Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fall Timey Wimey

    Students at Frostburg State University are enjoying the fall semester, at least the last few days before the snow starts coming in. Here we have a picture of  Marina Matkovich from Montgomery County, a social work and sociology major on her way to the library. When asked about her plans for Halloween, she said she "wasn't sure yet."

   Marina wasn't the only one getting her picture taken today. Here we have a picture of the FSU clock tower this warm fall evening.
  The shrubbery and trees near the Lane Center are also preparing for the Fall weather, turning a beautiful red and yellow as the weather gets colder.
Here we have a nice photo of the trees and bushes near FSU's Dunkle Hall. Take a good look at the dark red and green that the leaves are turning. Almost a signal that Christmas is around the corner (after Halloween and Thanksgiving of course).

And finally, look what we have here, a bush that decided to photo bomb the birds that wanted their photos taken. At least it's leaves are that pretty yellow-green color right?


Above is a picture of a Halloween Dance being held this weekend on campus for the students to enjoy.

This is a picture of a tree that represents autumn.

This is an event being held this fall semester on campus.

Halloween at Frostburg

By: Wayne Cottman

     Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst many. It brings out the inner child and creativity out of everyone. There are many unique costumes, parties, decorations, and many events. Let's not forget the best part, trick or treating of course. Halloween has personally been a top favorite because of all the festivities that it has.With Halloween quickly approaching this upcoming Friday, I decided to go out and interview some fellow undergraduate students to see what there plans were for the 31st of October.
       The first person that I came across to interview was Ashley Smith. She is in the 2017 graduating class at Frostburg and majors in Law and International Studies. When I asked her what her plans were for Halloween. Ashley laughed and said, "I don't know what my plans are? I haven't really thought about it." This was a little shocking because this was the first time I have heard of a young person that didn't have plans for Halloween unless they had strong opposing religious views against the holiday.
        The second person that I interviewed was Kendra Stephenson. She is a Business Administration--Marketing major and is in the 2017 graduating class. When I asked Kendra what her plans were for Halloween. She smiled and said, " On Halloween I'll be going with the school and some of my friends to the Fright Farm in Pennsylvania."     
         Kimera Peterson was the third person I spoke to about her plans this Friday on Halloween. She is a Materials Engineering major and is in the graduating class of 2017. "What are your plans fpr Halloween Kimera?" "I will be going home this weekend and spending Halloween with all my family." There are many things to do this Halloween and the students on campus plan to enjoy the festivities being held this Friday.

Fall in Frostburg

By: Lashawn Williams


The fall semester is going by very quickly this year in Frostburg. The trees are blossoming and the leaves have began to fall. Autumn is upon us. Frostburg State University students enjoy the 75 degree weather that surprisingly awaits them outside of class. It is only right to enjoy such a beautiful day in Frostburg.
Many students are going to home to spend time with their families. Accounting major, Kevin Williams and his Omega Psi Phi fraternity brothers are going on a road trip this Halloween weekend for a Halloween party at Bowie State University.
If your going to be in Frostburg this weekend please don't worry there are a few festivities you can count on for fun. FSU is hosting a Halloween dance on Saturday night in the lane center. 

October in Frostburg

October in Frostburg
This picture is a sign of the upcoming Halloween dance at Frostburg State University. It gives the time, date, location and who the DJ will be.

This is a sign of my favorite drink at the coffee shop in the middle of Lane. This is the fall season drink and it tastes just like fall to me. When ever I think of fall I think of this drink.

I got a chance to sit and talk briefly with sophomore Isaiah Sutton from Waldorf Maryland about his Halloween plans this afternoon on October 28, 2014. He said he plans to go to a couple of party's but won't dress up for Halloween because he doesn't think that he's that creative.

A Touch of Yellow

 Nabeelah Hassan is walking to class in a Fall inspired sweater. When asked why she loves fall so much Nabeelah said "I love how the leaves change color."

Matt Carson representing the
Pittsburgh Steelers .

