Monday, October 31, 2011

Grooving to Tuvan! By: Sierra Messam English 336 001

On Tuesday October 23, 2011 Frostburg State University was graced by the presence to the Alash Tuvan Throat Singers. They came to Frostburg through the World Artist Experience program travling around the world showcasing and sharing their talents. The Alash men are masters of Tuvan throat singing, which is a technique that usually takes a lifetime to master of singing multiple pitches at once. The Alash men are also masters of traditional Tuvan instruments consisting of wood, skin, and hair. Tuvan singing is a variant overtone singing practiced by the Tuva people in southern Siberia. The men names were Xoomei, Borbangnadyr, Kargyraa, and Ezennggileer who all have their own unique sound. The concert was held in the Performing Arts Center and very good amount of Frostburg community and Frostburg students were in attendance. The stage was lit up nice and bright with four chair aligned next to one another with different instruments each one uniquely different from one another. When they all came out they lined up next to one another and bowed to show respect towards the audience before they took a seat. The Tuvan singer did not speak English so they had a translator who translated different segments of the program so the audience knew exactly what and why they were playing certain songs.

When the men are singing their voices literally sounds like an actual instrument being played. It is unique, different, and wonderful at the same time. The Alash men are not your traditional singers such as Usher, Justin Beiber and Timberlake. NO! Their voice carry wordless sounds and vibration that only very few can only actual do and can take years to master, most of the Tuvan singers start from a very young age and do not master the throat singing until late adult hood. Some of the music they performed were folk music contributed to nomadic wave life and also animistic music which mean everything has a spirit to it. When performing they sang so effortlessly I looked as though they did not even move their mouths, but yet such a wonderful noise came out.

The Alash men are world recognized and even have won awards for their amazing skills. There songs are songs that come from the heart and carry meanings from working hard, dedication to reindeers and emotions towards their girlfriends and wives. Although they do not actually have words there voices carry so many different tones that each song sounds different and distinguished from one another you can tell when they were signing sorrowful songs versus happy and high energetic. The part that I really enjoyed was the fact they laughed in between the songs that were about girls back in the village. They are known to be feisty, but beautiful women.

The performance was amazing, and its not something that you see everyday. The performance was only an hour long, but so much history was learned in that little segment. From throat singing to the women in there village Tuvan music is more than just making multiple pitches at once, but it is story telling and about learning.

Meet Frostburg State's Greeks

The National PanHellenic Conference Presents Meet the Greeks

By: Jasmine Vaughn

The National PanHellenic Conference (NPHC) Fraternities and Sororities at Frostburg State University held, “Meet the Greeks” Wednesday, October 26, 2011 from 8pm-10pm. The following fraternities were a part of the showcase. The first organization to perform was, Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporation. They explained that the Fraternity existed since April 6, 1977; they then went on to perform with the brothers of the Frostburg State University Chapter. “They never disappoint the crowd they are entertaining and professional”, said Britany Vanlandingham of Coppin State University. Alpha Phi Alpha finished their performance and then exited the stage. The next fraternity to perform was Iota Phi Theta Fraternity Incorporation. They just like the Alphas took the stage with the Frostburg State University chapter and also explained that they existed since September 19, 1963. As they took the stage a student shouted, “You’re the best Iotas”, and another student shouted “Do your thing guys”. They performed their routine and then exited the stage. The conference then had a brief intermission before the next organization performed.

At 8:45 pm Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporation took the stage. Before starting their routine they made announcements pertaining to the Omega Psi Phi’s Centennial Founders Day Celebration being held November 12, at 9:00 pm. They then did a small skit about what it takes to become a member of their fraternity and then performed the song that their brothers sing while crossing. “They have to get better music but they are always so serious when they perform said, Eric Nixon a student at Frostburg State University”. After Omega Psi Phi left the stage the next fraternity to perform was Kappa Beta Gamma. “Although they are not well known they are really starting to show up”, said Cierra Morgan of Frostburg State University. They performed what peers call in Frostburg the party walk, and after they used canes to incorporate step moves. Then at the end of this performance Frostburg State’s Devin James sung the founders song of the frat.

