Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Journey into Maturity for Paige

Paige Gearhart, a senior and an English major here at Frostburg State University, is towards the end of her college career and is almost at the beginning of her adult life. As a bright young woman from the Montgomery County area, Paige has become accustomed to the small town atmosphere of Frostburg. After living mostly in the Montgomery County area, having switched a few times, Paige says she adjusted pretty well to the small town atmosphere of Frostburg.

Living off campus in Paige's opinion has been a much smoother experience than living in a residence hall. One of her main reasons for choosing to live off campus, besides having a bathroom all to herself, would be the experience of living it gives her when she inevitably leaves Frostburg.

In high school she was, in her words, a "wallflower" but fell in love with English as well as reading and sewing, which she got into around the time of her sophomore year of high school. Her grandmother had heavy influence on her life as well as her decision to go into education after college. In her interview she discussed how she had a large family and would help take care of children when she could. In five years Paige said she would like to be either a high school or middle school English teacher and in a relationship.

The future looks bright for this young scholar who seems to enjoy the more subtle things in life. Having made new friends and shared new experiences in Frostburg, Paige has definitely evolved from the what she considered to be "average" high school student to a bright and optimistic young woman.

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