Thursday, March 31, 2011

Do you believe U.S. troops belong in Afghanistan? Why or why not?

When asked that question the first thing a senior Sociology and Law & Society major at Frostburg State University by the name of Makiha Cooper did was shake his head. "That's tough" is the first thing that came out of his mouth. He was on the fence with yes and no, but said if he had to choose one he would say no. He says that too many people are dying and it feels like nothing is being accomplished. He said that four years ago when he was a freshman at FSU, a friend of his back in his hometown of Baltimore lost a dear friend of hers due to the war. He said that this is probably his reason for leaning towards no.

Immediately after reading the question Dasha Harris looked up and directly in my eyes and answered "Yup!" The senior at Frostburg State University from the southwest area of Washington, DC explained that she feels  that way because the United States need to help protect people who can't defend themselves. One of the Psychology major's final comments were, " The soldiers need to do something to earn their money anyway". She also compared the U.S. to being a nice tough guy because our country stands up to bullies for other people.

Travis Oliver, a graduate student at Frostburg State University had similar feelings as Dasha. He begin to relate the situation to his hometown in Baltimore. He feels like people who can't defend themselves should be helped. He has his undergraduate in Sociology and is in his first year as a graduate student going for a masters in Education. He claims that he is one that is all about the people and that's why he feels this way. He says, " In vice versa if it was the U.S. government doing us like the Afghanistan's government is doing them, he would want some other country to help us."

What is your favorite movie?

Sophomore Leanna Atkins quickly answered that her favorite movie is The Family Stone. “I love the fact that it’s a Christmas movie," she explained. The Psychology major enjoys the dysfunctional family aspect of the film as well. “It reminds me of my family,” she laughed. While the film is set in a New England town, Atkins family lives in her hometown, Ellicott City, Maryland. She said overall she enjoys the 2005 flick because it’s “a wholesome movie.”

The question was not as easy for Burlington, West Virginia native, Cathryn Clark. A long list of favorites left the Frostburg junior unable to pick just one. “I can give you a genre though,” she laughed. She continued to say that all of her favorite movies fall into either two genres, “horror and action flicks.” Despite her inability to choose just one movie, the Elementary Education major said that a more recent movie she liked was 2009’s Orphan. “I have so many different ones,” she exclaimed.

Frederick, Maryland native, Kristen Uphold enjoys horror movies as well. “My favorite movie is Paranormal Activity 2,” she stated stressing the “2”. She admits that she “didn't like the first one,” but actually liked the continuation into the second film much more. The junior and Elementary Education major attributes the improvement to the use of “scarier effects”.

Absolutely Nothing

I'm a game show fan so I asked this question as if it were a Match Game question:
"If, you had absolutely nothing to do for a whole day, you would spend that day ____________."

Our first contestant is Micheal McAlexander. Micheal is an Assistant Professor of Mass Communication for the Department of Mass Communication. He simply said, "Read a book or play video games." I asked about the types of books and games he would delve himself into during the day. He said that his choice of video game would be World of Warcraft, the popular online game that has drawn millions into a world of fantasy. "I'm a World of Warcraft crazy person", McAlexander said. As for the book he would go with something "science-fictiony" or fantasy like "Lord of the Rings" as that is his favorite genre. That would be his day.

Our next contestant is Eric Nixon. Eric, originally from Baltimore, is currently a sophomore at Frostburg State University, who is majoring in Mass Communication. He had two main objectives. One was getting caught up on work. Both work for school and work outside of school. The other was to watch television, a lot of television. When asked what type of television he preferred he said Food Network. Anything Food Network and Eric is on it faster than an Iron Chef on a secret ingredient. "I love food." Need more be said?

Our final contestant is Mary Biscoe. Mary is a junior who hails from Southern Maryland in the Calvert County area. We caught up with Mary in the gym. Mary had three things she would do on her day of nothing. One thing was to go to the gym, after all exercise is key. Then she would get caught up on work, which seems to be a favorite thing to do among our contestants. Finally, and the most important thing she would do is "get caught up on some well deserved sleep."

So there were are three contestants and what they'd do on a day of nothingness.

However, no one gave the definitive answer (which would have made my job harder). The answer is hidden in the question and was my first response when I saw the question:

"If, (I) had absolutely nothing to do for a whole day, (I) would spend that day doing absolutely nothing."

Where in the world would you go?

We would all love to travel somewhere exotic, but unfortunately, we cannot all afford to. With the weather recently in Frostburg, we'd all love to go now. If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you love to go, and why?

Leanna Atkins is a sophomore Psychology major with a Management minor. Although she is from Ellicott City, her father's family is from Italy. "There's a lot of his family that lives there that I haven't seen in years." Italy is a popular place that FSU students would like to travel to. Junior Biology major Tosin Fadeyi would like to "have authentic Italian food and ride in the gandolas through the cities."

Keith Davidson, sophomore Chemistry major from Keyser, West Virginia, would like to travel to Athens, Greece. Keith loves Greek history and mythology, as well as the climate of the Mediterranean climate.

Germantown native Amber Haming would love to live in India for a year. The sophomore Art major finds the country so different and interesting. She says, "I love the people, the food, and just everything about it."

Many of us would love to travel the world, especially to a climate nicer than Frostburg's. Hopefully you get the chance to do so.

UFOs land in Frostburg....or not

Flying discs in the sky, mysterious lights in the sky, and speculated government cover ups all make up the makings of a perfect UFO story. Think back to Roswell, where an alleged aircraft crashed into the desert of Roswell. At first, the official story was that a weather balloon had crashed. Years later the story grew to conspiracy. Was it actually an alien object that had crashed? Adding fuel to growing fire was the fact that the government had sealed the area off. A few eye witnesses might have claim to have seen some flying disc, but are perceived to have their heads poorly screwed on. With Hollywood amping up these exterrestrial themes in movies such as 'E.T.,' 'Men In Black,' 'Aliens,' 'Species,' and countless of others; is it any wonder as to why people might have their own little ideas on UFOs?

Frostburg students spent their library time this afternoon studying, tutoring, and minding their business. Obviously not thinking about UFOs or conspiracies. When asked, 'do you believe that UFOs are exterrestial?' most of the students were wide eyed and proceeded to laugh at the question.

Psychology major Lea Anna Atkins, from Elicot City Maryland, states "Um no because I've never seen one so I think it is too far fetched," laughed the Frostburg State Sophomore.

Her thinking is not far off from the opinions of others. In fact, the existence of aliens just seemed like an out of this world concept.

"No because I am a science major. I am a logical person so I think there's a reason for everything. Not everything is aliens," Freshman Keith Davidson from Keyser West Virgina states.

Not differenciating from her was Amber Hanning, a sophomore majoring in
"I don't because UFO means unidentifying flying object and that could be anything, not alien." - Amber Hanning

"I think it is George Bush" Dominque Woods says.

Unjust Law?

Kelly Talyor is a junior from Laurel, Maryland majoring in Mass communication. When asked to give an example of a law she considered unjust and explain why, Kelly responded by saying she thought the drinking age of 21 was an unjust law. Kelly said "because if you can die for your country, you should be able to drink a beer". Then, I walked in to the Lane University center where I ran in to Vince Harman.Vince Harman is a sophomore from Swanton, Maryland and is majoring in Elementary Education. I asked Vince the same question. Vince responded by saying "Marijuana of course" Vince stated that there is so much proof and good that can come out of marijuana being legalized. "It is unjust to not have it legalized especially, because of the state the economy is in right now. Lastly, I spoke with Kiarra Mcbee a Sophomore from Berkely Springs, West Virginia. Kiarra is a pre med major and when I asked her the same question I asked Vince and Kelly. She responded with the law in West Virginia stating that, and I quote " If you want to beat your wife, it has to be every other Sunday on the courthouse steps". Kiarra feels as though this is an unjust law because "Men should love there wives and not beat them".

What are your plans this weekend?

When the weekend rolls around at FSU some students stay and enjoy their short sweet break from classes here in the burg. While other students make the trip their hometown. Whats your status on the weekends? Do you stay in the burg or do you go home? Heres what a few FSU students had to say about their weekend routines.