Fall in the Burg

 Katelyn Currier, Exercise and Sports Science major, advertising for the upcoming Halloween dance sponsored by Frostburg State University & Lane University Center. The dance will be taking place on Saturday November 1st, from 11 p.m. until 2 a.m.

 Park and Recreation major with a concentration in therapeutic recreation, and psychology minor,  Zsanae Edwards, took time out of her schedule today to support her favorite fall sport. Sporting her  Redskins in support of their win over the cowboys last night.

Nothing says fall to a sorority girl like leggings, boots, and spirit jerseys. A favorite of girls everywhere; Nicole Picone, Early Childhood Education major and active sister of Alpha Sigma Tau, sports her comfy spirit jersey on campus today. The perfect top for weather like today!

What plans do Frostburg's students have for Halloween?

Halloween is the favorite holiday for many people. The holiday is branded by its decorations, costumes for people of all ages, and fun events. How are the students of Frostburg State celebrating the holiday?

Lance Fullwood, a Law and Society major who is from Little Orleans, Maryland has plans to go to downtown Baltimore, Maryland to go out with some of his friends. When Lance talked about his costume he said, "well I'm matching someone. They're going as a Dalmatian and I'm going to be a firefighter."

Other students, like Grace Daigle, a Spanish major concentrating in secondary education from Woodbine, Maryland is staying on campus. She is dressing up as Donatello, the Ninja Turtle. Her plans are "trick-or-treating or passing out candy to my hall mates."

Some students don't have the time to enjoy themselves on the holiday. Katelynne Eggleston, a Law and Society major from Oakland, Maryland has to work. She works at McDonald's, where employees aren't even allowed to wear costumes.

Whether they have plans made or not, most students will be having a good time with their friends over the weekend, as they celebrate Halloween.

Halloween at Frostburg

When interviewing several people about what they are planning to do on Halloween, all the responses were very similar. When asking the first person, a Computer Science major named Ki Senese, who is from Lonaconing, Maryland, responded by saying, “Nothing much. Watch horror movies with friends.” He said that he doesn’t usually do much on Halloween anymore.

                When interviewing the second person, her response was very similar. Erin, originally from Prince George’s County, but currently living in Calvert County, explained that, “My dorm’s doing a horror movie marathon.” Erin, a Chemistry major said that she does not do that much on Halloween either, but always looks forward to it, especially for the movies. She explained that she always feels strange watching seasonal movies when it is not that time of the season.

                The third person I interviewed did have a different response compared to the previous two though. Scully, an Art major, who lives in Silver Spring, said she is, “Throwing a costume party.” Scully seemed liked she was looking forward to it.

Fall Around Frostburg

Brittany Ebb, a business marketing major, and Marcus Bowers, a double major in biology and Spanish showing of the Halloween and fall decorations inside the Frostburg Student Store.
These are the leaves outside of the Roper Gallery and Fine Arts Building They have collected themselves together at the stairs so be careful on the stairs everyone.
A lone red leaf surrounded by an army of brown leaves outside the Roper Gallery and Fine Arts Building. Don't be afraid to be an individual, even during the fall season.
A tree that is changing its colors for the fall and upcoming winter season and losing some leaves as well. This tree can be found next to the stairs of the Roper Gallery and Fine Arts Building.

Pause, Reflect, Prepare. Fall Sememster at Frostburg State University - By:Elise Duff

OCT 28-FSU Library Balcony--Freshman, Michael Gurganus pauses between classes, looking out from under the impressive library arches. The Social Science major from Calvert County has many things to look forward to this fall semester. Not only is Gurganus joining a strong local brotherhood and excelling in classes, he is also excited for cold weather to fall over the town, proclaiming "I just want it to be cold."
Anticipating his first Frostburg winter, Gurganus understands "it's going to be hectic," but part of the fun is trying to keep up!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Campus Confidence

In an attempt to shake up his class today, Professor. Duncan sent his journalism students out to for a loaded question on their minds. “How confident are you in the campus police?” The tasks at hand, find three students at Frostburg State University, and get their scoop.

