Sunday, January 30, 2011

Swooped away by a Storm

In a surprisingly dominant performance, the St John's Red Storm upset the #3 ranked Duke Blue Devils at Madison Square Garden. The Devils now with two losses on the year, have two days to regroup and get themselves together as they must now travel to Comcast Center in College Park, MD to face off against the rival Maryland Terrapins and their hostile student section.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Rap icon accused of 9/11, stealing

Hip-Hop and R&B artist Sean "Diddy" Combs has been accused of being accountable for the September 11th attacks, and is being taken to court for one trillion dollars. The female suing Combs also stated that he put her child in a wheelchair and stole a poker chip worth an astounding amount of money.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Fame and money from getting pregnant at 16!

MTV's reality tv show, 16 and Pregnant has brought fame to many of the girls. Farrah Abraham, mother to Sophia, has just recently been involved in a photo-shoot for the cover of American Motorcycles 2012 calendar. Is this what we want our teens and young girls to think is the truth about what comes from teen pregnancy?

Man Sues Facebook For Deleting His Account

A man from Staten Island is sueing facebook for $500,000 because he claims they disabled his account, which resulted in the man losing sentimental photos and "memories".

Your favorite soup is now an alcoholic drink

Your favorite childhood tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwhich is now offered as a martini at Clives.

More alumni give money to these schools than to any other institution

After becoming an alumni, these college kids give generous donations back to their schools.

U.S. embassy worker shoots 2 dead in Pakistan

After being attacked by two shooters on motercycles, an American employee of the U.S embassy opened fire in what he called self defense.

State Rep. Believes Educational System 'Needs Improvement'

Will Florida parents need to make room for another report card on the refrigerator? If passed, a bill proposed by Florida State Representative Kelli Stargel would require teachers to grade parents on their involvement in their child’s education from kindergarten through third grade as part of a statewide public school improvement plan.

Top Contenders for the Australian Open were Knocked Out

Rapael Nadal was the first victum to be sent home in the Australian Open, and now Roger Federer by a come back win by Novak Djokovic. Predictions of the Australian Open finalists are either David Ferrer or Andy Murray facing an on-fire Djokovic.

Follow this link if you want more information on the final match:

Vitamin supplements may cause health risks

A recent article in The New York Times has many people worried about their vitamin intake. The Institute of Medicine has issued new daily recommendations for essential vitamins such as calcium and vitamin D. However, people taking vitamin supplements should be concerned of getting too much. Having too much vitamin D and calcium in your body can affect your bone health and cause the diseases that the vitamins are produced to prevent.

Chad Ochocinco Planning Another Name Change

Chad Ochocinco stated on Tuesday that he is going to change his last name back to Johnson, stating he's "done enough with this Ocho thing."

A new start for Michael Vick I am happy for Michael Vick, he has come a long way. Even though what he did was really wrong. People do deserve second chances and that is what he is getting!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Chocolate Car Available for Valentines Day

Mercedes Benz have released a chocolate themed smart car just in time for Valentines Day. The car was released in Japan where it is tradition that women present men with chocolate on this day. The themed car will cost approximately $28,650.

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Egypt on edge as demonstrations turn violent

A protest breaks out in Cairo, Egypt against President Hosni Mubarak rule.

No More Color-Coding

The color-coded "Terror Alert" system, brought about after the events of 9/11, is set to be phased out within the next few months and replaced by a new National Terror Advisory System.

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Facebook 'likes' to be used by advertisers.

Very soon companies will be able to advertise their brands through the social networking site 'Facebook' by republishing user posts.
There is currently no way for users to decline this feature that enables advertisers to publish adds on the users page as a "Sponsored story"..

AP Techonology writer Barbara Ortutay revealed the news to the unaware Facebook users today.
Follow this link to read more.

A Ton of Guinness Record-Breaking Fun

The people of Mexico City sure know how to bring in the tourists--with record-breaking food. The 230-foot long enchilada weighed almost a ton and was awarded the status of the world's biggest by Guinness record official Ralph Hannah.

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Injured and left out

There is a ritual in the locker room for the players of the Green Bay Packers. Every home game they look around at the wall that holds the pictures of past players who played in past Super Bowl games. Linebacker, Nick Barnett, was placed on the injury reserved list after the fourth game of the season. Now he may not be able to share in the glory of having his picture taken with his team during super bowl week.

Cream of the Crop

With a new baseball season set to begin next month, has revealed its Top 50 prospects for the 2011 season. Washington Nationals' #1 pick, Bryce Harper is ranked third, while Baltimore Orioles' pitching prospect Zach Britton comes in at 19th. To see where your favorite teams top prospect ranks, visit

Ireland records lowest ever levels of cod and whiting

Cod and whiting levels are at the lowest levels ever recorded, a new Irish study has shown.

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No Smoking on Campus at Towson University

It used to be that smokers had to stand 30 feet away from buildings in order to smoke at Towson University. Now, it's a 75 dollar fine to smoke at all on campus. It makes you Frostburg State University next?

