Monday, September 23, 2013

The Apple of My "Kai" By Lauren Pierre, ENGL 336.00

             Kache' (affectionately known as “Kai”) Stewart is a 19 year old West Baltimorean. She has one brother and one sister, and dubs her mother as an immense source of inspiration in her life. Growing up Kai’s biggest dream was to become “just like that little white girl in Missy Elliot’s video.” As of today, she is a Mass Communication major residing in West Minister Hall at Frostburg State University. Kai danced and played basketball at Baltimore Polytechnic Institute -basketball being amongst her favorite hobbies, “it was a stress reliever for me,” she stated passionately.   Tragically, her ACL was torn and she was deprived of participating in her beloved sport for six excruciating months. Upon her recovery she tore it again. Kai attended a science and technology high school where she enjoyed Biology and had plans of studying it in College; however, things changed. Kai majored in Biology her freshman year and realized her girlhood dreams of becoming a ‘dancing biologist’ began to fade.  Her love for socializing grew as she attended College; Kai voiced jauntily “I started hating Science, but I loved talking to strangers.” Kai put the study of living organism behind her and channeled her passion into the world of dialogue. She is a member of Fros-

tburg’s “Paparazzi Perfect” modeling team, where she enjoys ‘ripping the runway.’ Save the Last Dance starring Julia Stiles and Patrick Thomas is one of Kai’s favorite movies and the driving force of her inspiration to dance. World renowned choreographer, Laurieann Gibson and R&B pop star Rihanna are Kai’s dance and fashion ideals. When asked why she loved Rihanna so much, her response was: “I love the way she sings, and dresses; her style is amazing!” Introduction to Radio is her favorite subject, and unlike modeling, reading is not her favorite hobby, “my biggest challenge would be reading because my discipline requires a lot of it.” Throughout life Kai struggled with finding inner-peace and decided to do some deep soul searching. Her spiritual journey was the breakthrough that regained her sense of self and focus. In the future she would like to have two children (a boy and a girl) and a talk-show of her own.  Kai’s trials and tribulations have made her much stronger and effervescent than ever before.  Her message to little girls all over the world is to “find yourself and be yourself.” 

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