Thursday, April 10, 2014

Dr. Ben Carson visits Frederick, MD

On April 9, 2014 Dr. Ben Carson spoke at the Weinberg Center in Frederick, Maryland. Dr. Carson spoke to a sold out crowd, as well as the fastest sell out of the Weinberg Center’s Speaker Series this season. There was also an opportunity after the show to meet Dr. Carson. The additional fee to meet Dr. Carson went to the Frederick County Public Libraries Children’s Programs.
Before Dr. Carson started his speech, he ran a disclaimer to the audience that he is not politically correct. Dr. Carson retired last June as a neurologist at John’s Hopkins and is now speaking around the country, roughly in four different states every week and getting involved with politics. Dr. Carson has been known for being the first neurologist to displace conjoined twins at the skull in South Africa. He mentioned his retirement was meant to be spent for leisure activities such as learning to golf, but after his attendance at the 2013 Prayer Breakfast, he stated “it became clear the lord had another plan for me.” To watch the Prayer Breakfast of 2013, click here.
During the speech, he spoke about his life, career and plans for the future. Dr. Ben Carson’s speech also pinpointed many flaws and downfalls of our nation today. He stated “We have to concentrate on not thinking about offending people, but speaking about what we believe and building thicker skin.” He mentioned “If two people agreed on everything, then one person isn't really necessary.” Witty jokes were placed throughout the speech to connect with the audience and continue to give a light and entertaining speech rather than a lecture. One audience member, Noel Miller mentioned "Most speakers and shows are riddled with over the top screaming and name calling. Nothing ever gets discussed. He [Dr. Carson] is at ease with waiting his turn and keeping his emotions in check all the while he shows us his passion and commitment to his belief." Another issue he briefed on was poverty and health care. “Don’t let them feel comfortable at the bottom [in poverty] and  feel like they can’t do anything. The cruelest thing you can do to someone is make them feel worthless.” Dr. Carson even brought up his own health care idea that he brought to Congress. He mentioned getting the government completely out of healthcare. Dr. Carson created this idea of a Health Savings Account (HSA) for each individual in the country. It would be a family owned insurance company without a middle man involved. Dr. Carson stated health insurance isn't a right, but a responsibility for us as a passionate country to provide opportunities. People have the opportunity to be responsible with the money provided to them, or misuse it for non-essentials.
Towards the end of the night, a Q and A was implemented. A hot topic was brought u about the rumors of his possible running for President in 2016. He replied stating “Our country is looking for common sense and it needs to be brought back.” He mentioned his hope that it is not the lord’s plan for him to become President, however “if it is, so be it.” Rusty Potts an audience member spoke about his experience that night. "After seeing and hearing him speak in person, I must say I was absolutely blown away... Mr. Carson is someone who the whole country can rally around and depend on to make this once great country great again." For more information on the rising topic of Dr. Carson’s presidential running, click here
The speech ended with a standing ovation after his last statement was “We will be one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.” During the meet and greet following the speech, many people of all ages lined up to meet Dr. Carson. Light refreshments were served as well as a professional photographer that took each person’s picture with Dr. Carson. When asked, Dr. Carson’s advice to the graduating class of 2014 at Frostburg State, he mentioned “Learn how you learn; everyone learns differently… Stick with it for the rest of your life.”

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