Tuesday, September 24, 2013

She's such a "Sweetie"

               On April 6, 1991 Lauren Pierre was born. She was automatically given the nickname Sweetie by her mother at just 6 weeks old. Lauren was born and raised in "Uptown", she stated when asked. Uptown is known as the Northwest parts of Washington D.C. She discussed how growing up in that area had plenty of difficulties and challenges. Lauren gracefully said, "Although it had negative stereotypes, it's always been home to me." Growing up with two older sisters and one younger sister, Lauren easily matured and acted older than her actual age. She was living the life every teenager dreamed of. Lauren had much freedom growing up; such as going out as late as she wanted, but she also enjoyed writing poems and stories. Because of her upbringing, Lauren felt like she did not need or want to further her education after high school. She later moved to Greenbelt, MD and instantly confessed,"It was boring living there, but I am like a chameleon; I can relate to all different people and environments." Once she met a special friend, Lauren became a better person and began to view life differently. She was inspired to not only become better, but to help others learn and become the best they can be. "God shined the light on me by bringing him into my life", Lauren said as she described her moment of change.
             This change of life has lead to Lauren becoming a marvelous junior at Frostburg State University. She started her college career attending Allegany College of Maryland for two years and later transfered to Frostburg State University to receive her bachelors degree. Lauren is majoring in English and plans to receive her masters in Secondary Education in the future. Her long term goals is to travel abroad and teach at different schools across the world. Lauren has traveled many places throughout her lifetime. She has been to Jamaica, Trinidad Tabago, Grand Caymans, New York, and Miami. Lauren announced, "I love traveling for the excitement and to view different people's lifestyles and cultures." Lauren is an artist, poet, author and just "that english girl" everyone loves. When asked who inspired her the most when it comes to writing she excitingly stated, "Nikki Giovanni, Zora Neale Hurston, Frank O'Hara, oh and of course Maya Angelo"! Lauren "Sweetie" Pierre reminded me that life is truly what you make it.

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