Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cameron Stroup: Smiling Her Way Through Life By Alex McDonald, ENGL 336.001

“My name is Cameron Stroup; it sounds like soup!” Cameron exclaimed excitedly while introducing herself. Cameron Stroup   is a native of LaVale, Maryland who loves people and is a 2011 graduate of Allegany High School. She is a junior at Frostburg State University. She began her college career as a freshman at University of Maryland Baltimore County. “It was so boring. There was dry grass, and everything was concrete. That just doesn’t work for me,” Cameron explained.

 She has played soccer for her entire life, and regrets not playing at UMBC. She felt she was not good enough, but admits that she should have tried. She thinks that soccer is the reason for her good communication skills.

 Cameron likes to talk and entertain. This was not apparent during her first year at Frostburg State University. She was not social and would just go to class and go back to her house. Since beginning her junior year, Cameron has decided that putting herself out there was a better and more exciting way to live her life and is now “reaping the benefits of Frostburg”. She decided taking chances was better than sitting at home quietly.

 Cameron wants 6 “Tommy Hilfiger model” children. This statement means that she wants beautiful and modelesque kids. Cameron has a unique personality. Starting with her vibrant, red hair, she walks confidently and very sure of herself. People are able to tell from the start that Cameron is the high energy friend in the group. “I love to make people laugh. I think it’s the best feeling,” Cameron explained. Cameron’s enthusiasm for life in general is apparent when speaking to her. She says that her favorite person in her life is her grandmother, “Toots”. She is her role model. To go along with her crazy personality, Cameron has a love of traveling. At age ten, Cameron took an extravagant trip to Belgium. Her aunt and uncle live there, and during her trip she even tried escargot. Cameron Stroup is an entertainer. She loves life and makes it her mission to make sure the people around her are loving life just as much.


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