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Wrong Number Proposal

Being thousands of miles away risking your life for your country can take quite a toll on a relationship. Apparently, one soldier realized that and wanted to make his expecting girlfriend feel better by proposing to her. Too bad he dialed the wrong number. Now the woman who received the call (on her answering machine) is trying to find the soldier and unknown bride-to-be.

The whole story can be found here and including a recording of the message. Soldiers Marriage Proposal from Afghanistan Goes to Wrong Number

The Dangers of Multitasking.

Lawmakers from all over are considering banning the use of certain electronic devices like iPods and cell phones that most runners/exercisers are distracted by while crossing streets.

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A Good Role Model?

The newly crowned Miss America is 17. Teresa Scanlan former Miss Nebraska is “Mature Beyond Her Age” stated by her father. In a media controlled world were girls look up to the good gone bad Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato who is being rehabilitated for "emotional and physical issues" according to her camp. Will the crowning of a 17 year old Miss America give young and teen girls someone to look up to or will the bad girls of media out shine her rhinestone crown?

Giffords moves to rehabilitation hospital

Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was moved from a Houston, Texas, hospital to a nearby rehabilitation hospital on Wednesday after doctors upgraded her condition from serious to good.

Giffords was moved to The Institute for Rehabilitation and Research Memorial Hermann, also known as TIRR Memorial Hermann, according to Rebecca Moran, spokeswoman for Memorial Hermann.

Giffords was shot in the head at a public event in Tucson, Arizona, on January 8. Her upgraded condition was announced late Tuesday after Giffords' husband, Mark Kelly, said she had watched an hour of television from her hospital bed.

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A Dime a Drink

Maryland lawmakers are considering raising the taxes on alcoholic drinks by a dime. Supporters argue that the raise in prices will discourage people from drinking which will decrease drunk drivers and health issues. Opponents argue that it will "hurt small businesses and raise consumer prices." If passed the the funds would go to hospitals and other health care needs.

For more information, go to:

Possibility Of "Alcohol Tax' Discussed Again in Maryland
Maryland Lawmakers Consider Dime-a-Drink Alcohol Tax

Cutting tests

High school students in Maryland currently have to take and pass four HSA tests; biology, english, math, and government. However, Governor O'Malley's new budget proposal wants to cut the government HSA test. Without the government HSA, it will save an estimated $1.9 million.

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Chopin may have had Epilepsy

Frederic Chopin is well-known for his piano compositions. It is also known that he suffered from several health problems, including vivid, visual hallucinations. While his friends attributed these spells to Chopin's genius, scientists think he may have been suffering from Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.

The article states that, had Chopin been living today, he would be correctly diagnosed and treated...but would we still have his beautiful music?

Toyota recalls vehicles, again

On Wednesday nearly 1.7 million Toyota cars were recalled worldwide due to fuel leaks. The latest recalls have taken place primarily in Japan and North America. Toyota holds the record for the largest recall of vehicles. In 2005, Toyota recalled 1.3 million Corolla cars for a faulty headlight switch.

A secession question in West Virginia

Newly elected West Virginia legislator Larry Kump, a Republican from Falling Waters and a Frostburg State University alumwants a vote on whether his state's three easternmost counties should secede and join Virginia instead.
"West Virginia has abundant talent and natural resources, but our state government policies stifles [sic] our prosperity and freedom," Kump says on his political blog, Working Together to Stay Independent.

Maryland borders those counties, too, so why not secede to join Maryland?  Maryland is presumably less attractive from Kump's perspective because in Maryland, as in West Virginia, the governor's mansion and the two houses of the legislature are controlled by Democrats. In Virginia, Republicans control the governor's mansion and the House, while only the Senate is controlled by Democrats.

Do Virginians get a vote on this?

Kump's personal blog, where he tells jokes and writes about his Mormon faith, is titled True Stuff that I Made Up.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Frostburg-Baltimore shuttle service

Students who lack cars or dislike long drives may be interested in a new twice-daily shuttle service between Frostburg State and Baltimore with a fare that starts at $56 per person one way.

Baltimore-bound vans will leave the Cordts P.E. Center at 8:50 a.m. and 4:50 p.m. daily except for Sunday, when only the afternoon pickup will be offered, according to the website of BayRunner Shuttle.

Vans from Baltimore will drop off passengers at the P.E. Center at 3:10 p.m. and 11:10 p.m. daily except for Saturday, when only the afternoon dropoff will be offered, the website says.

Other stops between Grantsville and Baltimore include Cumberland (two stops), Hancock, Hagerstown and Frederick (two stops), the website says. The three Baltimore stops are the BWI Rail Station, the BWI Airport terminal and the Greyhound station on Haines Street, the website says.

BayRunner Shuttle, a private company with offices in Salisbury and Frederick, is providing Western Maryland service through a Federal Transit Administration grant administered by the Maryland Transit Administration, according to a Jan. 13 company press release.

The press release identifies the funding as a 5311(f) grant. This is a three-year grant designed to encourage intercity bus service and rural public transit, according to the FTA website.

The Frostburg New Day learned of the new service through a Jan. 19 post at Getting There, the blog of Baltimore Sun transportation writer Michael Dressler.