Lane University Center was abuzz with students eating, chatting, and raising awareness. Walking through I came across 2014 Homecoming Queen Ly-anh McCoy, a mass communications major from Baltimore, MD; and a friend of hers who wanted to remain anonymous. I asked them, “How confident are you in the campus police?” The response:

“How confident am I? Very confident, I love the job they are doing.”
“You’re lying.”
*laughs* “Well what do you want me to say? I mean they do their job.”
“Well I think they do a good job.”
I proceeded to ask for his name when he told me he wanted to remain anonymous and walked away. A strange but understandable reaction to such a heavy question.

Elementary education major, Samantha Mannas, from Sykesville, Md. has more of an indifferent stance towards campus patrol. “I’m semi-confident in them. They are there when you need them but they tend to intrude a on a lot of things, unnecessarily.”  The mention of party invasions and noise violations came from Liz Farinholt, a Music Management from Pasadena, Md. Liz praises those saying she’s, "confident in knowing that they will be there if I need them." But she puts her view into perspective stating, "But I don't necessarily agree with some of their rules."

Indifferent responses from all three students, seem to say that while the campus police may be doing their job, there may be a little more, they can contribute to the campus.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Students Perspective on Campus Police

      At Frostburg State University there are various opinions about the campus police. Some students believe that the campus police are doing their job pretty well, providing a safe environment for students, and handle situations pretty fairly. Other students having opposing views. Some students believe that the campus police aren't as reliable, not as fair,and or don't have confidence in the campus police.
     With many places to go and many faces on campus; I had no idea where to even began interviewing. The library is a quiet environment, so that was out of the question. A lot of students were in classes in the new CCIT building. So it dawned on me. I decided to interview people at my favorite place on campus, the Lane center. I don't know why I didn't think of it before. A lot of students were there to eat and I could buy snacks after I finished up the assignment a little before hand.

     The first person that I interviewed was Shawn Stabile. He is an earth science major and he is in the graduating class of 2017. Shawn is from Reisterstown, MD and he has spent both of his collegiate years at Frostburg. He was very calm, relaxed, and engaging during the interview. When I asked him, "How confident are you in the campus police?" He simply chuckled in confusion and said, "I'm very confident that the campus police can perform their duties well and keep the campus students in a safe environment."
     The second person that I spoke with was Kyle Hopkins. He is a psychology major and he is currently a junior at the university. Kyle is from Prince George's County, MD. Before I interviewed him he was very approachable and calm. As I interviewed him he I learned that he was funny guy. He would consistently joke and smile during the interview. Not in a creepy way just in a weird funny way that makes you laugh. I asked him, "How confident are you in the campus police?" He scratched his head looking at the ceiling, while laughing and thinking simultaneously. He said, "Umm let me think... Ok got it. From the 3 years that I've been here  campus police have been doing a decent job and making sure that there hasn't been any fatalities on campus."

       The third and final person I spoke with was Dasia Scott. She is marketing major at the university and is in the graduating class of 2017. She is from Prince George's County, MD. Dasia was very nice but it was obvious she has somewhere to be by her body language of fast movements and very quick brief responses. "Dasia, how confident are you with the campus police?" Dasia said, "I don't have an exact opinion about them because I rarely see them except at late at lane when there events. So, I don't really have much of an opinion."

Class Assignment

Thursday, October 23, 2014

They don't eat doughnuts all day

Since the beginning of the 2014 fall semester there has been a lot of talk about the campus police and their affect on the students. This afternoon on October 23, 2014 I spoke to three students about how confident they are in the campus police.

