Sunday, September 22, 2013

Grammar Freak Kendra Hyater-Davis Discusses Life Inside and Outside of School By Donnie Johnson ENGL 336

          Kendra Hyater-Davis has seen a lot in her educational career. After graduating from the private Barrie School (named after the author of Peter Pan) in Silver Spring, MD, Kendra enrolled in Marymount University, who's web page can be seen here . Kendra described Marymount as, "too expensive; $8,000 a semester!". Due to this, Kendra transferred to Frostburg State University (FSU) as a Mass Communications major with a minor in Journalism in the fall of 2013. At FSU, Kendra lives on campus, where her messiness contrasts with her roommate's organized nature. Kendra says, "They gave us a survey to help match us up with people most like us, and she's a lot like me, except that she is really neat, and I am not".
           When asked why she chose Mass Communications as her major, Kendra states, "I like to talk, and I'm really good at writing. I'm like a grammar freak". So far, Kendra prefers FSU over Marymount. Kendra says, "The campus is bigger, the people are friendly, and the in-state tuition is lovely, by the way".
          When classwork becomes too hectic, Kendra's biggest stress reliever is talking to her mom back home in Suitland, and her best friend Jackie in Connecticut. Kendra feels that, "I can talk to them about anything. With them, I feel like I can just talk and they'll just listen". Kendra also looks to exercise such as running to relieve stress, as well as the age-old solution: eating. Kendra states, "I eat like a man, probably a couple men", although she prefers to avoid fast food, other than the occasional Chick-Fil-A.
          When asked about her plans for the future, Kendra only knows that, "I want to move away from Maryland. Far enough away that I can be the true embodiment of an adult, but close enough to home that if I have a nervous breakdown, I can go home and it won't cost $500".
          After speaking with Kendra, it's obvious that the 20-year-old Mass Communications major from Suitland is an individual with plenty of energy. Hopefully, she'll be able to use that energy to persevere and achieve her goals.

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