The final organization to perform was Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity Incorporated who was founded, November 14, 1978. The first part of their presentation only involved the newest line members. With only two members the brothers of this organization danced to a newer song by the artist’s named Travis Porter. Then the other two members of the frat joined in and danced along with their brothers. After getting the crowd excited they finished also with using their sticks in their routine. At the end of the presentation all of the groups were given a round of applause and the students who attended where directed to the information tables set up in the Armah of the Lane center were they could learn more information about joining the organization who were involved.

The Classical Collectives of Pop Musician : Stevie Wonder

By: Anastasia Akuffo-Afful, ENGL336.002

On Saturday, October 8th 2011, the SFJAZZ Collective came to Frostburg State University to bless us with music sweet to the ears. Walking into a big room full of bright colored spotlights, nicely decorated tables and chairs, waiters’ parading around, along with an open bar toward the back of the room, was a wonderful sight to see. As the vibraphone soft and soothingly pulls you into the room, you cannot help but admire the center stage where all the colorful dimmed stage lights were focused on the shiny brass metal instruments, which were waiting patiently to be played.

As people of different age, gender and race came together for this wonderful event, a group of eight individuals presented and blessed the stage with their presence. This group of men looked ever so stunning, poised, and so into their line of work, which was to display their God given talent and to play the lovely soulful art of music for our ears to hear.

The pianist, Edward Simon, stepped up on stage along with the other group of men to introduce themselves and the instruments they would be playing that night. Along with that, they made sure to inform the audience that they would be performing a collective piece on the pop musician, Stevie Wonder, because he represents a departure from each of the previous tributes to jazz giants and that Stevie Wonder’s songs have a profound impact on musicians of every stripe of our culture overall.

As they began their performance, they opened up the act with one of Stevie Wonder’s classics, “Blame on the sun”, which had the crowd intrigued and moving in their seats while they and gazed at these talented men on stage. This group of men identify themselves as the SFJAZZ Collective. They are an all-star jazz ensemble compromising eight of the finest performer/composers at work in jazz today. Launched in 2004 by SFJAZZ –the West Coast’s largest nonprofit jazz institution and the presenter of the annual San Francisco Jazz Festival – the Collective has quickly become one of the most exciting and acclaimed groups on the American and international jazz scenes. Their latest release, Live in New York 2011 –Season 8, was recorded at The Jazz Standard in New York City across a five-night run. It is the definitive document of the Collective’s 2011 repertoire, including fresh arrangements of Stevie Wonder classics and original compositions.

Making their way to their finale of the night, they topped it off and had the crowd going wild and out of their seats with Stevie Wonder’s all time classic, “Superstition”. As they came to an end, strumming their last cords and blowing their last notes, the whole audience stood up in awe whiles clapping away. It was truly a sight to see.

As the concert ended, a few people students were so excited to give their opinions on the performance they experienced. Speaking to the first student, Annabelle Busia happily satisfied stated, “I learned the musical styling of many famous jazz musicians from the past such as, Stevie Wonder, Ella Fitzgerald and many others. I loved the whole setting and scene of the concert and it also made me feel calm and relaxed.” Another student, Tiphanie Handy, full of joy and happiness said, “the performance made me think of my youth and made me calm. I also felt very relaxed with the atmosphere and the dimmed lighting being just right. The music made me think of good times and family times as well. Lastly, the third student, Mayowa Ogundipe, said energetically, “I think the concert was spectacular! The music was very well composed and the artists were all brilliant.” So as you can see, if anyone did not attend this spectacular event, then you really missed out of something epic and breathtaking, which restores the soul of everything that it needs.

You can learn more about this group on this website:

Haunted House at Frostburg State

Halloween weekend was a win at Frostburg State University this year. There were many different attractions to choose from during the week on campus. On Thursday the UPC made a haunted house that was held in the Lane Center. The haunted house was short but not short on screams and chills.