On his way to the library in the cold fog, Bob Terry was nice enough to stop and tell me about what he usually does for the weekends. He hails from Woodbine, MD. This year he is a senior and is majoring in Parks and Recreation. He said that he generally stays in Frostburg on the weekends. Like everyone else he feels the crunch of gas prices. He said "I drive a Ford Explorer and with gas prices now it just costs too much."

The next student I spoke with was Kevin Tyler. Kevin is from Hagerstown, MD. He is also a senior this year and is majoring in Information Technology. He said "I usually go home to see my dad and girlfriend. Or sometimes if I have alot of homework to do I go home because it's nice to get away from my roommates." Although he doesn't go home every weekend, Kevin said he generally tries to alternate weekends.

The last student I spoke with was Matt Montalbano. He's from Maryland vacation destination Ocean City. He's a junior this year and majoring in Business. Like Kevin, he said he only goes home on some weekends. "I usually go home just to chill with friends and make some money." But he also cited that high gas prices sometimes prevent him from doing so.

So there's a little glimpse into the dynamic of FSU students travels home and staying in FSU.

What Do You Do With Your Recyclables?

As you walk down the street, do you see trash all over the ground? Around Frostburg especially, there are old bottles or cans just laying there. Those can be used for so much more then ugly grass decorations. They can be recycled and reused so that companies aren’t making more products that can help kill our environment. When asked if she recycled, Kathryn Clark, a junior from Burlington, West Virginia, said she never recycles. The elementary education major stated “I don’t have anywhere to do it. If I did, then I would recycle more.” Another junior, Mason McIlwee, doesn’t recycle either. Why not? “Because I’m lazy,” he said. “It’s easier for me to put it all in the trash. I also don’t have any place to recycle even if I wanted to.” Mason is marketing major from Boonsboro, Maryland.

Are there any students at FSU recycling? An elementary education major named Kristen Uphold from Fredrick recycles. She said “I do it as much as I can!” She is junior at FSU and tries to recycle all her cans and plastic bottles. If more people were like her, then maybe our ugly grass decorations wouldn’t be there and our environment would be healthier.

The Perfect Meal

By: Hawa Sadat
Intro to Journalistic Writting

Society has seen how favorite meals can lift moods, bring families together, and be used as a means of celebration. These positive feelings and scenarios are both enjoyable and hard to come across when attending college faraway from home. Frostburg State University students from various backgrounds and hometowns shared insight on their favorite meals and how they feel about them.

Diana Deliyannis, A freshman at Frostburg State University from Fredrick Maryland who majors in Biology recommends Dolmades, Greek Salad, and Mango Nectar as a gratifying meal. Because miss Deliyannis is from a Greek background, it is no surprise that her favorite meal is purely Greek. Delyannis describes Dolmades as grape leaves that are stuffed wtih rice, lamb, vegetables, and lemon juice. She sides this meal with a greek salad that surprisingly contains no lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, olives, oregano, and feta cheese topped with oil and vinegar. This meal is usually prepared for her by her father. Deliyannis describes how she loves this meal not only because of its taste but because it makes her feel close to her background, " The food is extremely delicious but it also makes me feel like I'm participating in my Greek Culture and heritage even if my Father and I are so faraway from there.." In contrast, James Richards likes to stick close to his American roots with typical American meals.

Junior James Richards who is from Odenton Maryland and currently majoring in History has more of a taste in traditional American food, which consists of meat loaf, mash potatoes and corn. Richards describes the meatloaf as his favorite part of the dish because it has many ingredients added to it that give it a unique and savory taste, "Usually we add diced tomatoes to the beef, along with red pepper, cornmeal, bread crumbs and onions. We sometimes add new twists to it but this is how it is mostly prepared in my family". Interestingly, this meal holds a lot of History and sentiment to Richards which adds to its attraction. Richards describes how the recipe for this was passed down for generations and was taught to his mother by his grandmother. He frequently enjoys this meal during holidays and emphasizes how easy it would be to produce anywhere, " The major appeal of this meal is no matter where you are the ingredients are so easy to find and come across that you can make it anywhere." Thus,moving from an easy American meal we find that senior Andrea Wiggens takes a more exotic and complicated take on food.

Andrea Wiggen is from Greenbelt Maryland and majors in Biology. Studying Science has made her conscious of eating healthy and complex meals, "My favorite meal is sushi with Miso Soup mainly because it is healthy and I really try to eat as much protein as I can." The different components to Andreas meal are very distinct and different from most American meals. According to Richards, Miso soup contains Tofu, Sea Weed, and Fish Paste. Wiggins also comments, " I like to drink water with this meal because it has very delicate flavors that plain water does not interfere with." Wiggens encourages students to try this meal at the Japanese Grill "Sakkura" which is located in College Park MD and in Tysons Corner VA. These different accounts of food exemplify the various taste of students at Frostburg State University outside the cafeteria.

Frostburg students say how they save on gasoline, and save on cash.

Gasoline prices and the going green movement are on the rise, so how do Frostburg students save on cash and save the environment? Joy Riddell, an ethnobotany major and sophomore of FSU from Old Town Maryland says, " I hobo."

Joy explains that she walks almost everywhere she needs to be, uses the bus if necessary and also, " I couch hop, I sleep on friends couches for the week" Joy doesn't have a license, but her resolve to keep the environment healthy and clean has her saying that even if she did have her own car she, " will still do the same thing". Joy Riddell explained that a lot of her friends do the same thing, and all the ethnobotany students were really cool. When asked why she chose to "hobo" Joy said, " Its efficient, doesn't harm the environment, and my carbon foot print is teeny tiny."

Micheal "Squiggles" Lewonick a junior and information and technology major from Lusby, MD said that he doesn't have a car up in Frostburg, but he does at home. Micheal said that to save on gas and help be Eco-friendly, he tries not to drive so much while he is at home. " I don't know," He said," just try to get were you need to go as quickly as possible. Don't take long routes. If you need to buy things, try to stop at one place."

Kenny Doh, from Perry Hall MD, a freshman and undeclared major uses technology in his car to try to keep the use of gasoline down. " Whenever I'm driving on the highway I use cruise control. My car can automatically turn off a few cylinders depending on the situation." When asked the major factor for his decision to bring down the gasoline usage Kenny simply said, " Money".

Some students say they don't have a choice in the matter. Cheyenne Snyder, a bio chem major in her sophomore year from Cumberland says, " I've put more in it in the past couple of weeks then I ever have...I commute too, its a lot of back and forth." Cheyenne added," I would love too, but its just not a choice for me right now because I commute twenty minutes every day.

Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

A question that usually ponders on the minds of some people now days, "Do you think Marijuana should be legal?" was asked to four Frostburg State University students.

Jason Baccus, a sophomore majoring in Political Science and Pre-Law from Bowie, Maryland believed that marijuana should not be legalized. "Once you legalize it the government will tax it, then it will be expensive. Instead it should be criminalized, because you can't get in trouble cause prisons are too filled with petty criminals."

Now Ashlie Riley, also a sophomore from Baltimore, Maryland majoring in Social Work thought differently. She thought that marijuana should be legalized. "It should be legalized for people who need it for medical reasons. Marijuana on the streets should not be because I don't want to pay taxes on something that I'm not smoking often."

Freshmen, Chris Jones and Kourtney Goffe both replied yes to the question of whether marijuana should be legalize. Jones from Leonard Town, Maryland majoring in Business believes it should be "because there's so many people doing it. I don't see a big factor in smoking." Goffe from Baltimore, Maryland majoring in political science said "Yes I do! I believe marijuana should be legal cause it can stimulate the economy. It's not a dangerous drug!" she exclaimed "You can't overdose on marijuana, plus people will buy food cause they're hungry and spend money on gas cause they will go driving to go pick up their weed."

Who's the greater musical act?

Michael Jackson and The Beatles were two of the best acts in the musical industry. The big question is, who was the greatest. Growing up I loved listening and watching Michael Jackson. I think he was the greatest musical act of all time. At Frostburg State University in the Lane Center I asked a few students, who is the greater musical act, Michael Jackson or The Beatles?

