Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Howard The Great

By Davonne Walker, Engl 336 001

Howard Fooksman is a senior here at Frostburg State University. Howard is originally from Columbia, MD, where the roads and streets are named after famous writers. That is an interesting coincidence, because Howard is a writer who majors in English at Frostburg State. In high school Howard participated in a variety of activities. From football to the math team Howard was a part of it all. Howard said, “ I consider myself a bit of an enigma.” Howard was even on the It’s Academic team at his high school.

After high school Howard moved to a private school in Allentown, PA called Muhlenberg College. Howard ran in to some issues at Muhlenberg and was asked not to return. Howard said, “ I discovered I liked women and alcohol.” Even though Howard's educational career had a rough start he continued to work hard and now he is at Frostburg pursuing his English degree.

Howard is excited about English and writing, saying that this was “ The first time I found something I really have a passion for.” Howard is an excellent writer and a wonderful person. In his pursuit of a writing career Howard has written for sports websites and for a men’s journal, saying that he has written about every sport you can think of. Looking to the future, he wants to teach English at a college like Frostburg. Howard is planning to further his education and go to grad school and get his PHD in composition and rhetoric, believing that English is one of the most important subjects for students. “I believe that freshman comp is the single most important class that a college student can take, regardless of major.” Howard said, continuing that “ critical thinking and writing skills are skill sets that everyone needs to master.” Howard is really passionate about school and English.

Howard has come a long way in his education and in life. Howard hopes that he can help students and pass on his wisdom. This is part of the reason that Howard became a RA, and he seems very fond of his students. Howard is a wonderful student and a great man. He is very motivated and passionate. There is no doubt the Howard Fooksmen will succeed in everything he sets his mind to.

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