Sunday, September 29, 2013

Lekia Clark: From Gun Twirling to Gossip Magazines

     Lekia Clark is a fun loving Cambridge RA that likes to watch reality television and read gossip magazines in her spare time, but unlike most Frostburg students, she spent most of her high school time twirling guns and volunteering at military bases in the JROTC program. She joined the Junior Reserve Officers' Training Corps after her grandfather died as a way to feel closer to him and stuck with it throughout high school. While the program had no training regimen like a physical standard, it trainees would run or walk a mile to understand their physical limits rather than to break them. Lekia spent her time learning survival skills, sending care packages to soldiers, going to schools on base, and the aforementioned gun twirling and military base volunteer. 
     Once she started college, she had a lot of time on her hands since she was no longer a part of the JROTC program. She it was good change because she was so serious in high school and she wanted a more normal life now. With all her free time, she took to reality and gossip magazines quite quickly since she would spend her off time watching the E! Channel on TV. She currently hopes to be a PR consultant as she said she wants to be the voice of another person of product. She first attended VSU but transferred because she wanted to be closer to her family, which includes her older brother and younger sister that are both six years apart from her, her parents, one set of grandparents and thirty-some cousins one of who also attends FSU
     While her training most likely will not help her advance through the world of PR consulting, she can still retain at least some skills she developed in the program including the ability to spot a soldier out of uniform. Two lessons that can be learned from Lekia's story seems to be to obviously not judge a book by its cover, and that the journey down life's windy road can be a very interesting one. 

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