"Michael Jackson is the greater act because he made the crossover between whites and blacks," said Miranda McClellan-Bowden of Baltimore, Md. She is a sophomore here majoring in political science and law and society. Charlotte Asare of Montgomery County in Maryland said, " Michael Jackson because Michael was more known. He is the king of pop!" Charlotte is a sophomore studying marketing. The final student that I interviewed was Derek Donn. Derek is a military brat, but he was born in Virginia. He is a transferred junior studying parks and recreation. Derek could not decide who to pick, he seemed like he was a big fan of both. As a result he said, "I believe Michael Jackson is the better pick, he put on a great show."

From the past

By Sara Maricle

How did we get the lives we have today? People before us helped create who we are today and without them, our lives would be completely different. Yes, they have passed away but their impact is everywhere and people are still interested in them today.

I had asked people around campus, "If you could meet any three deceased people, whom would you pick and why?" The following is what I heard.

Sophomore Kaitlyn Bates, of Owings Mills, Maryland, was asked this and after much thinking, said that she would like to meet Princess Diana, John F. Kennedy, and Sylvia Plath. Being that she is a English major and a history minor, these people are not surprising. When Kaitlyn said she would like to meet Princess Diana, she said "she was a good person and she did a lot of humanitarian work and I think it would be cool to meet her." Her reasons for wanting to meet John F. Kennedy were however a little less detailed; "he is my favorite of the presidents, I don't know why but he just is." When asked why Sylvia Plath, she said that Plath is her favorite poet. With her answers, it is quite obvious that she is naturally a English major and history minor.

Kaitlyn Bate's roommate and best friend, sophomore psychology and history major Melanie Herring of Bowie, Maryland had a little more trouble deciding who she would like to meet. Melanie decided though that she would like to meet Lucy Burns, a women's right advocate, Mildred A. Wirt Benson, and Mother Teresa. She said that she would like to meet Lucy Burns because she had done a lot for women. Originally, Melanie had said that she would like to meet the original creator of the Nancy Drew books. "I do not know the person's name but they gave girls something to read." After some research, the original creator of Nancy Drew is Mildred A. Wirt Benson, often referred to as Millie. After she said she wanted to meet the original author of Nancy Drew, she started laughing and said that since she was Catholic, of course she would like to meet Mother Teresa. "She doubted her faith but was still able to live it." I agree with Melanie, Mother Teresa would be an amazing person to meet.

JoAnna Skelley, Administrative Assistant II for the English Department, was caught of guard with the question and could not really describe the reasons why. While laughing, she said that she would like to meet Paul Newman, saying "I admired him." In addition, she would like to meet George Washington, "I'd like to meet him because he was the first president." Also, she would like to Albert Einstein because of his knowledge.

What do the students at FSU plan to do after they graduate?

In today's world there is often a lot of pressure on students to do well in college and be successful. Often students begin their college years knowing exactly what they want and devote much time and effort to getting the best grades and obtaining their goals. However, many other students begin college not knowing what they want and often don't have just one goal in life that they want to achieve. People's plans for life after college often change as they grow and mature, they are influenced by the people around them, new surroundings and the ongoing changes in the world that we live in today.

Today I decided to interview some of the students at Frostburg State University to find out what dreams and aspirations the youth of today have for the future. On entering the crowded lane center at Frosturg State University I was met by dozens of potential interviewees. First up was Freshman student from PG County MD, Whitney Russel. Whitney told me that her main goal for after she graduates is to "have a good job and be happy". Still undecided in her major here at Frostburg State, Whitney would like to settle for a career in Human resources eventually but is unsure yet as to what path she will take. Travelling the world was another plan that Whitney has for her future although as she is still young at 18, Whitney has no solid decisions for where she would like to go. Whitney plans to keep an open mind with regard to her future before making any definite decisions.

Schuleta Moseley is a softmore student here at Frostburg State University majoring in Early Education. When asked about her plans after graduation Schuleta excitedly explained that herself and some friends plan to go on a grad trip to Las Vegas. "I'll be 21 then, so I'll be legal to do whatever I want..". Of course the young girl from Baltimore also desires to obtain a good career and settle down. " I love children so I wanna be an elementary school teacher" Schuleta explained. As a big lover of children it was no shock that Schuleta also wants to get married and raise a big family.

The last student I spoke to was Physical health education major Delaney Tenca from Germantown Maryland. The determined softmore student was very definite about her plans after graduation. "I want to teach Health and physical education in highschool whilst coaching field hockey in my spare time". Delaney knows exactly what she wants for her future and plans to work hard in order to achieve her goals and be happy. Although she does have a few other hopes for her future it is these goals that she plans on focusing on in the near future.

Overall it seems that most students today want to be as sucessful as possible after they graduate. The majority of students want to have a good career and be happy in the future. Although there is no way of telling exactly what the future holds in this big modern world that we are living in,the students of FSU will undoubtedly do their best to study hard and make obtaining their goals after graduation a possibility.

Snack Attack

What is your favorite thing to snack on? Is it honey buns? Maybe you like snicker bars. Perhaps you would prefer a nice healthy apple or orange. Well I decided to take this question to the halls and walkways of Frostburg State university and this is what some students had to say.

The first person I interviewed, was Jordan Andrews. Jordan is a native of Baltimore, and is currently a Senior here at FSU majoring in Political Science. His favorite snack food, is chips and salsa. Specifically he said that he preferred the "restraunt style" chips to the other types. When I asked him why, he gave me two reasons. The first of which was that he enjoyed the "flavor and spiciness" of the two items combined. The second reason he gave me, was that: "It is better for you than junk food." Jordan usually eats this snack once a week.

I then went into Tawes hall, and it was there that I met Lucy. Lucy is also a senior here at FSU and is a Native of Southern Maryland. Her major is theatre. When I asked her the question,"what is your favorite snack food, he immediate response was: "Oh god!". She then informed me that her favorite snack food was organic granola bars. When i asked her if there was any particular reason that she enjoyed these, as opposed to the other traditional snack foods, she told me that she was indeed a vegitarian. She also added that she enjoyed many organic foods. I then asked if there was a specific flavor that she preffered, her response was that she enjoyed the "Pumkin Flavor". She laughed when i told her that I had never heard of a pumkin flavored granola bar, and she told me that they were very good. If you want to try these bars, the best place to get them, according to our friend Lucy, is at your local Harris Teeter, Trader Joes, or Giant. But make sure you have some money when you get them, as these bars can run anywhere from $6-$10 a box!

The last person that I was able to speak with was Eric Hoffmaster. Eric is a native of Jefferson, MD which is located in Frederick County. He is a sophomore here at FSU and is majoring in Psychology. Eric's favorite snack his Dorritos. When i asked him why these were his favorite snack, he told me that "I just like them the best.". I then asked him what his favorite flavor of Doritos was, he told me that he really liked the "Buffalo Style". If you would like to purchase this snack, you need not go far away, as they are available for purchase all around campus.

Frostburg students recall encounters with celebrities.

Meeting somebody famous is something on almost everybody's bucket list. Most of us would be able to shout out or first encounter with a celebrity or even relive the experience like it was just yesterday. However, some FSU students were at a loss for words when asked the question: Who's the most famous person you've every met?

Rachel Skipper, a junior Psychology major from Oakland, Maryland, hung her head in shame after forgetting the name of her celebrity, Duff Goldman, the star from TLC's Ace of Cakes. Rachel just so happened to bump into Duff while picking a friend up from the Wisp Resort. Although she couldn't remember his name, Rachel remembers just how friendly this star was as he showed off the cake he made for Wisp's anniversary. "There was so many people crowded around him, but you couldn't tell he was so famous. He was cracking jokes with everyone. It was like he was just a normal person," she laughed.

Neil Ralph, a freshman Elementary Education major from Olney, Maryland, could never forget his first encounter with a celebrity. Neil bumped into Nick Cannon on the busy streets of New York City on New Year's Eve when he was about 10 years old. "That a**hole told me to move out of the way, and now he's married to the most beautiful woman in history. Go figure," Neil explained as he folded his arms.

