Monday, September 23, 2013

Driven: Jessica's Climb to the Top

Meet Jessica Curry, a Frostburg State senior who graduates in December with a degree in Communications.  When Jessica is not working as a lab monitor in the Fine Arts Building on campus, she may be found exercising, a recent hobby she has taken up.  Jessica enjoys “running, yoga, easy toning exercises, and improving [her] cardio,” with the ultimate goal of “full out working out.”

Jessica’s determination reaches far beyond the gym.  She hopes to someday get a business administrative job in broadcast journalism.  In order to find some direction for her post-graduate life, she visited Connecticut twice, once in 2011 and again in 2012.  The Prince Georges County native explains that “New England is the most similar to DC.”  While she really enjoyed Connecticut, Jessica ideally wants to live in Northern Virginia, but plans to keep Boston, Massachusetts on her radar of potential settling grounds.

Jessica began preparing for her future career at Montgomery College.  Her resume includes a job as a receptionist at a real estate agency before transferring to Frostburg in 2012.  Jessica says she “enjoy[s] living life outside of PG county,” and lives independently in an apartment off campus.

Jessica appears reserved and serious minded, perhaps even a bit shy, but she claims, “I love pink and bright, vivid colors!” Her passions reach far beyond her professional goals, as she extends her drive into the realm of the skin care world.  “I love trying out different skin care products.  Having nice skin is very important to me,” she says.

Jessica expresses her devotion to success in many facets of her life.  Even before her career goals were set in stone, she took piano lessons for 10 years, demonstrating her determination for self-improvement.  Along the same lines, Jessica claims she “keep[s] close friends for a long time.”  Her loyalty to her friends and devotion to improving herself are both qualities that prove to be highly beneficial to her success both as a student and as a future member of the workforce.

Whether it’s sweating it out at the gym to hip-hop music, showing off her domestic side cooking in the kitchen, or studying hard to improve herself, Jessica Curry’s drive is a force to be reckoned with and will carry her across the collegiate finish line when she graduates in December and moves on to the bigger, better things that are sure to be waiting for her in the future.

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