Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Jordan Jones Knows How to Keep Busy By Johnne` Webster ENGL 336.001

You will never see Jordan Jones just sitting around doing nothing. He stays busy. “It keeps my mind active,” he says. He is a Mass Communications major minoring in Journalism and Film Studies. He has a full scholarship for college here, in Frostburg, MD, and was born and raised in Sykesville, MD. Jordan has two sisters. One sister is a senior in high school, and the other is a senior here at Frostburg State University. His family is a good support system, but he enjoys being independent. Excellent grades have allowed him to be placed in the Honors Program, which means he gets first pick of classes! For a student to be granted admission into the Honors Program, they typically have to have a 3.5 GPA and a minimum of 1500 on the combined SAT. Jordan is also a Resident Assistant at Edgewood Commons, and the Section Editor for The Bottom Line. Needless to say, he has a full schedule every semester.

Watching and talking about movies is another hobby he enjoys greatly. Two of Jordan’s favorite films are Apocolypse Now and Drive. But he hates many modern blockbuster type films.  He compares classic film type directors and writers, to painters while passionately explaining why he has trouble enjoying the modern day film. “This artist made this painting for a reason,” he declares, “There is a message in it. Most films of today are created for the purpose of simply making money.” He doesn’t believe many contemporary films have any depth, and have destroyed the purpose of film.

Although Jordan was able to enjoy being a film buff this past summer with his 10 trips to the movie theatre, he was still a busy bee working 40 hours a week at an engineering Company called Potomac Instruments. Mr. Jordan Jones is always doing something, and he likes it that way.

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