Students were getting through the haunted house in about two minutes. Many of them though got back into line and went again. Christen Harrison a Frostburg State student said, "I went through the first time and was scared. The second time I went through I did it so I could see what it was really setup like".

The haunted house itself was setup very well by the UPC. Around each corner you never knew what was going to pop out. It started with a girl leading you into a dark tunnel where you couldn't see five feet infront of you. Then you went on around twist and turns never expecting what was next. It ranged from people in clown suits jumping out at you to a woman loudly being electrocuted.

Many of the students wish the haunted house was longer but they were not hesitant on giving the UPC props. Hunter Lumley a student at Frostburg State said, "It was a very short tour but they did a very good job on the decorations and designs". Many students were surprised that the school could get such a good setup for a haunted house. Though it was short the job done by UPC students was great. Frostburg State student Eric Gross said, "While your in the haunted house you never think that Frostburg State students setup everything. It was well done and I'm glad I came out and saw it."

For a small college with little room to make an entire haunted house the UPC did what they could. I didn't hear any complaints or down puts by the Frostburg students. The students in charge of doing the scaring should get some props too. Many people don't like really expensive haunted houses with real people because they are afraid they will get touched. Frostburg State student Courteney Navarini said, "I hate the big haunted houses and haunted fields because the people touch you and really scary you. The students here did a great job of scaring me but not touching me".

For next year though some students thought it would be cool to get the UPC to expand that haunted house. "They should make it the entire Lane Center that would be amazing," laughed Frostburg State Student Griffin Martin.

The UPC did a great job overall with all their Halloween treats. The UPC also held a Halloween Dance which went very well too.

Night Full of Laughs: Guy Torry Comedy Show

By: Arrielle Smallwood-Evans, Engl 336:002

The night all of Frostburg State University has been waiting for finally arrived on October 21, 2011. World famous comedian and actor Guy Torry graced the FSU stage to give students a night of laughter and fun. Purple, blue, and yellow lights filled the dimly lit room of lively college students ready to be entertained by Mr. Torry.

He walked onto the stage with a big smile and welcome to Frostburg, making a few funny jokes about how far Frostburg is away from civilization and how cold of a city it is. All of Guy’s material was beyond funny and it was apparent looking around the room that everyone was enjoying the show. Many people came out to support and there were quite a few romantic couples sitting hand in hand watching the show. What made Guy so amusing is that he pulls material from real life situations. His jokes range from topics of love and relationships all the way to politics and the economy. One of the funniest parts of the show was when he called out students from the audience and asked them personal questions about their love life and even called a few people on stage to showcase their talents. The answers some people gave when asked about their love life were very funny and even shocking. A few times throughout the show he paused before he went any further because he felt some material may have been too mature for young college students. In doing so, there were screams from the audience yelling “No! Say it, we can handle it!” Students were eager to hear the R-rated jokes and going by their wishes, Guy told a multitude of material jokes that in fact many college students could relate to.

After performing for about an hour Guy did a Q&A session with people from the audience that wanted to learn more about him and the comedic business. “My first big break was on Def Comedy Jam performing with Martin Lawrence and other comedians”, Torry stated when asked how he got started in the comedy business. When asked what made him want to be a comedian and actor he stated, “Well I always wanted to be like my big brother Joe Torry; he co-starred in a movie back in the 90’s called Poetic Justice opposite Janet Jackson and Tupac. Seeing him accomplish that let me know that this was something I wanted to do.” After the Q&A session ended Torry thanked Frostburg for having him and reminded us to follow our dreams and do well in school. Feeling inspired, a friend of mine Devin Gayle walked up to Mr. Torry and asked him how should he go about following his dreams when there’s so many things he’s good at and wants to do. Guy replied “Pick your strongest passion and from there venture out into other things your good at. You have to start somewhere.” Those words seemed like the perfect advice coming from such a successful person.

