Thursday, April 10, 2014

how physically safe do you feel at Frostburg State University?

Frostburg State University is a small and quite campus located in the rural area of western Maryland. In the past two years there have been two deaths which resulted from off-campus fights between students. Kortneigh McCoy, 19, was stabbed in the head after getting into an argument with another female. Another student, Brandon Carroll was shot during an argument after a party had just ended. Just like all college campuses, Frostburg has its share of unexpected wrongdoings but for the most part it is a place where people can feel safe.

                On campus almost all of the students can agree that they feel safe and out of harms way. Melody Kight, sophomore education major from Hagerstown Maryland said, “on a scale of 1 to 10 of how safe I feel, I’m at like a 9 when I’m on campus”. She explained that the only time she ever feels threatened is when she’s off campus, alone and its nighttime. Another student said that even when its night time she almost always feels safe. After asking about off-campus safety, Katie Staub, senior liberal studies major from Laurel Maryland said, “I never am scared unless it’s 3 A.M, then that’s when I’ll be looking around”

                The town that the college resides in is peaceful and most people keep to themselves. Most of the threats that happen around the university is because of the students. Like a lot of other universities, Frostburg is not located within a high crime area whereas schools like Rutgers or Towson are within some of the worst cities. Ben Pierce, a senior business major said, “The only people I’m ever worried about are the crazy drunk dudes at parties”. Despite the devastating deaths of past students Frostburg can still be thought about as a safe place the only concern is the students not being able to handle their anger.

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