Thursday, January 31, 2013

Was The Sandy Hook Shooting Fake?

The Sandy Hook shooting devastated millions of people worldwide; however, there are several reasons to believe that the entire shooting was a hoax to help abolish the second amendment. For more information go to the link below…

Ron Jeremy's Close Call

Pornstar legend, Ron Jeremy, is currently recovering from a near-fatal, heart aneurysum he suffered Wednesday.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Wandering Felines: Slayers of the Fowl

Fatalities reaching past the 3 billion mark have been reported for birds all over the U.S. The perpetrators were discovered to be roaming cats. For more on this discovery visit

The Most GB in a Tablet.

If you want more GB in a tablet, Apple will be offering the same IPad just adding 128GB starting at $799.

See Here

Destiny's Child SuperBowl Reunion?

By now, it is well known that Beyonce will be perfoming at the Super Bowl this year. However, a rumor that has been surfacing is a possible Destiny's Child reunion. Group member, Michelle Williams, denies the rumors, but the group's fans can only hope.

Bieber Gets 'Fan Fever'

justin-bieber-grabs-fans-boob.jpgIt seems that Justin Bieber has met his fans' 'Bieber fever' half way with his 'fan fever' shown in the picture to the left. The story was covered today by Justin's display of fan love was highlighted on his fansite,, only to be taken down later during the day. Although this picture could be viewed as obscene, the young girl being grabbed here doesn't seem to object to the public display of molestation. This may or may not cause problems for Justin's ex-girlfriend and 'Wizards of Waverly Place' star, Selena Gomez. In the meantime, he might be too busy saying "Baby, baby, baby, ooh!" to worry about that.

House Members Race to Finish Immigration Bill

According to the Los Angeles Times, House members race to finish an immigration bill prior to President Obama's State of the Union address in two weeks; the bill will include: border security changes, employer restrictions, and paths to legal status.

Study Suggests Eating Lunch Good for Weight Management

A study of 420 dieters showed a 22% weight decrease in people who regularly ate a mid-day meal.

New Discoveries Blame Bacteria for the Weather

According to a recent io9 article, scientists have made a breakthrough discovery finding a surprising amount of bacteria and some fungi in Earth's atmosphere that could be directly influencing not only the climate but the distribution of disease worldwide.

The Cat's Meow

      A new study published on USA Today shows that each year 3.7 billion birds are killed by roaming and unowned cats in the United States.

The World Meets the Girl

Boy Meets World begins filming its spinoff "Girl Meets World," staring 11-year old actress Rowan Blanchard as Cory's (Ben Savage) and Topanga's (Danielle Fisher) daughter.

The Problem with Killer Cats

Recently there has been a study that has led to roaming wild and indoor cats killing about 1.4 to 3.7 billion birds each year, you can read more at

By:Desiree Allison-Towson

Green Shuts Down Lebron!

In the Boston Celtics' recent game against the Miami Heat, Celtics power forward (PF) Jeff green brings Heat PF Lebron James' hot streak to a hault. See link below:

Mama takes the title of "Sweet Genius"

Friends and family gathered around to watch Bowie, Maryland native Tammara Thomas, owner of Mama's Cocoa Delights, win Food Network's Sweet Genius contest where she won the $10,000 prize and was crowned "Sweet Genius."

Bowie gets a new star!

Famous Yankee Accused of Another Drug Scandal

Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs, which may lead to discipline by the MLB and team president.

Smog in Beijing "off the charts"

According to an article in the Cleveland Leader, the smog in China's capital, Beijing, is so thick that visibility is as low as 200 feet in some areas, flights from Beijing Capital International Airport have been cancelled, and people have been advised to stay indoors.

A-Rod is at it AGAIN!

Alex "A-Rod" Rodriguez is once again the focus of a drug scandal in the MLB.

The Flames That Brought Tragedy

In Santa Maria, a tragedy at a nightclub struck on a Sunday night when a nightclub went up in flames, leaving 231 locals dead, 75 wounded with 12 of those in critical condition.

For more information on the Santa Maria Tragedy please visit:

May the Force Be With You, J.J. Abrams

With the announcement of J.J. Abrams, director of "Super 8" and the rebooted "Star Trek" series, as the official director of Disney & LucasFilms' new "Star Wars" installments, fans everywhere are hoping for best and preparing for the worst.

The Drakes Snack Cakes Has a Lead Bidder

McKee Foods, the maker of Little Debbie Snack Cakes is the leader bidder for the Drake's snack cakes, maker of the Ring Dings.

"Who Throughs the First Punch"

Chris Brown's lawyer  Mark Geragos, believes that the allegations agents him are false, involving the frank ocean assaults.
China makes Dr Seuss's The Lorax come true.

Due to the hazardous smog in Bejjing , Chen Guangbio, a business person has started selling purified air in a can to the public.

In The Life Of Hip Hop You Never Know What Can Happen

Rapper Rick Ross better known as Ricky Rozay was recently a victim of a drive-by shooting Monday morning in Miami, Florida.

The Healthy 70 (percent)

Thanks to modern day technology, more Americans are finding themselves tracking the progression(or cessation) of their health by counting calories and recording how often they have certain symptoms to report to their Doctor for the next visit.

7 In 10 Americans Track Health

A New Fix for Twitter

Twitter has decided to begin using Crashlytics, which is a program that helps developers understand what has caused a mobile app to crash.

ColdBowl or HotBowl? Does it matter?

Joe Flacco gives his input on the decision for Superbowl 2014 to be held in the MetLife Stadium, located in East Rutherford, N.J. where conditions are expected to be much chillier than usual.

American Cities Effect Global Warming

Over the last couple of years, studies have been brought together to help prove that large cities in America are the reason for significant climate changes across these reigons due to the heat being given off by large metropolitan areas

GII.4 Sydney AKA The "Super Bug"

An Australian "Super Bug" norovirus called GII.4 Sydney has invaded the United States, the symptoms appear in 48 hours.