Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Latrice Artis: future producer/ fashionista

Latrice Artis: future producer/ fashionista
By Laura Brevig, Eng 336.002

Latrice Artis a Pisces (and an avid enjoyer of horoscopes) is a middle child, from Prince George’s county, with 2 older sisters, 1 younger sister, and 1 younger brother. Her family instilled in her to see reality for what it is, to be strong and independent and to be responsible. This responsibility was tested with her first job when she worked for The Arc, an organization that helps the disabled and people with developmental issues.  To get this job she had to join a program that helped youth in her community find jobs over the summer and in addition would help with writing resumes to get into college. 
Her best day is a toss-up between high school graduation and her 21st birthday. Upon asking why these were her favorite days she responded “I've just never been that happy before”. This is not to say that she wasn't happy other times, because in high school she played basketball and loved it. Although incidentally she had the worst thing in her life occur due to her love of the sport. One night her game was cancelled, but she stayed late to watch the varsity girl’s basketball team play, and didn't let her Aunt know. The response upon returning was that “[My] Aunt told me I couldn't play basketball no more”, so she switched gears and got into other things instead. Her secret talent is that she can draw pretty well and admits that  she’s just lazy and doesn't do it as much as she wants, but will show off that she can do it to people that don’t believe her(but only if she has to).  She has a clothes obsession and loves fashion. In her free time she’s probably catching up on conversations because as she says “I’m probably the worst person, I shouldn't even have a phone”, likely her friends are a little peeved at this fact about her, but would soon forgive her because you couldn't stay mad at her.

While this young lady may have come to college undecided she said “I told myself whatever I do, I want to be happy”. So she watched a lot of TV and tried playing with a camera and decided that she liked it. Now she is far from undecided. Latrice is a mass communications major with a concentration in video production. When asked where she wants to be in 5 years she responded “ I’d be famous, somewhere making movies, doing award shows…”, after she graduates she wants to move to Los Angeles and pursue a career there, which will definitely be a change of scenery from our majestic coal laden  mountains. This semester she will be getting her feet wet by trying out and hopefully getting into the school's TV program, FSU TV3. Latrice seems to be very calm, quiet, and with such a bright smile that you can’t help, but to smile yourself.

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