railroad tracks!

Sophmore Shawn Amaker caught off guard at frostburgs homecoming game

Homecoming Pictures Part 3

(From Left to Right)
Paige Gearhart                      Jazmyn Jones
Junior                                    Junior
English Major                       English
Olney, Md                             Baltimore, Md

Jenaee McWhirter                 Cedric Crawley
Senior                                    Senior
Psychology                            English
Bowie, Md                             Bowie, Md

Students took part in the English department job fair, listening to an English graduates experience after Frostburg. The women was from ADA: American Diabetes Association, and she spoke about her degree in English and her job in event management with ADA. She explained that with a english degree, you are able to communicate more effectiveley within a company through written and oral communication.

Some Rad Photos from Poetry Slam

During an unusually warm Homecoming weekend, I decided to attend a Poetry Slam contest at the Mountain   City Traditional Arts. Starting around 7:30pm, the evening lasted till around 10:30 and featured an array of ages from local poets, residents, and students.
Sophomores Conor Burns and Emily Grove await to go into the Poetry Slam while staring at some displays in the Mountain City Traditional Arts window.
Senior Andrew Wilk pets a dog outside Mountain City while rehearsing his poems for the contest. Wilk went on to win the competition that night and walk home with a $50 prize and a basket of pottery.
Host for the evening and visiting poet, Allan Wolf, holds up a foam Titanic model while giving the analogy that we are all a community aboard the Titanic and we need to mesh together in our diversity as a united community.
Allan Wolf has the audience hold up their arms in a "baby arm" demonstration to illustrate how poets look at the world as if it were the first time seeing it as babies do.

For more information on the Poetry Slam or other folk events that the community is holding, visit www.appindie.org.

A Day in Frostburg

                     Seniors Franklin Muse, Felicia Muse, Chantel Montgomery,
                    Jessica Mensah, and Junior, Kelly Friend take pictures of the new Mass Communications building in process.

                     Junior and Exercise and Sport Science major Lurs
                     Lampasona working hard in the gym at Lane.
                   Junior Joseph Avolio, and Senior Daniel Brierly
                   passing out cards for the Christian Fellowship group,

Homecoming Pictures Part 2

Amanda Wallace
Alpha Sigma Alpha

Eric Paul
Phi Mu Delta

Amanda Wallace and Eric Paul were introduced during halftime at the Homecoming game saturday as King and Queen of 2012. The band played and the crowd cheered, congradulating the two students for this honor.

Homecoming Pictures Part 1

(Left) Shannon Snell
Physical Training Major
Mechanicsville, Maryland

(Right) Alicia Clay
Biology/Pre Med Major
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

In preparation of the FSU Homecoming game, Shannon and Alicia purchased a couple dozen colored disposable solo cups and placed them strategecally in the spaces of the fence. The end result was a paw print, with their sororities letters 'ASA' and and the words, 'Go FSU' at the bottom.

Student Life

Chelsea Rankin, a Junior who is majoring in Psychology, is relaxing in the lounge while waiting to grab some lunch with friends.  

Homecoming at Frostburg

Above: Scenic view of a quiet alley in Frostburg
Sophomore Calisma Asafor, a Exercise and Sport Science major, working hard in the library.
Above: The new Mass Communication and Technology building is starting to take shape!
Above: Freshman Brianna  Hopkins texting away on her cell phone in Lane.

2012 Homecoming

Seen here is Indiana Addison, a senior computer science major from Bowie, Maryland focusing himself as he prepare to compete in the step show with members of his fraternity.

Brandon Kelly a senior mass communications major from Baltimore, Maryland is seen here selling raffle tickets on the behalf of "The National Society of Leadership and Success". The winner of the raffle will recieve tickets to the Pittsburgh Steelers vs San Diego Chargers football game December 9, 2012.

One of the most unepected events that lead up to this upcoming week was by Cailtin Moore, senior biology major from Capitol Heights, Maryland as she choreographed and performed a flash mob with members of the student government association.

Homecoming 2012: Bobcat Pride

Ryan Taylor (Senior) proudly demostrates what females students should not wear to the homecoming dance during Prep Rally.

President of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People and brother of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated Jason Baccus (Senior, Political Science major), catches a quick nap in the Lane Center before the homecoming festivities begin.

Frostburg State University marching band opens the football game with a classic musical selection as Jerica Bennett (Senior, Political Science major), President of the Student Government Association and University Police cheered them on.


