Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Lekia Clark: The most interesting woman on the East Coast

Lekia Clark: The most interesting woman on the East Cost
By Ricky Brady, Eng 336.002
Lakia Clark, a very outspoken middle child, has 2 siblings, an older brother and a younger sister all born in February and all 6 years apart.  She's more particular then she is selfish as she states “I’m selfish, I like things done when someone says they are going to do it." She's a sophomore transfer from Virginia State and a recent Deans List award recipient here at Frostburg. She's Majoring in Mass communications and a Minor in Public Relations.
Lekia is a traveler, meaning she owns the East Coast minus a few states she hasn't been to yet. When asking her what states has she traveled to throughout the course of her life, the list just continued to grow. The only trend was the location of all the states on the East Coast of the Continental US. She has been too Georgia, South and North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc... Her favorite place to be out of all those States is New Jersey she replied "I love spending time on the Jersey Shore, shopping and going to touristy places." The one state that she has yet to go to is California, which will be her final stopping place as she would love nothing more than to move to and live in California.
On her travels she stopped by the Coca-Cola Factory, in Atlanta, Georgia. She had a great experience taste testing all the different flavors. She had a terrifying encounter in Washington D.C., "I went to the awakening sculpture and it was scary because I was so young and there were huge body parts coming out of the ground." On her stop through Atlanta she had the best food out of all of her trips claiming "Goodfella's Pizza & Wings  is where it's at," she was also fairly please with the weather in Atlanta. 

I went on to ask her who you visited on all these trips or were they mainly to get out of dodge for a little or did they have a purpose. A few were for leisure time but on some accounts she explained “I went to North Carolina because my brother lived there while attending college, and I visited my aunt while I was in Atlanta.” She was an explorer from an early age, her age ranged from ages 7 all the way up to present day at age 20. With all these travel miles she’s sure to reach her final destination in California.

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