Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Leaders in Training: March Event

On March 31st, the National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) hosted their spring semester Leadership Training Day for their upcoming members. NSLS began its chapter at Frostburg State University in 2011 and is becoming more prevalent and talked about throughout the campus community. To become an NSLS member, a student must have at least a 3.2 GPA and attend three Speaker Broadcasts and Social Networking meetings along with attending Leadership Training Day. All of the programs offered by NSLS are fun yet educational so that students can build their leadership and networking skills with others.
            In the past, the National Society of Leadership and Success used the national chapter’s leadership training manual for Leadership Training Day. It included a packet with a variety of questions, activities and group work guided by a video with numerous different speakers. However, the training sounded scripted and trying to get people to share what they wrote in their packets was almost forced by the presenters. Not only that, the training day created by the national chapter was over two hours long! Not only is that long for a training day, it takes the time out of the students’ day from doing homework and other extracurricular activities to come and participate in the mandatory training day. There also was no communication between the members and the executive board members who oversaw the training day; the video played and the members did their packets. Sophomore Sarah Deprey-Severance helped put together an original and activity-based leadership training day packet that was more user-friendly and with the hope that the upcoming members would have more fun doing. “We tried to make LTD [Leadership Training Day] more interactive for new members, allow them to introduce themselves and learn more about themselves,” Sara mentioned.

            This semester, NSLS will be inducting in over 20 new members into the society. There will be an induction ceremony at the end of the month especially for the members to award them on their dedication to the society as well as being treated with refreshments and a guest speaker. “I think NSLS has gotten a more positive reputation here. Students are realizing the benefits of personal growth they can gain from the organization, and are joining for more than just putting it on their resume,” senior Rachel Clark stated. For more information about the National Society of Leadership and Success click here

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