Brandy Wagoner a Mass Communications student from Waldorf Maryland felt pretty indifferent about the police because she "doesn't live on campus". However she assumes that they're good considering their the police. A Materials Engineering student named Kanja Kabbany had no reason to make assumptions because he has heard and has had experiences with the campus police. Kanja has seen many friends receive citations for party's and cookouts. He found it interesting that the first week of school "there were around 30 sexual assaults" but cops were far more focused on shutting down party's. It was clear from the irritated face he made when I asked the question that he lacks confidence in the campus police. Ebony Jones a Theater major from Waldorf Maryland is moderately confident in the campus police. She said "they're always cracking down on us,not trying to help us but, at least they do stuff and don't eat doughnuts all day". These students had very mixed opinions about the campus police but it was clear they had already had many other conversations about the police because the began referencing previous conversations with friends about this topic.

Frostburg Students On Campus Police

OCT 22 FROSTBURG UNIVERSITY-- Frostburg University police has a mission of making and maintaining a safe environment for students to "work, study, learn and live" but when a random selection of Frostburg students were asked, they voiced different opinions.
Giovanni Gallinat, undecided undergrad from Ft.Washington Maryland was asked if he felt confident in campus police and he replied "Not at all! They just arrested me two weeks ago". According to Gallinat, police approached him as he was standing on a sidewalk parallel to Annapolis Hall about two weeks ago. He was charges with failure to obey orders by a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and second degree assault.
On another part of campus, mass communications major, Malik Embree from Baltimore, Maryland  questions the police department's physical potential to handle a situation. Embree stated that about a week ago, he witnessed an altercation where three police officers were having difficulty taking grip of a situation against a rather small student. Malik says, "I would call my homeboys before I call 9-1-1".
 Pernell Parents, information technology major from Baltimore says he's "not so much" confident in the performance of the Frostburg campus police. Parents shared "If I had to rate it on a scale from 1-10, I would rate them at about a six. I sometimes see them using excesive force to control situations and make decisions. It's not much of a give and take relationship with them. Instead, we fear them".
It seems that a large amount of conflicting issues between campus police and it's students. In conclusion, these three students all agreed when saying that they do not in fact feel comfortable in the performance of the campus police at Frostburg.

How Confident Would You Be?


       At Frostburg State University, it would appear that the students have very mixed opinions about the campus police and how confident they are in them doing their job, or if they are able to protect the students and whatnot. After having interviewed 4 students on campus near the Lewis J. Ort library, here is what some students had to say:

      Mckenzie Smitson, the very first student asked about her confidence in the campus police stated "Umm... I don't know.. I'm not really confident in any kind of police. But I haven't really seen them [the campus police] around." Meg Jordy, a sophomore and the second student interviewed said she wasn't sure about her confidence levels at first, saying "Uhh... I don't know... Pretty sure...? What exactly do you mean..?" then asked what exactly was meant by the question at hand. When she was asked how confident she was that the police were doing their job then she said "Oh, yeah well then I'm pretty confident." The third student interviewed was Ronjae James, and she was pretty straight forward with her answer of how she was "not too confident" in the police, and said nothing more. Finally, the fourth student, Woodland Benton came straight out and said he was "very confident" in the campus police.

     So it can be agreed on that some students are pretty confident in the police, some have a mixed view, some have yet to see the police in action, and others are not too confident in the police, whether this is because of how police are portrayed in today's society, or if the campus police actually do help with students.

Student Confidence in Campus Police

Have you ever wondered about the confidence that students at Frostburg State University have in the campus police? Today, I spoke with three students who had something to say.

Akouvi Yigan-Kohoe, a Psychology major from Gaithersburg, Maryland didn't seem to have much confidence in the abilities of the campus police. Based on information that she has heard, Akouvi said, "the police officer might tell her to get over it or something," speaking on the issue of sexual assault.

Ariel Satchell, a Nursing student from Baltimore, Maryland said, "I think that they may do a good job because they patrol the area a lot." From things others have told her, Ariel thinks that the campus police may be biased. She said, "I've heard stories that they don't protect certain people."

