Thursday, April 10, 2014

Student Safety at Frostburg State

With the recent house fire and the ever present fear of violence and harrassment, Frostburg State University students feel pretty safe over all. Being a small town, Frostburg can give off a somewhat unsafe vibe to those who are new to the area.

After talking to a few students on campus, it was seen that many students feel safe for the most part. Lauren Roeder, a sophomore early education major from Hagerstown, MD, “feel[s] safe for the most part.” She and senior Erin Radcliffe, a sociology major from right here in Frostburg, both mentioned that they wouldn’t, however, want to be walking alone after dark. With Erin having lived here her whole life, she has a good feel for what is considered to be safe activities around the town.

Austin Gardner, Sophomore from Berlin, PA, felt a little differently. “I’m 6 ft tall, 260 lbs; No one’s going to mess with me!” states Gardner feeling 100% safe. He felt that there was nothing to worry about because he was so intimidating to begin with. Females on the other hand, he wasn’t so sure about. He advises them not to be alone after dark because that is when the creeps come out. Ladies, if you don’t want to be harassed, stay in groups! He also mentioned the safety of the dorms. “I’m glad that not just anyone has access to the building; that wouldn’t be smart on Frostburg’s end.”

Overall, students feel very safe during the day on Frostburg State’s campus. Many feel as though there is nothing for them to be worried about safety wise. Everyone interviewed mentioned the fact that we have public safety officers everywhere and that they definitely add to the secure feeling here at Frostburg State.

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