Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Chris Evans, No Not Captain America

Chris Evans is a sophomore at Frostburg State University. Chris is a man of many passions, two main ones being baseball and music. When asked about his favorite team he said the Boston Red Sox saying he has "Red Sox memorabilia from here to here" while holding his arms straight out to demonstrate. He is firstly a family guy who feels very close to his two sisters and his parents. Being closer in age to his middle sister he says that they are understandably closer, but because of that they also argue frequently. He explained that they can argue about even the silliest of topics, for example, "is Sunday the end of the week or the start"? His father had a large influence on his taste and love for music. He got Chris into everything from 70's music to anything in Rolling Stones. His mom influenced him to find a career that would make a lot of money.

Chris has had a hard time finding what his true passion was and what he wanted to choose as a career. At first he thought that perhaps his passion could be in the medical field because he loved the show "Scrubs". This idea was quickly put down when he realized that he has a fear of blood. He then thought he would be interested in going to law school because he loved "Law & Order" but then he discovered his biggest passion: Theatre.

Chris was a part of his high school theater group and has performed at Frostburg twice. He has been in Civil War Christmas and Bach At Leipzig. While he did enjoy Civil War Christmas, he said he prefers the latter because Civil War Christmas was a musical and while he, "[loves] acting so much" he said, "I don't like singing". He also said that Bach At Leipzig was more fun because they got to be ridiculous, play with swords and all-in-all it was more fun. He described himself as "really laid back" and "not big on drama". When asked if he understood the irony in loving theater but not liking drama he laughed and said that he did understand. However this is just a passionate hobby for the sophomore.

Chris declared his major as mass communications with a minor in journalism. What Chris would truly like to do is get into radio and host his own show. His dream job would be to work as an ESPN radio commentator. And with his bright, personable and passionate personality that dream seems very achievable.

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