Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Fall in Frostburg is a beautiful time, where the leaves start changing, and the whether starts getting cold. Many students love fall around here, especially around Halloween. 

I caught up with Kacey Reveve at Lane Center. I asked her " What are your plans for Halloween?" She told me, "I have never spent a Halloween in Frostburg, I lived in Pennsvania, so all my friends from home go to Penn State. I am going to be going there this weekend." 

Next I talked to Cassidy Zagone I asked her " What is your favorite part of Halloween, and what are you planning on being this year?" Her eyes lit up in excitement, "I love Halloween, its my favorite holiday. I love getting dressed up, and all the movies and decorations that are involved with the holiday. I haven't figured out what I am going to be yet, I waited till last minute this year."

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Campus police at Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University has an array of opinions involving the campus police. Some students believe that the campus police are here to protect them and make their college experiences safe and enjoyable. Others students believe that campus police are out to get the students and make their lives more difficult. 

Figuring out who to interview on campus about the police was a difficult task. I began in Lane Center because I know that there are always students coming through to relax before classes, buy food, or just hang out. 

The first person I sat down with was Tyler Kennedy. She is a Communications Study major and will be graduating this Spring. She began college at Towson University, then after a year transferred to Frostburg State. When I asked her “How confident are you in the campus police?” She simply laughed and said, “ After the change I have seen throughout my years here, I have lost a lot of my confidence in the campus police.” 

The second person that I spoke to was Jordan Pruitt. She is a social work major and is a junior here at Frostburg State. She was very polite and willing to talk about whatever I needed to ask. When I asked her “How confident are you in the campus police?” She calmly answered, “I believe that they are doing their jobs, its just like any where else, any other school, or any other county. Some are corrupt, and some really do want to help.” 

The last person that I spoke to was Kerrigan Mills. She is a history major and is a senior at Frostburg State. When I asked her “How confident are you in the campus police?” She shook her head in response,” I have mixed feelings on the campus police here. Half of me wants to believe that they are just simply doing their job but the other half of me doesn’t really believe that anymore.”