Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Frostburg Appalacian Festival, A New Experience

Upon attending the Appalachian Festival this year at Frostburg I was a bit skeptical. After reading about it I wasn't too sure if it was my type of scheme with the bluegrass music and farm animals, being from a more suburban area I have never really been exposed to the type of atmosphere I was exposed to this past weekend. But after attending my view point was changed for the better. There were several events that drew crowds from not only us Frostburg students but the Frostburg locals as wells. The farm animals seemed to the be the favorite of the children, they were given the opportunity to pet and feed various farm animals which was quiet the experience. I asked a friend of mine who also was in attendance of the festival, Jontue Butler who said that ''The festival was quiet the experience and certainly a positive culture shock.'' I could definitely agree with that, as stated earlier the whole farm scene wasn't really what I was use to.

 I think I could go on to say that my personal favorite event was the music, as a fan of most genres of music I could really appreciate the atmosphere. My favorite performer was Sean Keane whose musical talent was second to none. Keane had a lot of charisma and stage presence and was able to get the audience involved with his series of catch tunes. Andre Brown, a fellow attendant of the festival was already a fan of Sean Kean and stated that his music ''Was a fresh change of pace from what a listener may be use to. '' Another pair performer I thought did an excellent job was Al Petteway and Amy White. I had a feeling that both White and Petteway would be great performers after simply seeing their names on the poster. White and Petteway, much like Keane also had an enormous amount of energy and musical talent. A Frostburg local, Mary Smith told me that her children ''Had a lot of fun during Petteway and Whites performance, and even asked for their autograph after their performance. ''

 The fun wasn't just limited to the music of course, I still had a mission to complete. Before going to the Appalachian Festival I told myself id experience the great food of the Appalachian festival. There were several different types of foods that I tried which of course, weren't anything I have ever tasted back at home. I think my favorite food was the apple bread because it reminded me of something my grandmother would make when I was a child. And finally, the experience that was probably the most notable for me was the goat milking. I wasn't too sure how milking a goat would play out but after experiencing it I still don't think the whole farm life is my cup of tea but it was certainly worth the experience and memory. All in all I thought the festival was a lot of fun and id recommend anyone who hasn't experienced the Appalachian experience to definitely attend next years festival.

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