Leanna Atkins, a sophomore Psychology major from Ellicott City, Maryland, happily described her encounter with the country stars Faith Hill and Tim McGraw. "My mom was in their fan club, as corny as it is, and she scored us backstage passes after their concert at the Verizon center," she laughed. Leanna, a big fan of this famous duo, remembers exactly how the 30 minutes was spent after the concert. "They barely got to talk. Mom and I asked so many questions about them, their music, and if they would have just one more tour together. It just goes to show hom much we really do love them," she explained.

Whether your experience is one you always keep in mind like Neil's, or like Rachel's: one so casual you can't help but forget, meeting somebody famous causes different reactions in everybody. How will you react?

If you could change one thing about Frostburg State University, what would it be?

The question posed to staff and students at Frostburg State University this Thursday, March 31st could have many varied responses. If you could change one thing about Frostburg State University, what would it be? Most did not have to think too long about their answers; the weather, the location and parking were some of the most quick and common answers. Some debates ensued between friends about the facilities and the food and whether or not they were adequate.

Francesca Pehr, an Art and Design Major from Baltimore, MD, was quick to reply about the staff and teachers in FSU. "I think they are too lax in their staff choices, the facilities are great, it's just some teaches aren't into it and aren't available outside of class time to their students." Ms. Pehr feels that some of the staff were not putting enough enthusiasm into their work and not taking an interest in their students.

"If it were bigger and had more students," was Nick Letocha's answer to what he would change about Frostburg State University. Mr. Letocha, a freshman and a theatre major from Prince Frederick feels that Frostburg State University is a little small at the moment but that it offers a great range of majors and minors. He says the facilities are brilliant and that a larger student body would help put "more life" into the University.

Finally, Mary McGuire's first response was "the weather." Ms. McGuire, a Mass Communications major from Limerick, Ireland, elaborated on her answer by adding "The clubs and societies should advertise more." As an international student Ms. McGuire has found it difficult to integrate into college life as she has been unaware of all the clubs that exist on campus. "At home we have a Clubs & Societies day each semester, where all the clubs and socs advertise and people join up, Frostburg should have that too," thinks Ms. McGuire.

The majority of those interviewed felt that the facilities at Frostburg State University were satisfactory, especially with the opening of the new Lane Center. The main thing that people wish the change is that which nothing can be done about, the weather. The greater part of the interviewees were happy with the University as a whole and very little wished to complain about it. If you could change one thing about Frostburg State University, what would it be? It appears to be the weather is the main downside of an otherwise excellent University and the student body seems to be in agreement of this.

There's no place like home

Frostburg State University is home to many students eight months out of the year. For the other four months, most students return back to their hometown. For some students home is less than an hour away in Cumberland, MD. For the majority of the students home is much further away.

When students were asked to describe their hometown, some could sum it up in one word. Tauren Robinson, a junior and Mass Communication major, moved around often but considers his home to be Anne Arundel County and which he describes as "integrated" because he grew up on a military base.

Some students like Courtney Dickerson, senior and Education major, had many things to say about her hometown. Dickerson excitedly stated "It's crazy, because I lived in New York so it's always busy, I love it!" She goes on to say, "If I had the chance, I would go back but my family is here now".

Nailah Hunter, a senior and English major calls Silver Springs, MD home. Hunter smiles when asked about her hometown, which she describes it as "very homey". She continues with "It's a good place to raise kids".

No matter if your home is 30 minutes away or hours away, there is no place like home. If someone asked you to describe your hometown, what would you say?

Fear of another terrorist attack?

Since the events that took place on September 11, 2001 many americans fear another attack against the United States. They are nervous to go places especially big cities, and take note of suspicious people. At Frostburg State University three people were interviewed and asked, "Do you feel, in your daily life, at risk of a terrorist attack?"

First interviewed was Meghan Voelkel a sophomore and Art major at FSU who comes from a small town called Accident, MD. Meghan answered very quickly to the question, "No." When asked why she felt so sure she said,"I just trust the government to keep me safe." Since September 11 the United States government has made a huge effort to become more strict with airline safety and regulations, along with many other ways to prevent these kinds of attacks from happening again.

A much different answer was given by Tommy Markowski, also a sophomore and art major from FSU who comes from the very populated area of Baltimore County. Tommy answered, "Yes! We are close enough to the major cities of Baltimore and DC that it would effect us if an atom bomb was dropped."

Dustin Davis, a teacher in the art department at FSU answered to the same question and said, " No. It's not something that comes across my mind." Dustin also gave a very meaningful example by using a quote. "When we are, death is not." Why worry about a terrorist attack or even dying when you should be busy living your life?

Jersey Shore or Bust

Many people across America enjoy watching reality television shows. Theyre entertaining because they're real life. Bryan Moses, however, has a different take on it. He is a freshman here at FSU, majoring in business, and is from Bowie, MD. I asked him if he watched reality TV and he replied, "they're definetly scripted, pretty much completely fake." He continued on sayin he would rather use his TV time to watch ESPN. Lay Chou, a junior from Waldorf attending FSU with a major in computer science has his own take on reality shows. "i fucking love the Jersey Shore". He is obviously all for keeping these types of shows airing on TV. He claims that the Jersey Shore is the funniest show on TV, and that it is possibly the greatest show ever produced. Corey Jones, a sophomore here at FSU with a major in IT added in his opinion. He is from Clinton, MD, and had this to add: "its funny watching uptight white people fighting with each other." Hes a definite fan of the Jersey Shore, and also claimed he used to watch MTV's "The Real World", until he began to get bored of it. Hopefully the Jersey Shore doesnt suffer the same fate.

What is your favorite TV show?

Logan Hubert

Journalistic Writing

The media has impacted our lives since the invention of radio and silent films very early in the 1900’s. Yet, there is an ever growing trend for television and movies that people can’t stay away from. Television shows in particular have really taught lessons and guided the path of some futures. I interviewed three different people to get their view of television and what their favorites are.
Andy Duncan, an Assistant Professor for the English Department, talked to me about his favorite childhood show of “Doctor Who.” It’s a British science fiction series that takes place in a hospital. “It’s relentlessly strange and very bizarre at times, but at others, it’s very poignant and not always just tongue and cheek” he stated. Mr. Duncan liked the show so much, he went on to write a passage along with his wifein a published book where the title of his passage was “Unsilent Library.” The piece was about Donna Noble, one of Doctor Who’s sidekicks who in his opinion, “got a raw deal.” He went on to state that Doctor Who had many female sidekicks on his show that were treated like students or interns and were all problematic.

Matthew Johnson, a Junior from Cumberland, Maryland said his favorite show is “Archer.” In his words, the show is a “modern parody of James Bond.” It’s absolutely hilarious” he stated. “It jives well with my sense of humor. It’s very dry and sarcastic, yet it is overly perverted at times as well.” Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Robot Chicken are some of his other preferred comedies. The Computer Science major said that “Archer is the perfect opposite of James Bond and the show has everything I love in a comedy.”

Michael Hayes, a senior from Washington D.C. and Mass Communication major stated his favorite show was The Cosby Show. He said it “showed African Americans in a different light than what society was use to.” He said he related to their story and it sent a positive message in every episode. “Watching them grow up as I grew up really impacted my life today” he said. Theo was the character that he understood with the most and viewed him as a brother figure. He also stated that he knows it helped other people who didn’t have family around. “They were part of all families and America brought them in.”

What is something you absolutely would never do, and why?

What is something you absolutely would never do, and why, is a difficult question to answer. One may think that it would be an easy task to throw out any answer, but legitimately what would you really never do? The answer to the question is extremely open ended, but a few Frostburg State University students provided insight to things that they would rather never do.

Rayna Goldsborough is a sophomore at Frostburg State University that is majoring in Art and Design. She originally is from Fort Washington, Maryland, but now she resides in the comfortable city of Frostburg, Maryland. After she was questioned Goldsborough stated, "I would never smoke because it hurts your lungs and causes cancer." Frostburg State University is currently trying to convert its campus into a non-smoking campus, an issue that Goldsborough may in fact be interested in.

