Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Evolution of Fashion: Visual Couture puts on a show

            On a beautiful spring day in Frostburg, the Lane Center is completely empty except for a tech crew, faculty, and a group of students rehearsing for an event later in the day. Around 4:00 p.m, parents, faculty, and students alike converged upon the building and began lining up outside the Alice R. Manicur Assembly Hall while beats boomed from within the solemn, closed doors. This evening, Frostburg State University played host to the annual Visual Couture Fashion Show, where our fellow students of each academic level come together to bring a flare of fashion, and runway modeling to a school much more focused on sports.
            For one time each year, eyes shift left and right, up and down the runway while cheers bellow out from all around the room. What are they cheering for you may ask? The obvious answer is their friends and family participating in the show. After all it’s really about the models right? On one hand yes; everyone wants to see their loved ones looking, and feeling good on stage after months of preparing for tonight.
On the other hand is the fashion itself. Visual Couture needs models to wear the gowns, jackets, pants, and accessories that designers come to flaunt. One such designer is Ean Williams of Corjor International, a real world modeling company.
“Do whatever he says,” yells LaQuasia Burns, president of the organization to her models before sitting down and getting her makeup done. Ean busily runs back and forth backstage fitting models, taking pictures, and deciding how to perfectly display his collection. “Please don’t sit in my clothes,” he snaps again and again throughout his scenes. Despite turbulence in the dressing area, each model goes out into the blinding stage lights, and walks among the screams and jeers, concentrating on presenting the clothes, as well as showcasing their own skills. All in a days work when you’re putting on a fashion show. “Thank you, and great show everyone,” he says before vacating the backroom.
            But the show is only halfway over, and there’s still another designer lined up to showcase his pieces. In comes Dramatik, head of Dramatik Fanatic, another modeling company. Dramatik can proudly claim that he is an accomplished designer, with designs worn by several prominent black celebrities from rapper Lil’ Kim, to singer Fantasia. Tonight, those same designs were worn by young people, aspiring models, and our fellow Bobcats. Much like Ean before him, Dramatik brought two scenes worth of designs. Gowns, jackets, pants, and more are silently removed from his suitcases, and hung up as he contemplates who wears what. “This is your first look,” he quietly says to Laura Cofrancesco. His half of the show displays a more progressive style compared to the revealing, colorful dresses of Ean.

            With both designers collections done, LaQuasia calls the entire staff of Visual Couture on stage with her to thank the audience, and acknowledge the hard work each prospective model has put into tonight. With this years show in the books, and the designers collections fully put on display, the mission to showcase fashion and modeling is accomplished.

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