Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Keith Davidson: A Future He Can Call His Own

By: Kenyatta Malloy, Engl 336.001

            High Marks and Achievement have always been a recurring theme in the life of Keith Davidson.  A 21 year-old native of Keyser, West Va., graduated just four short years ago from Keyser High School and is well on his way to having college graduation under his belt also. Scheduled to graduate on time in the spring of 2014, Davidson keeps himself grounded and focused by involving himself in multiple organizations and constantly giving back.

            Davidson was able to attend Potomac State College during his senior year of high school and earn dual enrollment credits. This can come in handy with a chemistry major, totaling about 75 credits give or take.  But he doesn't have plans to stop his education there; Graduate school is in his near future, with hopes to study the synthesis and properties of macro molecules or more commonly known as Polymer Chemistry.  His future career aspirations include becoming a professor, he says, “I will try to make learning fun.” Which is exactly the skill he is perfecting as a member SMACS, the Student Members of the American Chemical Society. Davidson has been a member of this civic engagement organization since his sophomore year and is now the active Co-president. Davidson says, “We’re going to teach you science without you knowing that you’re learning science.” The group visits local schools to teach the students about different aspects of science and chemistry.

            Continuing with his many active titles, Davidson currently heads the position of managing editor-in-chief of The Bottom Line, for his second consecutive year. His strong background in writing has helped him excel in this organization. He joined the paper as a news writer his first semester and from that point on took on more and more responsibility, that proved to his coworkers that he was the best candidate for the managing position. Because of his positive efforts he was elected to the position again for a second year.

           Davidson’s active role in his various organizations and dedication to his academics has helped him to obtain one of twelve coveted spots in The Presidents Leadership Circle. As for his near future, look for Davidson at the National American Chemical Society Conference where he will be giving a presentation, and be sure to look out for pictures from his trip to Dubai. He will be attending the International Youth Leadership Conference in November of this Year with members of the Presidents Leadership Circle.  

Keith Davidson in Rome, Italy

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