Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alex McDonald: Future World Ruler; Currently the Ruler of Everything Else

Alex McDonald was born in Fort Ashby, West Virginia in 1992. He accredits his success to his grandparents. His face lights up as he describes how much they have done for him. His maternal grandfather and grandmother provided him with inspiration and the drive that he has used to do everything he has accomplished.
            Alex is a 2010 graduate of Frankfort High School. He laughs as he describes his high school attitude, “a fun time, nothing serious. I just wanted to get out.” Interestingly enough, he spent his senior year as President of the Senior Class and the Student Council. “Natural born leader? Dictator, I prefer,” he jokes in reference to his inclination to lead.   
            Alex applied (and was accepted) to American Musical Dramatic Academy, a prestigious Performing Arts college whose alumni include Jesse Tyler Ferguson from ABC’s “Modern Family.” However impressive this feat is in itself, Alex modestly explains that he did not want to spend money to learn something he already knows. Instead, he chose to attend Potomac State College in West Virginia where he received his Associates in Business. Alex quickly put that degree to use during his sophomore of school when he bought a 24,000 square foot building in Keyser, West Virginia. The building used to be a major theatre and is now a ballroom, which he is in the process of renovating.  
            In addition to owning a future potential business, Alex is currently in charge of running the Apple Alley Players, the largest theatre group in the area. The company began in 1985 but hit a snag when it was in a lull for 5 years until Alex took it upon himself to revive it. He has been running the company for 5 successful seasons. When he talks about his work in theatre, you can hear the passion in his voice. He loves what he does and it's evident in how high he carries himself; shoulders back, smile on his face.
At 19, Alex decided on a whim to pursue his interest in politics and 
ran for a position on the Board of Education without advertising. He received full backing from the local teachers union and won his district. He laughs at the memory of his experience when he describes his attitude during the process, “I went to a couple board meetings and saw how boring it was.” Though he wasn't thrilled by the experience, it's how he lives his life, through spontaneity and experience. If he does not jump in head first, he will not get the full effect.   
             Entrepreneur, manager, political figure; no matter what Alex McDonald does, he naturally assumes the leadership position. With a constant smile and a repertoire of hilarious clever remarks, people gladly follow Alex McDonald, and it is easy to understand why.

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