Tuesday, November 4, 2014

How do you celebrate Halloween?

Fall in Frostburg is a beautiful time, where the leaves start changing, and the whether starts getting cold. Many students love fall around here, especially around Halloween. 

I caught up with Kacey Reveve at Lane Center. I asked her " What are your plans for Halloween?" She told me, "I have never spent a Halloween in Frostburg, I lived in Pennsvania, so all my friends from home go to Penn State. I am going to be going there this weekend." 

Next I talked to Cassidy Zagone I asked her " What is your favorite part of Halloween, and what are you planning on being this year?" Her eyes lit up in excitement, "I love Halloween, its my favorite holiday. I love getting dressed up, and all the movies and decorations that are involved with the holiday. I haven't figured out what I am going to be yet, I waited till last minute this year."

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Campus police at Frostburg State University

Frostburg State University has an array of opinions involving the campus police. Some students believe that the campus police are here to protect them and make their college experiences safe and enjoyable. Others students believe that campus police are out to get the students and make their lives more difficult. 

Figuring out who to interview on campus about the police was a difficult task. I began in Lane Center because I know that there are always students coming through to relax before classes, buy food, or just hang out. 

The first person I sat down with was Tyler Kennedy. She is a Communications Study major and will be graduating this Spring. She began college at Towson University, then after a year transferred to Frostburg State. When I asked her “How confident are you in the campus police?” She simply laughed and said, “ After the change I have seen throughout my years here, I have lost a lot of my confidence in the campus police.” 

The second person that I spoke to was Jordan Pruitt. She is a social work major and is a junior here at Frostburg State. She was very polite and willing to talk about whatever I needed to ask. When I asked her “How confident are you in the campus police?” She calmly answered, “I believe that they are doing their jobs, its just like any where else, any other school, or any other county. Some are corrupt, and some really do want to help.” 

The last person that I spoke to was Kerrigan Mills. She is a history major and is a senior at Frostburg State. When I asked her “How confident are you in the campus police?” She shook her head in response,” I have mixed feelings on the campus police here. Half of me wants to believe that they are just simply doing their job but the other half of me doesn’t really believe that anymore.” 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

The Fall Timey Wimey

    Students at Frostburg State University are enjoying the fall semester, at least the last few days before the snow starts coming in. Here we have a picture of  Marina Matkovich from Montgomery County, a social work and sociology major on her way to the library. When asked about her plans for Halloween, she said she "wasn't sure yet."

   Marina wasn't the only one getting her picture taken today. Here we have a picture of the FSU clock tower this warm fall evening.
  The shrubbery and trees near the Lane Center are also preparing for the Fall weather, turning a beautiful red and yellow as the weather gets colder.
Here we have a nice photo of the trees and bushes near FSU's Dunkle Hall. Take a good look at the dark red and green that the leaves are turning. Almost a signal that Christmas is around the corner (after Halloween and Thanksgiving of course).

And finally, look what we have here, a bush that decided to photo bomb the birds that wanted their photos taken. At least it's leaves are that pretty yellow-green color right?


Above is a picture of a Halloween Dance being held this weekend on campus for the students to enjoy.

This is a picture of a tree that represents autumn.

This is an event being held this fall semester on campus.

Halloween at Frostburg

By: Wayne Cottman

     Halloween is a favorite holiday amongst many. It brings out the inner child and creativity out of everyone. There are many unique costumes, parties, decorations, and many events. Let's not forget the best part, trick or treating of course. Halloween has personally been a top favorite because of all the festivities that it has.With Halloween quickly approaching this upcoming Friday, I decided to go out and interview some fellow undergraduate students to see what there plans were for the 31st of October.
       The first person that I came across to interview was Ashley Smith. She is in the 2017 graduating class at Frostburg and majors in Law and International Studies. When I asked her what her plans were for Halloween. Ashley laughed and said, "I don't know what my plans are? I haven't really thought about it." This was a little shocking because this was the first time I have heard of a young person that didn't have plans for Halloween unless they had strong opposing religious views against the holiday.
        The second person that I interviewed was Kendra Stephenson. She is a Business Administration--Marketing major and is in the 2017 graduating class. When I asked Kendra what her plans were for Halloween. She smiled and said, " On Halloween I'll be going with the school and some of my friends to the Fright Farm in Pennsylvania."     
         Kimera Peterson was the third person I spoke to about her plans this Friday on Halloween. She is a Materials Engineering major and is in the graduating class of 2017. "What are your plans fpr Halloween Kimera?" "I will be going home this weekend and spending Halloween with all my family." There are many things to do this Halloween and the students on campus plan to enjoy the festivities being held this Friday.

Fall in Frostburg

By: Lashawn Williams


The fall semester is going by very quickly this year in Frostburg. The trees are blossoming and the leaves have began to fall. Autumn is upon us. Frostburg State University students enjoy the 75 degree weather that surprisingly awaits them outside of class. It is only right to enjoy such a beautiful day in Frostburg.
Many students are going to home to spend time with their families. Accounting major, Kevin Williams and his Omega Psi Phi fraternity brothers are going on a road trip this Halloween weekend for a Halloween party at Bowie State University.
If your going to be in Frostburg this weekend please don't worry there are a few festivities you can count on for fun. FSU is hosting a Halloween dance on Saturday night in the lane center. 

October in Frostburg

October in Frostburg
This picture is a sign of the upcoming Halloween dance at Frostburg State University. It gives the time, date, location and who the DJ will be.

This is a sign of my favorite drink at the coffee shop in the middle of Lane. This is the fall season drink and it tastes just like fall to me. When ever I think of fall I think of this drink.

I got a chance to sit and talk briefly with sophomore Isaiah Sutton from Waldorf Maryland about his Halloween plans this afternoon on October 28, 2014. He said he plans to go to a couple of party's but won't dress up for Halloween because he doesn't think that he's that creative.