Lyndon Harris is a senior at Frostburg State University that is from Washington, D.C. Harris is majoring in Law and Society, a challenging major at Frostburg. When Harris was asked the same question as Goldsborough, he laughed and replied with, "Jump off a bridge because you'd die." Harris has a valid point, jumping off a bridge is something that no one should ever consider.

Robert Brett is a sophomore at Frostburg State University. Brett is currently a Business major at Frostburg, the most popular major offered at Frostburg State University. Frostburg also has an excellent graduate program that Business majors like Brett can look into after they graduate to obtain their MBA. Brett was reading peacefully in the Frostburg State University Lane Center when he was asked the same question as both Goldsborough and Harris. Brett stated, "I wouldn't want to teach because I don't like teaching other people."

After reviewing the answers from Goldsborough, Harris, and Brett one thing is very clear: each and every individual have very different perspectives about what they would never do. The perspectives range from ideas of promoting a healthy lifestyle, to living a long life, to simply not wanting to do something that makes one feel uncomfortable.

Green Job Ambitions of students at Frostburg State University

Ben Walker says he is a senior at FSU but actually his credits represent a junior. Ben is studing Wildlife and Fishery management and want to be a fish biologist. He is a big outdoor person and states that "money is not the most important thing he just enjoys being outside." He works to support his family.

Birttany Hall is a sophmore at FSU and is from Baltimore Maryland.  She wants to be a mathmatician for the Federal Government and break codes for the government. She says "you can be part of the military if you work your way up."

Kevin Eichelman wants to own his own business someday. Maybe a pizza shop or a pedal bike store.  He perfers to work outside and said he would work anywhere outside as long as the economy was good. Kevin is majoring in marketing and is a junior at FSU. This is his first semester at the college. He originally comes from Baltimore Maryland.

FSU students unveil their mornings

By Jess Growden

Snooze.  Coffee.  Grab some toast.  Check email.  Shower.  Brush teeth.  Run to class. 

For most people, morning routines might seem pretty generic.  However, three FSU students prove that morning rituals are as unique as fingerprints. 

Jen Kleponis, a Sophomore Biology and Math major from Lusby, Maryland ("nobody's ever heard of it!"), usually goes straight to her computer after turning off her alarm clock.  She likes to check her email in the mornings because "it's important for professors and stuff like that."  After that, she does a very brief clean up - washing her face, brushing her teeth, and combing her hair.  "The whole thing takes about ten minutes."

John Kulusic, a Senior Accounting major, starts his weekdays at 6:00 A.M.  He likes to cook breakfast for himself, which varies from a well-practiced menu of "cereal, eggs, or pancakes."  After breakfast, he spends time doing homework.  He then washes up and heads to class.  "That's pretty much it."  Being from a military family, John may have gotten his taste for structured and efficient mornings from the Armed Forces.

Rachel Skipper, a Senior Math major from Oakland, Maryland, has a very simple morning ritual.  She gets up, takes a shower, and goes directly to class.  "I get up in just enough time to get to class," she says, with a smile.

"Regets In Life"

Everyone might have regrets in there life in only depends on them if you want to learn from them or let them ruined you life. I had to interviewed three people from Frostburg State University and ask them "Tell me about a moment of you life that you would do differently if you had the chance." i interview three girls. One girl that I interviewed Rose Erickson. I her found outside of Tawes hall. Rose Erickson from Allegany and a student at Frostburg and an Ethnobotany major. I asked her what her regret in life would be and she said "I wouldn't have married my ex husband." She said that he was a jerk and that she cant stand him. The second person that i interviewed was Susan Riesett I found her outside the Performing Arts Building. She was an Early Childhood major and she said "That she doesn't really have any regrets in her life." She also says that "She makes the best of things and that everything happens for a reason and it depends if you want to learn from your mistakes or not." The third one I asked was Kate Molder who was Susan friend and she is also a Early Childhood major. She wished that she tried out for more things, " I wished that I tried out for more things like dance or sports." She never learned how to dance and she really wants to learn. I told her that they have beginner classes here that you could take. Everyone has regets in there life and some people are mad about there regets and some people want to to learn from there mistakes and not dwell over it.

Subject To Change

If you ask a college student what they think about school their answer will probably begin with a laundry list of things they dislike starting with their #1 deterrent to leisure time, going to class. While youll be hard pressed to find a college student that relishes the chance to wake up at 9 am to hear a lecture, there are classes that every student excels in regardless of their desire to go to class.

Frostburg State sophomore Kenneth Goins said, "I don't know what my strongest subject is, I hate school pretty much". Initially he was hard pressed to find a subject he would deem "strongest", "If I said marketing, I would be lying" he said.Reluctantly, Kenneth decided that biology was his strongest subject. According to Kenneth biology is easy and he simply understood it more than his other subjects.

Lanham, MD resident Aaron Cunningham, another FSU sophomore, seemed a little more enthusiastic about his strongest subject. "Can I say English? Ok then English", Aaron says. Aaron chose English because he felt that it was an easier subject than math or science because they don't have to "remember stuff like in history class". I found it ironic that the students did not pick their majors as their strongest subjects. Aaron is a Mass Communication major and Kenneth majors in Business Administration.

In addition to the perspective of the students I surveyed a Frostburg faculty member to see if someone who hasn't been in school for years differs from the students of today. Leslie Beal is a cashier in Chesapeake Hall, her strongest subject was English. When asked why she said "I don't know, I just always loved English".

Ten Years: A Not So Far-Away Future

Plans for the future consume the minds of college students. Ten years from the present, students hope to be living their dreams, to have established their careers. Amanda Gold of Baltimore, Maryland, hopes to be involved in a symphony or band in ten years. This sophmore at Frostburg State University possesses high-reaching aspirations, hoping that her experience as a music major at FSU will allow her to achieve her dream spot in the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Classical music is her genre of choice, and her favorite composer is Aaron Copland. Besides classical, she also dabbles in jazz music. When asked if she would, perhaps, see herself in a jazz band rather than a symphony, she grinned and replied, "If they would let a clarinet player in, yeah!"

Junior Nevar Chase of Baltimore, Maryland, also has some artistic goals. In ten years, this graphic design major hopes to own his own company somewhere in Atlanta, Georgia. Hopefully, it will be a graphic design company, but he would also like to do some freelance architecture, drawing up blueprints for clients. While Chase obviously possesses above-average computer skills, he claims more of his talent lies in his "hand drawing skills." He has been an artist since he was a young child, and has been interested in architecture since his mother told him to design a house for her. Chase was a bit flustered as he reflected on his response. He feels that 10 years seems like a long time from now--"It's quick, but it's long." It is not only college students who make plans for the future.

Dr. Mary Anne Lutz, an English professor at FSU, sees herself living a leisurely retirement in ten years. She looks forward to being able to do everything she feels she does not have time for now. Volunteer work is at the top of her list; she wants to do anything she can to help others. Writing and painting are some artistic endeavors to which she looks forward to rekindling when she finally has the time. "I see myself without papers to grade," she said with a smile that illuminated her whole face. While Dr. Lutz's "good life" will include service to others, art, and an asbsence of papers to grade, it will hopefully not encompass the results of the declining U.S. economy. "I hope not to be eating cat food out of a tin."

What effect does the media have on your daily life?

What effect does the media have on your daily life? I asked this question to three willing people on the Frostburg State University Campus.Through the music we listen to, the newspapers we pick up and read, radio that is playing or television we watch media effects everyone of us each day of our lives if we realize it or not.

The first person I talked to was Ryana Goldsborough a sophomore at Frostburg, who just happened to be my roommate from freshman year and is still living on campus. Ryana grew up in Fort Washington, Maryland she is now studying Art and Design at FSU. Ryana said “I listen to music all the time and every day its apart of my life.”

I then talked to her friend Lyndon Harris who is very excited about graduating May 11 with a Law and Society Major from Frostburg. Harris is originally from Washington, DC. “I watch T.V a lot” Lyndon told me, “It lets me know what is happening around the world”.

