Monday, September 30, 2013

Look Out World, Here She Comes: Tanijah Moore

Tanijah Moore

Look Out World, Here She Comes
By Ben Messmer, ENGL 336

Tanijah Moore, age 19, an aspiring writer from New York City, “The best city in the world” comes from an all-female family. She is the 2nd oldest of 5 sisters, and family is a large part of her life. Her family now lives in Montgomery County, Maryland. One sister graduated from Penn State University, another attends Montgomery Community College, two are in High School and her youngest sister is an 8th Grader. 

Her love of reading, writing, and drawing were obviously nurtured from a young age. She also enjoys working out and she especially enjoys dancing, which she started ate the age of 12. But she loves to write, “It’s a hobby”. She self identifies with being free-spirited, dressing in comfortable clothes and not necessarily conforming with societal norms, evidenced by her unique style of clothing and the ever present staple of the rebellious, chuck tailor shoes.

As a sophomore at Frostburg State University, she is currently pursuing a degree in English but is considering switching to an English Major. “I might want to be a teacher. Definitely want to be a teacher, of English for sure”. She hopes to someday write a book that “will change people’s views, not necessarily to agree with her, but to change the way that they think about them”. Despite the enormity of the challenge she wishes to pursue, she said it with the confidence of a woman on a mission.

Following her charismatic first impression, she proved to still be a blossoming teenager trying to figure out the world around her; questioning prior assumptions on religion, morals, identity and even her purpose in life. But such questions are expected in a new environment in an unfamiliar setting. Having never lived outside of a major metropolitan area, FSU is quite a change of pace, “I definitely like the city more”. 

Regardless of the adversity facing her, she seemed undaunted. Everyone needs a point in their life to define themselves, oftentimes this is when the chips are down, the odds stacked against you and you have two choices. You can quit or you can persevere. Moore is the type of person who will choose the later.

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