Joshua Willam Lee Bowen, an Exercise and Sports Science major from Waldorf, Maryland immediately conveyed his hatred towards the campus police. He said, "they're extremely good at their jobs; they're everywhere." However, that being said, his loathing comes from the outrageous number of parking tickets he has received by them; $350 worth to be exact. He received a parking ticket once for having his permit turned the opposite way. "They look too highly at extortion. They're strictly about money."

All of the students thought that the campus police excelled in certain areas of their jobs; however, they were not confident in their abilities to help students who have been sexually assaulted, or have experienced other similar crimes. Shouldn't the campus police be trusted to help students in the various types of crimes that are committed on campus?

Thursday, October 22nd In-Class Activity -Elise Duff

OCT 22.FSU CAMPUS--    On this sunny day, a class of journalism students set out to find how confident Frostburg State University students are in their Campus Police.
Freshman Taylor Simmons, a Business Administration major from Severna Park, says "apparently they respond to things quick." Simmons seems to have little experience but clear confidence. Senior, Kyler Redmond also has had little experience dealing with campus police but commented, "I see them around a lot, they're always out." Redmond, an English major from Middletown, sees them around often and Simmons uncovered that the police have a reputation of responding quickly; all reasons to have confidence in the force. The final word on this comes from Zachary Sparber, a Kinesiology student from Gaithersburg, Maryland. He speaks of being fairly confident, then Sparber laughs and notes that the police "definitely enforce parking."

Opinions on the Frostburg Campus Police

When interviewing students about how they personally feel about the campus police at Frostburg State University, there were a few different responses. Dom Rogers of Hampstead, Maryland, who is an English major, explained that he’s never really seen them in action, and never really needed to call them either, but he did say he felt fifty-fifty on the matter. “I feel sort of . . . neutral.”

                When asking how another student named John, from Cumberland, Maryland, a Communication Studies major, felt about the campus police, while in Lane Center, he said he didn’t really have an opinion on the matter. He said they were very good at handing out traffic violations, but also felt that they are, “not around at key times.” He explained that if he actually needed them, for example if he was walking across campus at night and felt unsafe, that the campus police would not help him in the way that he felt they should.

                The last student I asked whose name was Alexa and is originally from Burke, Virginia, explained that she felt, “pretty confident in them.” Being a Music Education major, and an RA in one of the freshman buildings, she seemed fairly confident in them. She explained that they’ve had to come into her particular building a couple times this semester, and said they were very kind and knowledgeable, but also dealt with the problems in an efficient manner.

                Overall, it seems that if a student at Frostburg were to need the campus police, they seemed fairly confident that they could and would help. It does seem like not many students actually need them, and therefore did seem hesitant to say anything bad about them, but nonetheless felt like if they needed help, the campus police would respond.

Campus Police and Students

Many of the students on campus have varying beliefs on the campus police and if they are doing their jobs correctly or not. When confronted, they are more than willing to tell their ideas of campus police or how terrible the police force is. However, the people questioned were not like that. In fact all three of them had pretty much the same view of the campus police. All of them seemed to believe that the police force here on campus was doing their job, was competent for their job, and were a generally nice and helpful.

One of the people asked, Steven Alexander McAfee, a double major in psychology and English from Port Tobacco, Maryland, stated, "I haven't had any experiences with them before but they seem very capable." He then continued to say that any interactions he did have with the campus police were good ones and that them seemed very helpful and nice. Another of the students questioned, Alexander Stevens LaFemina, an undecided major from Grand Rapids, Michigan, had a very similar response as Steven. He claimed, "I have never seen them, but they have the power of arrest." Alexander took a more entertaining approach to the question but he still believed them to be a proper authority that should be respected, he even went so far as to compare them to mall cops.

The last person actually did have interactions and experience with the campus police. Kai Louis Senese, a major in computer science from Lonaconing, Maryland, had a hit and run with his car and the campus police assisted him. He saw them as competent to do their jobs, good for the campus and stated, "I don't really have any complaints about them." All of these people viewed the campus police as being good for the school, respectable, and good at their job. Other views may vary, but this is a good sign that maybe it is not all that bad for the campus.

