Thursday, April 10, 2014

Is Frostburg a Safe Place for Students?

With violence so common a phenomenon in the U.S., and indeed the world at large, the question arises, how safe is our campus? The shooting of one student 4 years ago, the stabbing of another student 2 years ago, the accident that took 2 students last year, and the fire that killed Lateef Gazul only a few months behind us, many students may feel that Frostburg is no longer safe. With these accidents scaring many of us, the question needed to be asked, how physically safe is Frostburg State University?
Junior, and psych major, Dominique Davis was quick to answer, making it clear from the beginning that she feels safe here, especially compared to her hometown of Baltimore. "There's not too much to worry about here. It's pretty quiet," she says with a smile. Clearly, despite a few terrible accidents, Frostburg isn't but so bad.
Fellow Junior, and Art major Christine Scullen seems to think so. Though she claims she is never quite comfortable, it seemed obvious that Frostburg poses no serious threats to her. "I'll say 8 out of 10, though there's only one place I really feel safe," she says watching a group of Sigma's walk by. "In my boyfriend's arms, he's in the army." Once again, it appears that Frostburg's level of safety is adequate.
Senior and Psychology/Law major Alex Jones also weighed in, agreeing with her friends Dominique and Christine. "I'm about where Scully is," she says laughing with Christine. "We're just paranoid is all." Despite the humor, they all seemed to be very serious considering the tragedies that many students have been affected by during the past 2 and a half years.
Whether Frostburg is actually safe or not, it sure seems safe according to the students. Things happen everywhere, and our campus is no exception. It isn't always the best place, but it's seemingly always a safe one.

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