Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Success is in her Blood: The Definition of Tori McHugh

Success is in her Blood: The Definition of Tori McHugh

Staying busy is something that Tori McHugh has always been. While growing up in Bel Air, Md. Tori’s hobbies included learning the violin and equestrianism. “I’ve been riding horses since I was only 8 years old.” Tori said with enthusiasm.  After graduating high school, Tori like many other young graduates was tasked with finding a college. Frostburg wasn’t on Tori’s list, but she still ended up here. Tori’s grandma was the reason why she ended up here, "My grandma actually made the decision for me to come here, she was after all paying my tuition.” Tori wasn’t mad at her grandma’s choice, in fact she explained it with a smile on her face and laughter in her voice.  

College was a bit of change for Tori. She originally came to Frostburg as a business major. Unfortunately the accounting class that she was taking at the time stood in the way of that plan. Tori expressed her frustration on the matter saying, “I tried twice, but I couldn’t pass that class”. That accounting class had a big impact on Tori. She felt a little defeated because of it. Thinking back on the semester Tori, remembered how much she liked the literature class she took the year before.

With that in mind she changed her major to English with a focus in professional writing. Not only did she change her major, but she also took on two minors, one in Mass Communication and the other in Journalism. She knows that she has a full plate on her hands, but the people that inspire her had much bigger plates and if they didn’t complain then she wouldn’t either.
Both Tori’s mother and sister are not only mentors to her, but they also inspire her. Tori’s sister Christina went back to college after having her first child. Even with the responsibilities that come with a child Christina still decided to go back and is currently going for her nursing degree at Hartford Community College. Tori’s mother also went back to school after having her first child and like Tori’s sister she to proved that even with responsibilities one can accomplish their goals. Tori has her plan in mind and with the inspiration and support of her mom and sister she knows that she can achieve her dreams. 

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