Monday, September 23, 2013

A True Cosmopolitan Man: A Chat with De'Avis Swann

A True Cosmopolitan Man: A Chat with De'Avis Swann
By Ethan West, ENGL 336.002
This past Thursday, members of Professor Andy Duncan's Journalistic Writing class had the privilege of interviewing one another, and one interesting member of this class is De'Avis Swann. De'Avis graduated from Gwynn Park High School in Brandywine, Maryland, and plans to graduate from Frostburg State this upcoming spring with a degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Event Planning. De'Avis said that he had originally planned on minoring in Public Relations, but wants to wait until graduate school to pursue a degree at that level.
De'Avis is a fan of all types of music. He expressed his love for '90s rock, and such bands as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, and especially Fuel. He also said he likes rap music, and has seen Wu-Tang Clan, Juicy J, and Curren$y live, and wants to attend the upcoming Kanye West & Kendrick Lamar concert in Washington, D.C. De'Avis also enjoys sports. He played both baseball and soccer in high school, and is a fan of the Los Angeles Clippers of the NBA and the Oakland Athletics and Washington Nationals of the MLB. When asked about his football fandom, De'Avis said, "Though I am from PG [County], I am a Seattle [Seahawks] fan... Seattle fan since '01. What happened was my brother and I got Madden '02, chose random teams, and I got Seattle. I've liked them ever since."
De’Avis seems to be very close to his entire family, in more ways than one. When asked about his family, De’Avis talked about how his brother, his closest cousin, and he were all born on the 11th of their birth month, De’Avis on February 11th, his brother on September 11th, and his cousin on August 11th. Because of this, he said, they all got matching tattoos on their chest of the Roman numeral for 11, XI. When asked about career aspirations, De’Avis said, “I’m not sure, really. I have a Human Resources job lined up at this hotel in Clinton [Maryland]. But I would really like to move up to New York City and live in Manhattan.”
De’Avis also expressed how much he enjoys traveling. De’Avis said he has been all over the state of Florida, to cities like Tallahassee, Orlando, and Miami. Outside of the country, he said he had been to many of the Caribbean Islands on cruises. “It seems like I’ve been on a lot of cruises recently,” he said. He also said he enjoys going to the beach, but for whatever reason, really prefers winter clothing.

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