Desk Manager Judy Abbott at the Student and Community Involvement Desk in the Lane Center said media plays a huge part in her life. “ I pick up and read the news paper and watch the news so I have information to give out to the students who ask me and for parents who call in asking about things that are not only happening on campus but around the area.”

Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt nationwide?

In the state of Maryland, same-sex couples are allowed to legally adopt children. Whether or not same-sex couples should be able to legally adopt nationwide is still up for debate. According to some Frostburg State University students the answer is simple: same-sex couples should be allowed to legally adopt nationwide.

"If they're good parents, why not?" asks sophomore Andrienne Hill. As a Baltimore native and a Law and Society major she believes it is against same-sex couples' rights to not be allowed to adopt. "It's all about what you can do for the child," Hill explains. Hill continues stating, "If you can provide and take care of them [children] you should be able to adopt them."

Samantha Palmer from Washington D.C, agrees with Hill. "It doesn't hurt for two people to love and raise a child even if they're a same-sex couple," she says. Palmer, a senior majoring in English believes, like many, that a heterosexual couple can be just as detrimental to a child as a same-sex couple. Your sexual preference does not make you a better or worse parent.

A senior computer science and math major, Robert Murtha of Frostburg, gave his opinion on the subject as well. He states, "It shouldn't be right to discriminate because of your sexual preference." Many people against same-sex adoption argue that it fosters homosexuality in the children that are adopted by same-sex couples. Murtha believes that argument is completely false saying "That's just incorrect. Common sense people!"

Though it seems many people at Frostburg State University believe same-sex adoption should be legal nationwide, not everyone agrees. Whether you are for or against, start talking. This debate is one that effects many United States citizens and should not be taken lightly. For more information about the debate you can visit the Political Debates and Polls Forum or join the discussion online.

By: Melanie Cassel

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Famous faces influencing students

By Gretchen Settle

Everybody knows somebody, and some Frostburg students have met some very interesting people. Among the students at FSU, the students who gave me an interview all had one thing in common, all were athletes and all had met a famous athlete that had influenced them positively.
Montez Johnson, a freshman at FSU majoring in elementary education from Baltimore talked about how he had met Ray Lewis of the Baltimore Ravens, “We went to a football camp, and he was like a guest speaker”. Montez played on his high school football team and was lucky to have the experience because the high schools had sent their linebackers to the camp. “ Montez was surprised because, “he was way bigger than I thought he was gunna be” .He asked the famous Ravens player about the NFL and what it was like to play on the team and be so well known. Montez stated that, “It was a pretty good experience, he was talking about how he became a linebacker and it influenced me to do better.”
Darius Arrington, of FSU’s varsity football team had his own special experience with a famous face. Darius a freshman majoring in law and society with a focus in criminal justice was able to meet Dwain Wade, a starting shooting guard for the Miami Heat. Darius says, “It was funny because we were on vacation and he was in the same hotel I was in” Darius laughed a bit recalling the coincidence, “we ended up in the elevator together and I was like, ‘It’s Dwain Wade!’ and I wanted to ask for an autograph, but didn’t because he was with his family and I didn’t want to intervene.” Darius spoke about how he did get to talk with Dwain a little, letting him know he was a fan, but still being respectful of the player’s privacy and home life.
Another freshman at FSU named Dominique Young, a Computer Science major and a basketball player for the intramural basketball team had the pleasure of meeting Gilbert Arenas from the Orlando Magics. He had acquired tickets to the game when Gilbert was playing with the Wizards when Dominique was 17. When he was able to meet the man he was excited because he was a “Big Fan” and was able to autograph. Dominique said that with the experience it, “gave me inspiration”.

An experience

Describe an experience in which you helped somebody. How did that experience affect you? Here are the responses of three people interviewed.

Judy Abbott is the Information Desk Manager at the Lane Center at Frostburg State University. She said that there are so many experiences to draw from. "Gee, I do that all day" said Abbott. She does many things at the information desk to help those in need of assistance. She directs people to places they need help finding whether it be in the Lane Center or else where on campus. She arranges transportation for people who need it to and from events. She quenches the hunger of others by selling popcorn. Of all of the things she has done. She says all of it is the experience. Judy has been working in her position for thirteen years here at Frostburg and before hand worked at Allegheny College. When asked how it affected her and her future here she says "I love it...I don't know when I'll stop."

Brody Witt is a freshman here at Frostburg. She is from Frostburg and is thinking of majoring in chemistry. She currently works at the FSU Bookstore. When asked the question she talks of a girl who comes to the bookstore sometimes. The girl is in a wheelchair and Brody usually goes around the bookstore with the girl and helps her get the things she needs. Brody says that in helping the girl "It makes you realize." She also said that to know she can have a role helping someone who really needs it makes her feel good.

Nicole Mattis is the Associate Professor of Theatre for the Department of Theatre and Dance at Frostburg State University. When asked the question she thought long going through many instances trying to find one. She talked of an experience while she lived in Chicago in 2000. She worked at the Miracle Mile, a heavy shopping section of Chicago. She described the traffic as "zoom, zoom, zoom" and very violent. One day on her lunch break she was going to cross the street. The crosswalk had a thirty second timer and as she was preparing to walk she saw an elderly woman by herself. She knew it would probably take that woman a minute and thirty seconds and not the thirty allotted to cross. "I was so worried her," Nicole said, "I'm ready to cry thinking about it." So she decided to help the woman across and "step out of the chaos." She knew that she couldn't stop an oncoming car but that another person there would do something if worse came to worse. They made it across and afterward Nicole felt both happy and sad. She felt happy that she had been able to help this woman who really needed it. She felt sad however; that the world had become what it had. "Everything is so me, me, me." Nicole said, noting the increasing ageism in the world. She said that is one moment that sticks out in her mind.

Childhood Dreams vs. Reality

by: Korawn Harris
ENGL 336_003

When you were a child, what did you most want to be when you grew up? How does that match your career plans now?

The first person I interviewed was a junior at Frostburg State University by the name of Markus Clennon. Markus had plans of becoming a NBA superstar just like lots of young boys who grew up in his hometown of Baltimore City. When he decided not to try out for his college team, is when he begin thinking of other career plans. He is now a Business Administration major with a concentration in Marketing. " I don't know what I want to do forreal". He says maybe he will end up working with sports advertisement and that kind of matches his career plans because he would still be dealing with sports.

The second person I interviewed was a very focused FSU student named Danielle Covington. Danielle is a senior at Frostburg who will getting her degree in Business this Spring. She says growing up in Mitchellville, Maryland of Prince Georges County that she always wanted to be a Ballerina. " No that doesn't match my career plans at all". She explained how ballet was just a phase that she went through as a child and now she is very focused on becoming a successful lawyer.

The final person that I interviewed was the proud Matthew Legare' or "just Matt". This is his first year at FSU, but he is a senior who transferred from Bowie State University. He majors in Business Management and plans to get a job working with the government. He said that he always wanted to be in the military. "My whole family is in the military". He says that this matches his career plans because he after he gets his degree in Management, he plans to join the military for a couple years. Then he believes that his experience in the military and degree in Management, will land him with a career in the government  just as his father did. Matt says that in his native land of Seoul, Korea his father was already serving in the military at his age, so he feels like he is behind. 

Into the Future

Have you wondered where you will be in ten years? Will you still live in the United States? Will you have a steady career. Will you have kids? Who knows?

Well, I took this question around campus and here is what some people had to say

I stopped first at the United Campus Ministries office in Tawes Hall 161.The first person I ran into was Jennifer Cruz, who is a second semester freshman here at Frostburg State University. She is originally from Cali, Colombia, but she now currently resides here in Maryland .When I asked her where she would be in ten years, she thought for a minute and said "I wonder myself". She then went on to tell me that she saw herself out of Frostburg State University, in the country of New Zealand workin with Holistic Medicine.

The next person that i came into contact with, was Cindy Zirlott, who is the Protestant Campus Chaplain here at Frostburg State University. This is her second year as Chaplain. When I asked her the question she told me that she saw her self still here at Frostburg as Chaplain. She also told me that she wanted to "teach a little more".

