Thursday, April 10, 2014

Safety: A serious issue or not so serious?

Many students at Frostburg State University have very positive attitudes towards their safety in Frostburg. Brian Carter, the senior, political science major from Silver Spring, MD rated his safety as an 8 on a 1 to 10 scale. He says "it's better than where I used to be at an Atlanta school, right in the middle of the hood."
Claudia Ofusu, a junior, biology major from Frederick, MD did not waste anytime answering the question like others. She quotes "I feel safe, what, ain't nobody going to mess with me." Knowing that this assignment was for a class, people still did not hold back on their answers, being as truthful as possible.
 Junior, Diamond Cannon, who is a social work and psychology major from Washington D.C. rates her safety at an 8. She jokingly says "I got weapons" but one can tell from her humorous attitude that she did not feel unsafe at all. A senior, engineering major from Annapolis, MD who would like to remain anonymous rated his safety at an 7.5. He claimed that he is a pessimist and that is the only reason he couldn't give it a 10.
There were two people who actually did admit to not feeling safe at Frostburg State University. Bobby Watford, senior, Mass Communications major from Baltimore, MD quotes "I don't feel safe at all." Bobby, known for being the funny guy on campus, says that he does not trust anyone. This is due to the verbal abuse he deals with on a daily.
Lastly, sophomore Gabrielle Adair from Crofton, MD who majors in psychology rates her safety at an 3 on a 1 to 10 scale. She says the things such as deaths, fights, attacks, etc. that she hears, does and see's are not safe and are very scary. She quotes, "you just never know what someone will do."
I noticed that people who said they felt unsafe were here, or close to the tragedies of deaths that has happened here in Frostburg the past 5 years. The others didn't think safety was too much of an issue, it would be nice to know what they would say a year from now or what they would have said 3 years ago.

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