Thursday, April 10, 2014

How Physically Safe do Students Feel at Frostburg?

Frostburg State University has had six student deaths that occurred on campus or near campus in the past 5 years.  A shooting in 2009 led to the death of a male student.  A house fire on Main Street in 2010 killed a male and female student.  A stabbing on Maple Street in 2011 killed a female student.  A football player collapsed on Frostburg's football field in 2013 and later died from concussions.  Most recently, a male student died a couple months ago in a house fire on Bowery Street.    

According to Edward McGreevy, a freshman art major from Cumberland, MD, Frostburg’s campus is very safe during the day.  McGreevy said “I don’t ever feel threatened on Frostburg’s campus."  After saying he never feels threatened, McGreevy paused for a bit and said “well I’m never at Frostburg at night.”  McGreevy would feel less safe if he were at Frostburg at night and would be more careful.  McGreevy says “I feels safe when at Frostburg because no one has messed with me me before.”

According to Brittany Brant and Kaitlyn Bates, Frostburg is a safe campus.  Brittany Brant, a junior art major from Lavale, MD, said “I feel safe because there is campus police nearby.” Brant also said “I feel safe because of all the emergency lights on campus.”  Kaitlyn Bates, a senior English and history major from Owings, Mills MD, said “I feel pretty safe because I have never had any issues.”  Bates feels safe because she thinks most people at Frostburg are friendly and there are a lot of emergency light.  The female students pretty much agreed with the male student because they all felt safe at Frostburg. 

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