Monday, September 23, 2013

A new badge, a new face!

By Christina J. Williams, ENGL 336. 001

Watch out everyone soon there will be a new cop arriving. Jake Sewell’s dream after college is to work with the Maryland State Police. First though, Sewell will have to tackle college before tackling the criminals.

Sewell is a 20 year old from Queens Anne Maryland. He is junior at Frostburg State University double majoring in law and society and political science. Understanding law and society will be essential in being a cop and following in the footsteps of his family.

His grandfather and uncle were both cops. Sewell hopes to keep the tradition alive by working hard. You can say he has his own little drill team. Sewell’s mom is his biggest motivator and keeps him in check.

Now let’s not forget about his cheerleader, his three year old niece, the daughter of his 27 year sister. “She is my pride and joy, but God she is spoiled," he said.

Even with a full team behind him, Sewell still faces obstacles. The biggest obstacle was  trying to pay for college himself, but thanks to the affordability  of Frostburg it has made it easier for Sewell to tackle the obstacle of money.

Frostburg was the college  Sewell chose because it was the cheapest and all his friends go here. In addition, it was a place where he could succeed in not only being the first person in his family to go to college, but to graduate as well.

Being here at Frostburg has allowed him to meet new people and have fun before he takes on the cop life. During his free time Sewell likes to play sports and listen to music.

During the winter “ I like to “hibernate (only kidding), go sliding and go to the gym,” Sewell said.  Winter’s can be cold up at Frostburg. Hopefully, his favorite food, macaroni and cheese will help him through the cold days of Frostburg and the hard days in the future as a cop.

On the other hand, outside the classroom he likes to volunteer and help people. He is a part of the coed fraternity Alpha Phi Omega. In addition, he worked as a camp counselor at the camp, Camp Wright, where it allowed him to mentor kids.

“I liked mentoring kids and I like how they thought I was cool even though I really wasn’t.” Hopefully Sewell mentoring skills will help prevent kids from participating in criminal behavior and from landing in the back of Sewell’s car.

Right now his car is 1994 Honda Accord. “It is a piece of junk, but mine,” Sewell said. Hopefully in a few years the car he will be driving will allow him drive down the road with his sirens on.

Furthermore, as Sewell enjoys and works hard his last few years he will make mistakes and learn. Since his freshman year Sewell has learned how to spend his money wisely and to be more laid back.

When he graduates Sewell wants to leave a legacy behind that makes others want to do the right thing in life. Nice motto for a cop. Look out for Officer Sewell. He may be coming to your town in the future to keep you safe.
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