Over all the show was a great success. Not only did Guy keep the laughs in the room going, but he seems to be a down to earth and energetic comedian/actor. The vibe from each student in the room was that they definitely got their money’s worth and would come see another Guy Torry comedy show anytime.

Shedding Light on a Dark Matter

An exhibit called “Hateful Things”, displaying racist memorabilia is taking place here on Frostburg State University’s campus in the Stephanie Ann Roper gallery. The exhibit has been open to the public since October 21st and will remain open until November 9th, with viewing hours from 1-4pm Sunday through Wednesday. The exhibit was founded by Dr. David Pilgrim at Ferris State University College. As shared by Frostburg State University’s add page for this event, Dr. David Pilgrim wishes to “…change the way people talk about race.” The event is meant to shed light to the harms of racism on the thoughts and actions of people and hopefully bring about a positive change.

The Stephanie Anne Roper gallery room for this display has low lighting and a quiet, almost reflective mood upon onlookers. A picture of a black woman with a pregnant stomach that says “ I went all de way wif L.B.J” is of the first items in the room. This picture portrays the demeaning way in which black women were seen in the days of Jim Crow -“…worldly, tempting and lewd…” and to show the scorn many racists had to the support Lyndon B. Johnson gained from the black audience . (Dr. David Pilgrim) An ad for hot combs and pressing pomade for African American hair to become more straight and appear “white” is on display as well to signify how black people internalized the views by society in the 1950’s-60’s that “black” features such as kinky hair were ugly. Another ad that depicts the ways in which society demeaned African American’s appearance for not being white is an ad for skin bleaching cream called “Lucky Brown”.

More memorabilia on display shows the ways in which African Americans were viewed and treated as lesser human beings in society. A restaurant sign that said “We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.” is on display to show how even as a paying customer, African Americans were not treated as equals because they could not even be considered human enough to dine among whites. Another sign prohibiting African American people from associating with white people is a boating dock sign that states “No niggers, no Jews, no dogs”. A description of the sign, provided by Dr. David Pilgrim states that acts as minute as fishing, playing cards, and dominoes were seen as acts of bonding and such acts signified that the participants were on the same social standing. In the early 1900’s such equality in social standing among African Americans and whites did not exist, therefore it was prohibited.

In response to these images, the looks on the faces of students were of disbelief, anger, and some even cried tears. A Frostburg State student named Elizabeth Radcliffe stated she felt “Glad they brought the exhibit here because it shows how racist pop culture can be and still is and how people need to realize how images affect us.” Another student from a field trip by the name of Brittany Lonergan stated the exhibit “Opened my eyes to how big racial issues are.” Perhaps one of the most touching statements made was by another Frostburg student named Ashlee Banks who stumbled through tears to comment “I almost threw up, these are all the things my grandmother never told me.”

Obviously the event is moving people who visit the display in one shape or form. Proven by the responses given the hopes of Dr. David Pilgrim of bringing about change seem to be a success.

The Answers to Life are Found in the Sky.

Allie Kern
Engl 336.001

Every Sunday at 4:00 and 7:00 p.m., Dr. Robert Doyle holds a planetarium show on the second floor of Tawes Hall. Robert Doyle has a P.h.D in Astronomy and is the sole director of the planetarium. A planetarium is a sort of dome-shaped theater that allows its viewers to see the night sky. Instead of looking forward, the audience is sat down in seats that allow them to be almost completely reclined. Being reclined allows the viewer to get lost in the stars. The show lasts for about forty-five minutes.

At the beginning of the show, Doyle explains what is about to happen and how the planetarium works. The projector takes images of the stars and planets and shows them on the dome. "The view is so realistic that the audience feels like they are laying on a crater in the moon. That is how precise this machine is," remarks Doyle.

