Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Christina Williams: The Wishes of a Writer

                What does an aspiring writer look like?  One could easily find out by taking a look at Christina Williams.  Christina is a 20 year-old Mass Communications major who is in her junior year at Frostburg State University.  Williams is also minoring in Journalism and English with the hopes and dreams of becoming a best selling author after college.  However, before Williams starts writing best selling novels, it’s safe to say she’s gonna be occupied with writing plenty of papers before graduation.
            Williams is from Prince George's County and is one sibling in a set of triplets.  She played softball and volleyball in high school, but decided to give it up and set her sights on pursuing a career as a writer, mainly writing fiction and/or young adult fantasies.  How did the young aspiring writer end up at Frostburg?  “Well it was the cheapest school I applied to and I fell in love with the area...I love the view of the mountains...” Williams said.  She’s definitely a student who cares about her school.  When asked about the weather Williams responded, “It’s like getting ice cream thrown on you every winter, but I do enjoy walking in the snow and having snowball fights, which I usually lose.” 
            Williams’ experiences at college so far have been both plentiful and rewarding.  She is the V-day coordinator on campus, an intern at The Bottom Light, and is currently pledging the sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha.  Out of all her positive experiences on campus, she still has one embarrassing moment that she will never forget.  “One time I was walking down the hill behind Dunkle Hall when it was raining” Williams said.  “I slipped on the grass and slid down the hill.  I had a wet spot on my butt all day.  It was totally embarrassing.” 

            Embarrassing moments aside, the future is definitely looking bright for Christina Williams.  Her dedication and passion for everything she does is are only a handful of reasons of why she will be successful.  Who knows?  One day she might even find herself on the top of the best selling authors list.   

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