Homecoming Headliner: Pictures from the big game

The FSU Bobcats step off at the start of a play against players from Buffalo State, their homecoming opponents.

The Frostburg Cheerleader Squad performs at half-time, demonstrating one of their choreographed performances used throughout the season. 
The FSU Marching Bobcats Perform their seasonal halftime show, bringing together musical aptitude and tightly choreographed movements.

Average in Frostburg

Patrick Johnson, a sophomore Wildlife and Fisheries major from Eldersburg, Maryland. Johnson is up to mischievous things while enjoying a Friday night in Frostburg.
Johanna Zelaya, a junior Education major from Clinton, Maryland. Here, she is enjoying her surprise birthday party while crowd surfing. 

Aileen Agar and Jessey Ervin sharing an intimate moment outside on a beautiful Frostburg day.
Agar is a junior Wildlife and Fisheries major while Ervin is a junior Electrical Engineering major and Physics major.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Homecoming Photos

Alpha Sigma Epsilon brothers hold their annual 8AM Daiquiris Homecoming event. This event has become a tradition for the fraternity where they invite many other greek organization. Everyone who attends eats, drinks, plays games outside, and socialize for hours. This is one of the biggest traditions at Frostburg State University which brings tons of friends together. About 150 people attended this years 8AM Daiquiris event.

Two current Frostburg State University students, Rachel Frye, and Julie Ballenger meet a Frostburg State University alumni, Trey Weatherholtz, who became a reality television celebrity. Julie Ballenger and Rachel Frye are both seniors at Frostburg State University who are affiliated with the off campus greek organization Delta Delta.

Two Frostburg State University students, Rachel Frye and Anthony Patterson, embrace each other after being apart for months. Rachel Frye is affiliated with the off campus greek organization Delta Delta and Anthony Patterson is affiliated with the on campus greek organization Alpha Sigma Epsilon at Frostburg State University.

Frostburg Daily

Featured from the left: Bereni Oriaku, a senior Psychology major from Baltimore, MD. In mid center is Rebecca Singh, a senior Mass Communication major, minoring in Public Relations from Springfield MD. On the right: Tiffany Berry, a junior with a concentration in Law and Society, majoring in Criminal Justice, also minoring in Sociology, from Aberdeen MD. The three women were having an animated conversation after eating lunch at the Chesapeake Dining Hall. Soon after, the three friends parted and went on their way to their respective classes.

Featured Mid-Center: Ariana Brown, a junior majoring in International Studies, from Aberdeen, MD. She is late to a meeting for her major at the time of this picture and is in a rush, meanwhile having a conversation with her younger brother on the phone, discussing the events of homecoming. According to Brown, it turns out things were very eventful.
Featured Mid-Center: Essence Moseley, a junior majoring in Biology from Baltimore, MD. Moseley just finished her weekly meeting for Students for Women's Issues and is on her way to Dunkle Hall for another class.
Featured Center: Malcom Utley, a junior Mass Communication major from Lanham, MD. Utley had just finished classes and was on his way to his room to edit a video he shot of homecoming over the weekend.

Homecoming Events!!!

  Frostburg students "Pink Bobcats" supporting the fight for breast cancer awareness month.

By: Tanisha Hamilton, Eng 336.002

As Frostburg State University prepared for its 2012 homecoming events, many students were out celebrating homecoming a different way. On homecoming day, October 20, 2012 from 9 a.m. - 2 p.m., these students decided to join the walk for breast cancer in Cumberland, MD instead of trying to find an outfit for the homecoming dance. One of the people who participated in the walk was Kurtis Gorham from Baltimore, MD. Kurtis is a senior at Frostburg majoring in computer science.
The Brothers of Omega Psi Phi Inc. stepping at the block show.

On that very same day, from 6 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. , all of the Greeks from the "divine nine" participated in the block show. The gym was over crowded and family and friends who came late had to stand during the rest of the show. All of the Fraternities and Sororities who performed did an amazing job and gave the crowd a reason to get their adrenaline going. The NPHC block show was definitely a night to remember. 

Crowning of homecoming King and Queen
The FSU pep rally event was amazing as well, many students came out to support other students who were performing or participating in that night's events. Most of the crowd came out to support friends and family who were running for homecoming king and queen. A particular fan favorite, although he didn't win homecoming king, was Liku Waka. He's a senior majoring in Business. Liku is from Ethiopia and doesn't mind meeting new people from different areas.