For the first fifteen minutes or so, Doyle talks about the different stars and planets and what makes them unique. "Not many people know this, but people call Mars the Red Planet and assume that it is hot. However, it is actually extremely frigid. Temperatures can be as low as -153 degrees Celsius which is -225 degrees Fahrenheit," says Doyle. He goes through all the interesting features of each planet and then describes some of the noticeable constellations in the sky. Doyle mentions Orion's Belt, the Big Dipper, the Little Dipper, and many others.

After he explains the different planets and constellations, he turns off the lights and turns on the projector. No one can really understand true, natural beauty until they take a deep, up-close look at the night sky. It is safe to say that no one in the room has ever been to the moon, but the planetarium is the second best thing if one does not plan on being an astronaut when they grow up. The most interesting part of the presentation is hearing about the importance of the North Star. "The North Star is directly above the spoon part of the Big Dipper. Everyone should know about the North Star because it has been used for years to help people navigate their way home after being lost," says Doyle. At this point, it is obvious to the audience that being ignorant to the astronomical aspects of the universe can only hurt a person. It is important to know how these things work because they help drive the motion and existence of the world around us.

Many students may find it tedious or boring to go to on-campus, educational events and presentations. However, these presentations are designed by professors and other professionals that are well-qualified and all knowing in their subjects of expertise. Taking advantage of such opportunities can only add to the college experience. Almost every student that went to the planetarium show did not know the facility existed until hearing about it in their science class. The science classes that tell their students about the planetarium are Cosmic Concepts, Physics, and Astronomy. Every student at Frostburg State University should be well aware of places like the planetarium. Being in a certain class is not something that should matter.

Comedian Teaches Through Laughs

By Marissa Nedved
ENGL 336.001

FROSTBURG – Comedian Judson Laipply performed to a near full house at Frostburg State University on Wednesday night. Laipply is known from his viral YouTube video “Evolution of Dance”. In the video, he showcases the most notable dance crazes from previous decades. The six minute video begins with Laipply mimicking Elvis Presley’s famous pelvic thrusts and ends with a demonstration on how to “brush dirt” off of one’s shoulders in the style of Jay-Z.

Most YouTube viewers are unaware that Laipply is, in fact, a stand-up comedian and the dance segment is a tie-in with his act. Laipply brands himself as an “inspirational comedian.” Alongside his comedy, he offers uplifting lessons about life.

“I’m responsible for two things tonight: to make you laugh and to make you think,” Laipply announced to his audience of college students. His routine included jokes on such subjects as laziness, childhood nostalgia and Snuggies. His reoccurring theme was a theory that he calls the Struggle Bus. The Struggle Bus is a metaphor for those days where the brain appears to be taking a day off. Laipply used a line about riding the Struggle Bus that is reminiscent of Jeff Foxworthy’s famous “Here’s your sign” slogan.

His comedy, while funny, was generally unremarkable until the performer added his small bouts of inspiration. This is what sets Laipply apart from his peers. He came off as genuine, not dry. When he gave advice, Laipply did so without a condescending or lecturing tone.

“I’m not here to change your lives. I just want you to think. We are so bombarded with messages every day that sometimes we forget that we have the ability to step back and think,” said Laipply. He specified that there are only two problems people encounter in life: those they can control and those they cannot. Laipply emphasized the idea of focusing on those that can be controlled and letting go of those that cannot.

Before performing his Evolution of Dance, Laipply gave the audience the backstory of it. He explained that he believes life is nothing but change. Dancing is something that is in a constant state of change as well. At one time, all of the dances, like the Macarena and the Thriller, were the coolest trends of their days. Today, they are old and clich├ęd. The Evolution of Dance segment is an analogy for how life never stays the same. Laipply then stripped off his jacket and turned the music on. Several students brought out their video cameras to capture the performance.

Laipply left his audience with one single thought. “The next time you’re upset, I want you to pause, just for a second, and ask yourself if you have any control over the situation. You may end up reacting the same way you would have, but at least you thought about it, so I’ve done my job.”

