Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nicole Lloyd: A Young Woman at the Start of a Journey

Nicole Lloyd: A Young Woman at the Start of a Journey
By Jordan Jones: English 336.001

Nicole Lloyd is a modest, shy, but genuinely nice and friendly sophomore at Frostburg State University who has a long background in the city of Frostburg, a small town with Appalachian character.

Lloyd, a tall, thin, bespectacled young woman grew up in the college town of Frostburg, and is quite familiar with the area. Her dress is modest and young; as she sits calmly wearing a dark pink striped shirt with blue jeans and a vibrant flash of character in her floral printed shoes. The young woman has dreams of leaving the town and travelling around the world due to a life changing experience she had after her trip to Peru.

Lloyd’s roots are deep in Frostburg, though. “My parents are both nurses who work in the area, so I grew up in Frostburg, and haven’t really left.”

Despite the fact that she hasn’t often left the quiet mountain town of Frostburg that can seem at times to be both lonely, and beautiful, Lloyd feels a strong connection to the area, and no desire to flee. “I want to stay around here and have my future children go to the same schools I went to. I really like the area.”

Still, with Lloyd’s close association with the town of Frostburg, she does sometimes feel a bit suffocated. “I think with growing up here and then living at home during college, I’m missing some part of the college experience,” she stated.

Bringing up her travelling puts Lloyd in a talkative mood. “I went to Peru after I graduated high school, an I stayed there for nine days,” stated Lloyd with a smile before continuing thoughtfully, “I learned so much. My world view was changed because of that trip.”

She says that her trip to Peru inspired a desire to travel, especially back to Peru. Lloyd is a girl who is a quiet dreamer, with what seems to be a lot going on underneath her quiet, polite smiles. Initially, she is guarded, but once she starts to discuss her love of the locations in her life, the silence leaves, and her face brightens up.

“Even though I loved the way I felt after going to Peru, the feeling wore off a little bit,” stated Lloyd with a slight thoughtful change in her expression. “I just want to travel. I want to go everywhere.”

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