Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Katie Pratt: Truly Wild For Her Passion

By Tevin McDonald, ENGL 336.001

   Many people develop a passion over years of searching for what interest them. Luckily for 21 year old Katie Pratt who studies Wildlife, her passion has always been a consistent presence in her life for as long as she could remember. Katie is a self-proclaimed animal lover who openly likes all creatures of any shape and size. Katie even admits that “If an animal can kill me I like it.” Katie’s interest in animals began with horseback riding when she was only five years old and has been continuing for an impressive sixteen years. Katie’s fearlessness when it came to animals was evident when she jokingly gave an example of one near death experience where a horse threw her off the saddle during a ride. “I think I got a concussion but I don’t remember,” said a humorous Katie who gave her best effort to recall the horseback riding story.

           When the opportunity to live with animals arose in the form of off campus living for Katie, she eagerly found more companions to live with. Although Katie already had four roommates and she admits that “it gets crazy at times with four other people,” she couldn’t resist not living with any furry creatures. Before she knew it, Katie had obtained two rats by the names of Tess and Lillybelle who her roommates have come to accept as long as she keeps them in a cage. Although the thought of having pet rats might seem odd, Katie was not afraid to openly reveal the extensive list of animals that she has had over her life. “I currently have three cats, a dog, a horse, two rats, and even a pet brother,” said Katie who did not hesitate when referring to her brother as an animal.

Katie’s passion for animals came out even further after expressing her love of interning at a zoo back in Cecil County that was a “life changing experience.” In fact, after obtaining her degree in Wildlife, Katie aspires to find a job at a zoo and work to show the public all the fascinating qualities of all the animals there. With only a year and a semester standing in the way of Katie, this animal lover is sure to make an impact in what every habitat awaits her after college! For information on interning at zoos in Cecil County please visit http://www.plumptonparkzoo.org/ and experience the fun!

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