Thursday, April 10, 2014

Your Safety at Frostburg State University

In the past five years, Frostburg State University has been devastated with loss of at least six students. The issue of safety, on and off campus, has been brought up with each of these tragedies, but now is the time for the school to take action. I went on campus to get insight from the people who are truly affected by these safety hazards and issues, the FSU students.

According to Danielle Greene, a sophomore Wildlife & Fisheries major, from Bel Air, Md, she feels that she is pretty safe here at FSU. The one issue that she is concerned with however, is the housing and zoning codes. Danielle feels that some houses are breaking housing codes, and the city is not enforcing enough safety on students. She said " I remember last year, one of my friends fell through the floor at a house party."

Another student I interviewed was Noah Jones, a freshman English Creating Writing major, from Bel Air, Md. An issue that he highlighted on was the designated smoking zones. Before the university cracked down on smoking on campus, many students faced health issues being around the vast amount of people who smoked. For individuals who had asthma or breathing problems, the large crowds of smokers created an issue with their breathing and health. Noah said "Now that the designated smoking areas are off campus, students with health issues can feel more comfortable and safe here. "

The last interviewee was Kyle Gambino, a junior Parks & Recs major, from Annapolis, Md. As a student here, he feels that the university and city police force make this town very safe. He has never encountered any situation here at FSU, that has made him feel uncomfortable or unsafe. He mentioned " Yeah some of the housing material is old, but a house is a house,  and it is up to the students to alert their landlords of any possible hazards or issues."

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