Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Pooka Saucy: The Life of Video Producer Donnie (never Donny) Johnson

Written by Kendra Hyater-Davis

Twenty-one year old junior Don Johnson graduated from Allegany Community College in December 2012 with an Associate's degree in Mass Communications, and enrolled into Frostburg State University to acquire his Bachelor's degree. Donnie (never Donny, that's one of his biggest pet peeves) makes the 15-minute commute in his black '95 Chevy Lumina to FSU from his home in Cumberland, MD. When comparing FSU and Allegany Community College, Donnie says, "Here [FSU] you're left alone. There, you're dragged into things you have nothing to do with."

When Donnie isn't strolling from class to class here at FSU, he makes a series of comedic videos on YouTube, one called "Pooka Saucy", videos of him and his friends goofing and playing around, and another called "Hails and Fails", which is basically a series of movie reviews, which is still in progress. In one of his videos from the series "Pooka Saucy" (click here to view), Donnie takes his friend Zack's room apart and hides all of Zack's paintings that hung on the walls. Donnie says, "We went around his house and rearranged everything...he lost faith in God that day."

In his spare time, Donnie likes to listen to his favorite genre of music, hair metal, by artists such as Motley Crue and KISS. He also enjoys playing Kingdom Hearts on Playstation 3 and getting vintage with the Nintendo 64. He doesn't watch very much television, but when he does, he watches The Simpsons and Tosh.0. Donnie thinks Tosh.0 is better than Ridiculousness, a similar TV show hosted by professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek, saying "If they get rid of the videos and just have him [Daniel Tosh, host of Tosh.0] talk about what he did over the weekend, it would still be funny." Donnie tends to take on too many things at once sometimes, and that can be a little overwhelming. To relieve his stress, Donnie says, "Mostly what I do relieves stress. I'm so good at multi-tasking in that sense...I go from playing PS3 to working on videos."

Donnie never goes out of his way to be different, but yet just does things that he enjoys to do, whether they aren't popular or not. Donnie says that in high school, he would wear eyeliner like the guys in the hair metal bands he loves, and people thought it was so different. He says, "I just liked it. I thought it was cool and people just decided to call me 'different'."

Donnie's close friend Blake said it best, "Donnie, out of all the motherf***ers, you are the motherf***est." After finding out who Don Johnson truly is, it's quite hard to disagree.

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