Thursday, April 10, 2014


How physically safe do the students attending Frostburg State University feel?
 Going to college can bring about a number of different emotions and feelings. Every parent only wants the best for their children. Campuses are usually designed to house, educate and offer other services to students and staff. Although college is said to be “some of the best years of your life” there can also be some things that students, parents and staff don’t anticipate.  Crime, Relationships, Stress, and other challenges are all things that most students will come across at some point in college, let alone their lives. 

                I was able to get the opinions and feelings on a small portion of students on campus about how safe they really felt being in these secluded mountains in Western, MD. The first person I interviewed was third year student Devin Walton, Business Administration Minor from Bowie, Maryland. Devin having recently relocated to of campus housing on Bowery St. claims to feel safe for the most part. However, he stated that “If I was an incoming student, having heard about all the prior acts of violence and tragedies that had taken place at the University I would not want to attend Frostburg”.  Devin went on to say that he believes the blue lights around campus and availability of campus police involvement on and off campus really helps.  

Next, I was able to get insight from third year student Jasmine Branch a Psychology and Sociology Major from Baltimore City. Jasmine said that as a female she has to worry even more about her safety and well being.  Jasmine said that the biggest thing she thinks is a potential issue is when a female is intoxicated, but since Frostburg is a smaller school she believes there is less to worry about overall. 

Lastly, I was able to talk to Kelly Friend, third year student, majoring in Foreign Language Literature from Oakland; CA. Kelly says that she feels safer this year than when she first came to Frostburg. Kelly says that she has noticed a significant increase in police/ security presence.    
Just about all schools will have their pros and cons however, based on the responses from Devin, Jasmine and Kelly which have all been attending Frostburg for three years , they must of found it safe enough to stay at the university. Despite minor concerns most of the students I talked to found Frostburg to be relatively safe.

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