I then ventured to Dunkle Hall, where, luckily, I was able to do a quick interview with Dr. James Walker. Dr. Walker is the Assistant Proffessor of Philosophy and Womens Studies. When I asked him where he saw himself in ten years, he told me that he pictured himself working as a volunteer in the health care clinincs in rural Sub-Saharan Africa, while also developing pre-primary education in the region. I was intrigued by this answer, so I then asked him why he wanted to do this. His response was that he had an "ideological committment to help those who haven't been as fortunate as I ahve been". He further told me that five years ago he took a trip to East Africa; and while he was there he "connected to the people in the region", and that he "Fell in love" with them as well.

The most dangerous of situations By: Josh Webb

The question being asked today is "What is the worst danger you've ever been in?". I talked to some students passing through campus and heard some of the most dangerous situations that these students have had to endure.

The first student I talked to was John Turnbow. He is a sophmore with an undecided major. This Sig Tau brother hailing from Crofton, MD says his moment of utter danger was a near-head on car collison. "The guy was like literally inches away from us." John said. John said the near accident occured while driving with his friend last summer.

Next I talked to Kait Bathras. She is a senior this year majoring in business. Shes native to Greensboro, MD. Kait said her most dangerous moment came when she was lost in Baltimore trying to get to her boyfriend's house. Only she had no phone, and a defunct GPS. The catch is, "I was stuck in some really sketchy places." she said. Luckily for Kait being stuck in the roughest parts of the city isn't a terrible memory, as she made it to see her boyfriend safe.

The last person I talked to was a girl named Rachel Kenney. She is a senior majoring in business from Woodbine, MD. She also happens to be the roommate of Kait Bathras. And having the same major, the two have many classes together. Rachel said that her most dangerous moment when she got into a serious car accident. She was out with friend's the night it happened. She didnt want to go over the details of the crash. She did have this to say however, "It was really bad." That sentence says it all.

After speaking to these students it looks like dangerous situations involving cars are common, not surprisingly however. So thats a look into the most dangerous moments of FSU students.

If you could meet any three living people, whom would you pick and why?

If you could meet any three living people, whom would you pick and why? That is the difficult question posed to three students at Frostburg State University, this afternoon. Some had more difficulty than others in coming up with a response when put on the spot, but all provided varied answers.

Madison Martin, a junior, and a Mass Communications major from LaVale, Maryland, would like to meet Erin Andrews, the journalist. "She is my idol when it comes to sports journalism," says Madison. Second on her list was Megyn Kelly, another journalist which she admires and lastly, Nicky Monage because she came from a rough background and "she's made a lot out of herself," responded Madison.

"Laila Ali because she is one of my role models," replied Marina Bylerly when posed the question. Marina is a junior at Frostburg State University and a Psychology major from Queenstown in Queen Anne's County, Maryland. She would also like to meet Eve Ensler, given that she began Vday, and Marina is very much involved with Vday at FSU. Last of all, Marina choose Eminem as her final choice of three living people she would most like to meet, because she really admires him since he is unique and she really likes his music.

Brandon Davis a junior, from Westernport, Maryland, would most like to meet Quentin Tarantino and Christopher Nolan because he loves their movies. He is a Mass Communications major and they are two directors that he really admires. Thinking for a moment about his final person Brandon declares Andy Hall as his last choice, "Because he's my favourite musician."

If You Had A Billion Dollars...

Everyone has a dream of wanting to become a billionaire and thoughts on the first thing they would like to do with that money. Here at Frostburg State University a few people shared their wishes of being granted with a billion dollars. Sheryl McKenzie, a housekeeper, said the first thing she would do is give to charities. “In my life they’ve done well with my needs. My church has always been there for me.”

Now a senior here at Frostburg named Travis Blair, majoring in Health and Physical Education from Upper Marlboro, Maryland decided to take it another route. Blair shared that he would pay off all of his college loans. “I want to clear any kind of expenses I have in my name and start from scratch."

Busha Koffa from Germantown, Maryland is also a senior here at Frostburg State. Koffa is an Accounting major and his thought was closer to home than the other two individuals. He said that he would give part of his money to his mother. "I would give 30 percent to my mom, so she can expand her business."

Who Do You Most Admire?

Everyday you hear of people in the world doing great things. These people are being admired by others because of the amazing things like finding a cure for a deadly disease or holding down a career as well as having a big family. Jeff Nagle, a sophomore majoring in Biology from Annapolis MD, said his girlfriend was the person he most admired. He stated, “She goes to modeling school, a university, competes in beauty pageants and has a job. She does it all.” Nagle expressed that he admired her for her courage too.

What about people that aren’t our family and friends? We admire them as well. Gerald Bussie, a graduate student from Baltimore said that Martin Luther King was the person he most admired. When asked why, the Business Administration major said, “He stood up for what was right.” Bussie did not hesitate at all when asked who he most admired. Another Business Administration major, Benjamin T, said that the person he most admired was Malcolm X. Benjamin T is a graduate student from Prince George's County. He stated, “He also stood up for his rights like Martin Luther King. He wanted a change and that’s why I admire him.” People are liked and admired for many different reasons. What would you say if you were asked, who do you most admire?

If you have nothing to do

"If you had absolutely nothing to do for a whole day, how would you spend the day?" This question may seem simple, but once you start thinking, it's hard to decide. As college students, we rarely ever get a day when we have absolutely nothing to do. Many Frostburg State University students had to take a long pause to think of what they do when they do not have school work.

Junior Mass Communication major Madison Martin says that she would "do something productive." For her, this includes many things, including "going for a run, working on my car, and going for a drive." With two minors, Journalism and Communication Studies, she may even spend this time working on something to further her career. Perhaps this was an easier question for her because she is from LaVale, Maryland, and knows the area better than many other Frostburg State University students.

Marina Byerly, who is from Queenstown, Maryland, would prefer to stay in and spend her day "reading and watching reruns of 24," which she says is "the best show ever." Marina is a junior Psychology major and is often found in The Bottom Line office in the Lane Center. As the managing editor of The Bottom Line, it's not very often that she would have absolutely nothing to do.

Kelly Courtney would spend her day by "hanging out with friends." This may be shopping, watching television, or any number of things. The junior Mass Communication major is a native to the Cumberland area, so she has a number of local friends to call up when she has free time. Her boyfriend, Jared Ritchey, who was eating with her in the Lane Center, is also a Mass Communication major. The Bedford-native, senior Frostburg State University student would choose to enjoy his day with "beer and video games."

We all enjoy doing many different activities when we have free time. How would you spend a day when you have nothing to do?

Vast array of morning rituals at Frostburg State University

It's about 2:00pm in the afternoon at Frostburg State University, and everyone seems to be stunned when asked the question, "What's your morning ritual?", when it has only been a couple of hours for some since they rolled out of bed.

Zach Burkhardt, a freshman from Baltimore, had a fairly simple response. "I don't really have one. I wake up, shut the alarm off, and walk as fast as possible to get to class." Perhaps this secondary education major will pick up the pace when he gets further into his studies, but as for now, he seems pretty content with his morning routine. "Oh, and I always bring a drink to class. I'll never forget that," he laughed.

Micayla Bowman is a senior from Skysville, Maryland who is double majoring in Biology and Chemistry. Her morning routine consists of the usual: hitting the snooze button, waking up at the last possible second, going to the bathroom, washing the face, and brushing the teeth. "I like to get out of the room at the last possible second. It takes about 7 minutes to get to class every morning, so I've got it down, " claims Micayla as she slams her hand on the table. However Micayla always finds the time to check her phone every morning. "Every night I put my phone on vibrate. I get really annoyed when a text or call comes in around 7 in the morning, but I refuse to put it on silent," she laughs.

Aubrey Horton, a junior from Frederick, Maryland, is an Early Childhood/Elementary Education major. Aside from waking up and turning off the alarm clock, Aubrey always finds the time to do something very special. "I call my mommy every morning to tell her that I love her and that I hope she has a great day," she smiles. After talking to her mother, she turns on the computer, runs to the bathroom, and by the time she gets back Facebook is up and running on the screen. " I always check my Facebook in the morning. It's my homepage so it just pops right up," claims Aubrey. Finally after all this running around in the morning, Aubrey gets dressed and eats breakfast before class. "I always eat breakfast or else I will be chewing my arm off in class," laughs Aubrey.

