Sunday, September 22, 2013

My terrible attempt to the Appalachian Festival

Heading towards the upper quad to attend the Appalachian Festival, the Frostburg weather began to become hectic. The rain was drizzling on and off and the winds were becoming strong, but I knew for certain the festival was not about to end. I heard the live bands playing as I approached Simpson Hall's parking lot. I saw the band Mountian Therapy, on the Compton stage, still performing as the rain began to pick up. These four men,Lonnie Wellman, Tim Custer, Ron Dick and Mike Ash, expressed their faithfulness and loyalty to the innovative bluegrass music. One could view the dedication everyone had to the band and the dedication the band had to its fans and supporters.

I began to become very observant of everything that was going on around me. The kids from the community was running around having tons of fun in the drizzling rain. The beautiful crafts from the neighborhood vendors were beginning to pack everything up so the crafts would not become ruined. The older adults were trying to huddle under the tent. The delicious smell of the srumptious variations of foods began to grasp my attention. I looked left and right to see where the awesome smell was coming from. I saw this hotdog stand by the name of Brian's Old-Fashioned Hot Dog Stand. I began to walk in a fast pace so I could quickly purchase a hotdog before they packed things up early. Once I approached the hot dog stand the weather had gotten worse. The wind began to blow like in the form of a hurricane. I turned around to see what exactly was going on. A young lady yelled, "Oh my gosh we have to go"!  The tents started to raise and all the people who were attending the fesitival began to run away. I knew I had to get more information, so i grabbed a program and began to run to shelter.

The Appalachian Festival was over. The time spent there wasn't enough and I never had a chance to get that scrumptious hotdog from Brian's Old-Fashioned Hot Dog Stand.

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