Thursday, September 26, 2013

Benjamin Messmer: Free spirit & Self-validator

Benjamin Messmer of Southern Maryland is quite the free spirit.

Growing up within the mid-west (Wyoming, South Dakota and Texas to name a few) Ben is the eldest of six siblings. Growing up, Ben’s family didn’t have an abundant amount of money, but from his upbringing, certain values and positive ways of thinking are instilled into the person that we see here today. He says “Growing up, I’ve gained a realistic focus on life-Reading books is important. So is eating.” From this we can see that Ben has a way of living that reveals his values.

Relatively, as children, young boys and girls often have ideas of what they wish to be or do when they “grow up.” Benjamin, at 19 years of age and with a major declared “undecided” here at Frostburg State University, he takes his ambiguity of the exact future and rolls with the punches of life. “I lived in the moment [as a child] I was just there. There was never like, I want to grow up and be a fire fighter or a soldier. Thinking that far ahead was never really something that I did or considered doing.” It’s safe to say that although Ben may not have his life mapped out exactly, he’s still content with this, and very sure of himself and the decisions that he makes, taking everything in life whether good or bad, as experiences and life lessons

Ben’s Self-validation is a strong inner characteristic that protrudes through the surface. Worrying not about what his peers may think if himself, Ben is mainly concerned about his own character and being the best person that he can be. “You only have so much control of perception.” He says when it comes to what others think of him. This is an irrefutable fact and quite an admirable way of thinking. Despite this view point of people and their thoughts, he still manages to remain genuine and kind within his interactions with other people. Voted “most friendly” in his graduating class of high school, Ben certainly has no difficulty when it comes to making friends.

According to Ben, his positive and productive personality type and way of thinking are attributed to his religion and strong sense of faith. Raised as a Baptist, he grew up going to church and to this day still practices Christianity regularly. It’s the religion that ben uses as a way of self-validation rather than seeking it from others.

Quite the genuine and friendly person, Benjamin Messmer is someone to be remembered. Although according to Ben, he isn’t concerned with specific remembrance: “I don’t fit into the mold very well…but as for being remembered, it’s something that I wouldn’t care about-what exactly people think of me.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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