After hearing these responses you may feel comforted that you aren't the only who can't start the day without checking facebook first. Maybe you feel inspired to call that special someone and wish them a good start to the day. Or maybe you are content with just rolling out of bed and rushing to class. The thing is, we all have different ways of starting our days and have certain rituals that we can't do without. The question is, do you do anything out of the ordinary for your morning ritual?

What place in the world would you most like to visit and why?

Three Frostburg State University fine art students were asked, what place in the world would you most like to visit and why. Even though they all are similiar in having the same major, they all had very different answers. Chelsea Smith, a junior at FSU is originally from Mt.Airy, MD. When asked the question, she answered, "Hawaii, because I like the beach." Chelsea has never been off the continent and would like to visit Hawaii because it's beautiful and warm. Naomi Swan, a sophomore at FSU is originally from Baltimore, MD and has done a lot of travelling. When asked where she would most like to visit and why, she answered, "China, because i've never been there before and find it really interesting." Last but not least, senior Justin Hornick specifically a visual arts major from Cumberland, MD, was asked the same question and answered Alaska. When asked why he'd like to visit Alaska, he said, "Its beautiful, and has interesting wildlife, oh and I also want to see the Northern Lights."

The meaning of success

Being successful is one of the greatest accomplishments a person can have. Everybody has their own definition of what success is. To me, success means to achieve all of your goals in life. At Frostburg State University in the Lane Center, I asked a few students what does success mean to them. "Success is the state of mind that an individual has after they have reached a certain standard or expectation that they have set for themselves," said Travis Blair of Upper Marlboro, Maryland. He is a Senior here at Frostburg majoring in Health and Physical Education. Tiana Fernandez of Baltimore, Maryland said her definition of success is, " Being happy in life and reaching my goals." Tiana is a freshman majoring in Liberal Studies. The final student that I interviewed was Kourtney Goffe of Baltimore, Maryland. She is a freshman studying Political Science. She stated that "Success to me means to be able to provide for myself and for my family."

The little things in life that drive people crazy

Everybody has something that just gets on their nerves. When somebody cracks their knuckles and you just feel angry or annoyed. When somebody makes that annoying popping sound with their gum and you feel like you are going to go on a murder spree. These are referred to as pet peeves. Pet peeves are things that people do that for some irrational reason just drive you crazy.

Sheryse Anscombe is a junior and business major at Frostburg State University whose hometown is Bronx, NY. Her biggest pet peeve is people who get out of the shower and wet up the floor. "There's a mat right there, use it!", she exclaims as she explains her frustration. Another one of her pet peeves is students who do not come to class on time. There are probably a lot of teachers at Frostburg who share that pet peeve. Greg Hill is a business major and senior at Frostburg from Largo, MD. When asked about his pet peeves he yells "slow a** drivers". He goes on to say "that's the most annoying s*** in the world [and] it makes me mad." Everybody has a pet peeve even if they aren't aware of it. When Chris Inskeep, a marketing major and junior from Baltimore, was asked about his pet peeves he had to really think about what annoys him. After much thought he decided, people that don't wash their hands after using the bathroom. He goes on to say "that s*** makes me mad." That's a pet peeve, many people should share.

Pet peeves are just the little things people do that seem to affect you more than the average person. Thinking about your own pet peeves can be a fun and interesting way to learn more about yourself. So, what are your pet peeves?

Who is your celebrity crush?

Who is your biggest celebrity crush and why?

Tina Dessasi, a Junior here at Frostburg State University, is majoring in Business and minoring in public relations. Tina is from Gaithersburg, Maryland in Montgomery County. When asked who her celebrity crush was, Tina replied by saying "Jake Gyllenhaal" when I asked her why she stated " Because, he is the definition of sex".

Monica Stubbings, who is also a Junior here at Frostburg State, is from Poolesville, Maryland. Monica is majoring in communication studies. When asked who her celebrity crush was Monica replied by saying "Mark Wahlberg". Then, when I asked Monica why Mark was her celebrity crush she stated "Because he is beautiful, and has an awesome personality".

Kanesha Davis, from Baltimore, Maryland is a senior here at Frostburg State. Kanesha is majoring in Early-childhood/Elementary Education. When I asked Kanesha who her celebrity crush was she responded by saying "Ludacris" when asked why, she stated " Because he is so smooth, and handsome".

What do the students of today regard as being their most prized posession?

On Thursday March 3rd 2011 I visited the Frostburg State University campus in hopes of speaking with some of the students during the busy lunch time. I chose The Lane Center as my target destination to find out just what exactly it is that students today determine as their 'most prized possession' and why.

The first candidate that I spoke to was Junior International studies Major Kaitlynn Sumptor. A native of Rohrersville Maryland, Kaitlynn made no hesitation in stating that it is in fact her dog who she values as being her most prized possession. Her dog is a big part of her life and when asked why? she stated that "I just love her to bits, she means the world to me".

Next up in the hectic lane center was Business Major Brad Zimmerman, an RA at Cambridge Hall here on campus, an impressive title for this Junior year student. Although Brad reckoned that the question was in fact "A tricky one" he came to the decision that it is his girlfriend Kate that he values as being his most prized possession. "She keeps my head on straight" is one of the main reasons why Brad feels Kate is the most valued possession he has in his life.

Rachel Skipper a sophomore student from Oakland Maryland was only too happy to share with me the story behind her most prized possession. Rachel's mother who has sadly passed away is much loved and missed the psychology student. It is for that reason that Rachel put together what she calls her 'Mom-Box'. This box is full of memories of Rachel's childhood with her mother. It contains pictures of her with her mom and brother along with other sentimental items such as letters her mother sent to her while she was at camp and other bits of memorabilia. Rachel stated that the box meant a lot to her and said it "holds a strong place in my heart".

In these modern, technological times I had expected to find that students valued accesories such as the latest I-phones, cars or their laptops. Instead I discovered that all sentiment and appreciation of what really matters in life has not in fact been lost. The students of today are not just driven by the latest advancements in technology as many stereoptypes might lead us to assume but they do in fact hold on to and cherish the things their lives that have true meaning to them. The students at Frostburg State University helped me to realise this today.

Graduation, What Now?

My question was "what do you want to do after you graduate?"

My first interviewee was Corey Jones. He is a sophomore here at FSU. His major is Information Technology, and he is from Clinton, MD. I began by asking him about his general information. I then began delving into the subject of the interview. I began by asking him what his plans were when hes finished with school, and he replied, "I dont want a career". I thought this was odd considering hes paying all of this oney for college and doesnt want to work full time. He added that he decided on his major while still in high school, and that he always had an interest in information technology. His decision was further confirmed when his parents gave him their blessing.
My second interviewee was Lay Chou. Lay is in his third year here at Frostburg, and is from Waldorf, MD. He is majoring in Computer Science. When i met Lay, he struck me as being a very quiet person. After I obtained some general information from him, I began asking the serious questions. I started uot by asking him what his plans were after graduation, and he said, "Get an office job". I asked him if his parents were in the same field and he stated that they were not. He always wanted to work with computer, because its what he currently spends most of his time playing with. I asked him when he knew for sure that he wanted to work with computers, and he stated "Since I was 10". Obviously he knows what he wants.
My final interview was with Bryan Jones. He is in his first year here in Frostburg, and is a Mass Communications major. He is from Bowie, MD. Bryan was with Lay Chou when I encountered him. I gathered all of his general information, and then proceeded into the heart of the interview. I asked him why he did not choose to attend Bowie State University since he is from there. He replied, "why the fuck would i want to go to Bowie State?". I found this funny, and Bryan confirmed my first instinct that he had a great sense of humor. At first, Bryan did not know what he wanted to major in. He confided in me that both of his parents had attended college, and that was his main motivation in coming to college. As for what he plans on doing when he finishes school, he said he has "absolutely no idea what he wants to do". Needless to say Bryan is a funny guy.