Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Across the States to Frostburg State

In all the places she could be, Senior, Laura Brevig decided to call and make Frostburg her home. This illustrious senior ‘s story represents the mold of Frostburg and a path many take to get here, one that is unusual and unique.

Brevig the middle child of her family was born in the “dirty south,” in Miami Florida. However she spent most of her years up North in St. Leonard, a small country town in Calvert County Maryland. 

After graduating high school Brevig enrolled at Salisbury University, she spent 1 year there before realizing it wasn’t the place for her, “I did not enjoy my time, and I left, she said. After leaving Salisbury, Brevig took a year off, moving to Massachusetts to be with her Nana and also joined the AmeriCorps/NCCC program.

As a member of AmeriCorps Brevig travelled from Vermont to Alabama and many more states in between. She served communities, participating in disaster relief, beautifying neighborhoods and so much more.  Being a part of AmeriCorps revealed a lot to her, “I want to be a teacher, that’s something I discovered in AmeriCorps,” Brevig said.

After spending a year of her life running around the country experiencing new things, and connecting with multitude of people, Brevig decided to transfer to Frostburg State.  She didn’t take a break when she got on campus, instead she continued to serve, becoming an R.A. and dealing with younger students, their issues mishaps and victories. Brevig has sown seeds everywhere she’s gone and undoubtedly impacted so many.

In the chaos of what a University can offer, in the hustle and bustle, in all that students get lost in and stuck on Brevig became a model, a leader and a prototypical student for others to follow. One incident as an R.A. speaks to her character the best, handling a situation between roommates in which one was being put down and bullied. “She was being bullied, I talked to her and was able to calm her down and help her get moved, I also had a few words with those who were harassing her.”

No matter where she’s gone or what she's done, Laura Brevig has been the influence affecting lives for the better, though it’s not all serious for her, when she isn’t handling student issues or helping disaster victims, Brevig will most likely be caught eating cotton candy, listening/dancing to k-pop, hanging out with her boyfriend or on rare occasions a combination of all. She truly is unique and Frostburg is lucky to have her.

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