Trust in the System

By; Lashawn Williams

         There seems to be a disconnect between the students and the campus police here at Frostburg State University. Though they are here to protect and serve, some students feel the police are not doing that great of a job.

After speaking to several students hanging out in the Lane center today I gained a new perspective. When asked if he was confident in campus police, Nicholas Smoot said "I'm not confident in any police. They don't seems to be confident in themselves." He believes the police tend to use unnecessary tactics to make arrests. Business administration student, Imani Mincey definitely agreed that the police are not too friendly. She recalled an incident last week where an office supposedly tackled a guy for reasons unknown.

           I also talked to a young girl by the name of Celeste Cowell, athletic training major here at FSU. She didn't seem to have much to say about the police because she has never had a run in with them herself. She did say they gave off a vibe of a hidden agenda. "They can be petty. .on the low."

Is this a misconception? Are the police using their badges for the wrong reasons? Are our students really being protected?

How safe is campus?

After speaking to a select few students about whether or not they were confident in the police on campus, I came across a variety of answers. Parents and guardians hope to send their prized possessions off into the real world on the right foot. Campus Security is a major factor that students and their family should consider while in the college searching process.
The first student I spoke with was Emily Tempestilli, a senior art major from Annapolis, Maryland. When I asked Emily the question on how confident she was in the police on campus she was in awe. "Truthfully I am shocked you asked that question but no not really I mean look at all that has been coming out lately!" The next student I spoke to was Viki Tucker, a business major focusing on marketing from Mt.Airy, Maryland.  I asked Viki the same question about the safety on campus and she replied with, "I mean they ruin the fun but I think they do a good job here. I'm pretty confident." Lastly, I got to speak with criminal justice major Jimmy Mowder from Eldersburg, Maryland. "This may be a little biased since I'm a criminal justice major but I am extremely confident they will keep us safe." 
With only three main opinions it is hard to make an assumption on how confident the campus of Frostburg State University is of the law enforcement on campus. We do know they are constantly improving and there is always room for improvement! Lastly, The students of Frostburg do thank the campus police for all their hard work. 

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Dream On

    Dream On
By: Wayne Cottman

     Katie was born on  November 19th, 1994 in Orange County, Virginia. She is an English major concentrating on creative writing and minoring in Journalism. One of her biggest pet peeves are grammatical errors and misuse of commas. In her own words she is a, "Grammar Nazi". Katie recently moved to Frostburg, MD because her dad got a job position at the university. Since her dad is a provost, she gets to attend the university for free. Avoiding horrific student loans and Sallie Mae was a big factor for her pursuing her academic studies at Frostburg.
       Katie is a very interesting and cool person. Some interesting things about her is her blunt attitude, piercings, and significance of tattoos .  She has three tattoos. one of them are life hearts located on her wrists. One of her other tattoos is 'Hero of Time" and its written across her fingers. Her third and final tattoo is a heart tattoo on her pinky. The reason for the heart tattoo on her pinky is because it's a symbolism of her and her boyfriends relationship. This tattoo is very personal for her because it will always be a memory. The Hero of Time written across her fingers is inspired by her favorite game the Legend of Zelda. "The Legend Of Zelda, has always created a perfect fantasy world for me to grow up in, and to this day I am moved by scenes and music from those video games."
        After interviewing her there is a side of Katie that is intriguing and far more complex. For instance, her views on artistic expression , living life to the fullest, and her dreams. Katie's view on life is "I don't have a easily simplified view on life. I just live in the moment and work harder to figure myself out than what's going on around me."
       When asked about her dreams Katie said, "My dream is to change the way people see reality through the power of words, aka my writing. I love tattoos and piercings, the human body is a blank canvas and I want to decorate it." Katie is definitely a unique individual and has a lot to offer artistically.