Visit Judson Laipply’s website at To see his “Evolution of Dance” video, go to

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Embracing School Pride: The 2011 Frostburg Pep Rally

By: Neffe Morris, ENGL 336:002

The 2011 Frostburg State University pep rally brought forth a lively atmosphere that was felt from the moment one entered the gymnasium. From the constant cheering of the cheerleaders and students, to the funky dance moves of the bobcat mascot, there was never a dull moment.

The DJ began by warming up the crowd with his different selection of music.  Music from the techno and hip-hop genres were used to add to the energetic environment.  People danced around in the bleachers and sang along to their favorites tunes when they were played. Every now and then, the DJ would also shout different phrases to enhance the hype.

After the DJ increased the mood with his choice of music, the cheerleaders helped maintain the energy with their different chants, cheers, jumping, and flipping.  They made sure to capture the attention of the audience at all times.  The two hosts of the event also assisted in energizing the audience.

The performance from the cheerleaders was the first of many that occurred that night.  Pure exuberance was felt through their cheering and chanting.  They awed the crowd with their many stunts and flipping.  They were even able to get the audience to clap along with them as they cheered.  “I love cheering and getting the crowd in the mood; it’s my favorite part of cheering,” explained cheerleader Darrell Smith.  

The pep rally officially began with the introduction of the different sports teams.  The hosts announced each team, and they entered through the middle space that was created by the cheerleader’s forming two lines.  The cross country team came out first, followed by the women’s soccer team, then swimming, track, and last but not least, the football team.  When the football team walked out, all eyes were glued to them.  The lights went out, and they marched out like a team filled with unity and passion.  They outnumbered all teams and caused many people in the audience to comment on their great size.  They were also dressed to impress in their full black uniforms.

After recognition was given to each hard-working sports team, it was time for fun and games. The first game required contestants to pull out as many tissues as possible from a tissue box. The crowd cheered and giggled while watching.  The next game involved the contestants to place an Oreo cookie over their eye and try to get it into their mouth without dropping it.  Now, this was quite the sight.  More giggles came from the crowd because of the complexity of the game.  No one was able to accomplish the task; one contestant even stopped and just began eating the cookies which made him win! Other games like tug a war, a dance off, and a pie tossing contest followed. 

Periodically throughout the event, raffle ticket numbers were read, and people won coupons to different restaurants, book store gift cards, and even an iPod shuffle. “I better win something,” laughed Frostburg senior Terrance Scott.

The Frostburg State dance team also grabbed the attention of the audience with their skilled dance moves.  Dr. Gibralter made an appearance as well and assisted in announcing homecoming king and queen.

School pride was in full effect at the 2011 pep rally; everyone in attendance was proud to be a bobcat.  Many seniors especially cherished the moment being that it would be their last pep rally.  “I cannot believe this is my last pep rally and homecoming, so I’m going to enjoy it to the fullest,” said senior Imani Dunigan. 

The excitement never left the place during the 2011 pep rally.  Everyone laughed, cheered, and had a great time.  It provided students with plenty of energy to begin their fun filled homecoming weekend. 

A Haunted Night

By Lacey Weaver
Engl 336:001

Cold sweat plastering your forehead, hair standing up on the back of your neck, and Goosebumps covering your arms; these are the things you should expect when visiting The House of the Setting Sun, in Green Spring West Virginia. On Friday, October 29, 2011 I traveled to The House of the Setting Sun there were several people there enjoying the atmosphere, which consisted of the sounds of screams in the distance, smells of bonfire and hot chocolate, a dampness in the air, and an overall view of a chilling house looming beyond the lines of people.

Upon arrival the traffic directors instructed my friends to park in a certain spot. When we got out of the car, actors would jump out from behind the other cars to scare us. This was the most exciting time of the whole evening; this is because when you are in the house you are expecting to be scared otherwise someone’s not doing their job. However, when you are simply walking up to the house and a man jumps out at you, it scares you!

