Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Justin Hersh: Journalist or Artist?

He sat and spun his pen around his fingertips as he spoke deeper about his life story. "I was always good in English class so why not do Journalism," Justin said through a smile that showed his passion. Growing up in the small town of Mt. Savage, MD, Justin T. Hersh was a big fish in a small pond. As a child he grew up on a farm and enjoyed artwork along with listening to alternative music in his free time. Justin had an ordinary life that his mother and father, Delight and Terry Hersh, provided for him. Justin is the youngest of three children including his two older brothers Terry Jr., 25, and Dathan, 32.

His interest for writing, journalism to be more specific, did not erupt until he had ventured off to college for a second time around at Frostburg State University only 10 minutes from his hometown. Before Frostburg, Justin attended Allegany College of Maryland where he studied Art for two years before realizing that he cannot make a decent career from it. It was then he realized he would go into journalism and hopefully become the next Anderson Cooper in delivering the best news. Though Justin turned away from studying art in school, he refused to betray his passion completely.

When asked about how he became so interested in art his response was simple. He looked down at his spiral notebook containing doodles and did a little smile before responding, "My mother." Justin went on to say that as a child he would sit and watch his mother do numerous pieces and would be so fascinated. His next step would be to imitate everything he saw his mother do. As Justin became older his artwork became powerful and more passionate. This piece below is one of his favorite masterpieces created completely from musical inspiration.

"I was listening to a lot of music when I got the inspiration to do a collage of instruments. I like it mostly because it wasn't rushed by any deadlines and I think it turned out really good!"
This piece elaborates on how much music inspires Justin's artwork. Though he wants to pursue his career in broadcast journalism his heart still has a place for his artwork. In the future he wants to use his artistic skills and apply them to generate advertisements and webpages in relation to his field. In the past Justin has had his artwork displayed at Allegany College and around his high school in high hopes that it would inspire the students to display their creative side. Justin may have his career goal set in journalism but his heart will forever be paired with art. 

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