Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Korei Martin: Family Man at Heart

Korei Quinn Martin is new to Frostburg this year as a transfer student. Once a computer science major, Korei has since changed to an English major minoring in Journalism. After spending 2 years at Allegany Community College, he is now a junior. For the last 2 years, he has been living in Allegany County on his own. This made the transition to Frostburg a lot easier.

Originally from Prince George County, he is a long way from home and his family. Living close to D.C., Korei finds the city overrated. There are far too many people, and he hates the speed cameras. He may not miss anything about driving around in the city, but he does miss his family.

Korei's hero who he admires most is his mother. In his own words, Korei said “She did everything to put me in a position to succeed.” His mother, Monica Crump is also a college student and attending Prince George Community College online. Monica had Korei at a young age that prevented her from finishing college at first. A strong, determined woman, Monica is now a straight A student making her way towards a diploma with a 4.0 GPA.

She is an excellent role model and reminder to never give up on a dream. One thing they do together is Toys for Tots. Every Christmas Korei and his mother make a donation to the charity. It is “a way of giving back,” Korei said, and “getting in the Christmas spirit.” Together they made a donation of toys costing $500!

Obviously, Korei is very generous. One thing a lot of people don’t know is that he is also a self-proclaimed “geek through and through.” Two years ago he visited Comic Con. Comic Con is a huge comic book convention that takes place annually in San Diego, California. The super hero comics are what attracted Korei to the event; his overall favorite comic is Marvel Comic’s X-Men where mutant superheroes battle various villains. While Korei enjoys comics, he does not really create his own. Expressing a lack of artist talent, Korei said he sometimes draws them for fun, but has not expectations of publishing a comic book.

Korei is a great addition to the bobcat family and FSU is lucky to have him here. To learn more about Korei follow him on twitter @kqm2010.

Here are some of the toys that Korei donated to Toys for Tots.

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