After purchasing our tickets ($10/person), the group of friends I arrived with decided to stand by the bonfire, where the actors continued to scare us and other guests. Meanwhile on a speaker system, an announcer called out what groups were able to go through the house next. There was a big screen projector displaying people walking through the house in real time. The camera was in night vision mode and the guests were unaware of the camera watching them. This provided a lot of entertainment while we waited to go inside.

Finally, it was our turn to go through the house. To my surprise, the event ended up being a house, a barn, and a corn maze. After the haunts were over we all walked back to our cars laughing and each sharing our favorite parts of the event. Kate Shook said, “Oh man I swear that chainsaw man knew how bad I hate those damn things, so of course he picked me to chase!” We all laughed and her husband Jeramy Shook said, “Well hon’ he probably knew you considering they’re all from round’ here.”

I asked Jeff Davis what his favorite part of the haunted house was and he replied with, “Well, I really loved the corn maze; I just wish it wasn’t so freaking muddy, my shoes are going to be ruined now!” To this Megan Boggs added, “Chyea you have no idea how bad mine are! I can feel the mud in between my toes!” Everyone walking in the group collectively said, “Ew!”

Overall the haunted house was a success for my friends and me. Everyone that went in our group had a great time for a cheap price, and The House of the Setting Sun should expect to see our business next year.

An Unexpected Blowout

By William Covington

On Friday night a highschool football game drew fans from all over Allegheny county to the Mountain Ridge High School football stadium. The game was a matchup of epic proportions; the undefeated Fort Hill High School Sentinels (8-0) against the undefeated Mountain Ridge High School Miners (8-0). The turnout for the game was huge, despite the cold weather. Conservatively, there were over 4,000 fans in attendance (the stadium seating was packed to capacity, with many more people forced to stand in order to watch the game). Both teams went into the game with the expectation of a fierce battle. It certainly appeared as though the game was going to be an exciting one following the kickoff. Mountain Ridge elected to receive the ball first, and proceeded to drive down the field. However they were unable to score, and Fort Hill took the ball. Despite fumbling twice in the first half, Fort Hill dominated throughout as Mountain Ridge failed to capitalize on the opportunities they were given. Senior fullback Ryan Briner scored the first Fort Hill touchdown, after which the game was put into the capable hands of star running-back Garrett Clay. Clay rushed for 289 yards on just 15 carries, and scored 4 touchdowns. Despite the extremely one-sided final score (41-0), the game still appeared close at halftime.

Fort Hill carried a 14-0 lead into the half (Briner and Clay’s touchdowns didn’t have their extra points converted, however a safety on a blocked punt supplied the missing 2 points). Fort Hill (and Garrett Clay) came out and scored another touchdown after receiving the kick-off following halftime. After the getting the ball back Mountain Ridge attempted to drive down the field. However, Fort Hill intercepted the ball and returned it for a touchdown (Mountain Ridge quarterback Dan Strietbeck threw 3 interceptions over the course of the game). After this interception the attitude of the crowd changed. Previously the fans in attendance were split relatively evenly between the two sides. After the pick-six however, the bulk of the Mountain Ridge fans left. Garrett Clay would go on to score 2 more touchdowns, before the game was ended by football’s equivalent of the “slaughter rule,” wherein if a team is losing a game by 35 points or more the game is halted. Another aspect of the game that should be considered is the 2-3 inches of snow that fell during the game. The fact that this entirely failed to discourage fans from attending shows the zeal that fans have for highschool football in Western Maryland.

Jannelle Walbert, a former Mountain Ridge High School student, said, “It was really embarassing, but Fort Hill basically beats everyone. “ Brandon Rodgers, also a former Mountain Ridge student agreed, saying, “We sort of knew this would happen. I guess I expected a closer game, but Fort Hill seriously runs over everyone. That Clay kid is a monster.” Nathan Williams, an employee of Frostburg State University who attended the game summed up the ending masterfully, “Fort Hill crushed them. Even after putting in their second-string players they continued to stimy the Mountain Ridge offence. It was a pretty typical Fort Hill game actually.”