Thursday, April 10, 2014

Safety Issues at FSU?

 For the most part Frostburg State University, surrounded by mountains and basically secluded from the outside world, could be assumed to be a safe place for roughly 5,000 of its residents. However as more and more reportings of sexual assault on campus surface, as long with a house fire that claimed the life of one of Frostburg's promising students, the question has arisen whether or not students feel physically safe at our school.
Brina Smith a Biology major from Baltimore, Maryland says that she does feel comfortable and safe walking around campus, even at night.  The Freshman went on to say “ I mean it all depends on the situation. I don’t think it’s safe to walk alone at night by yourself anywhere so I don’t think Frostburg is any different from anywhere else, you just have to be smart about it.”
Monique Mcgill hailing from Prince George’s felt similarly to Brina Smith. However,  Monique felt that because Frostburg is in such a secluded area, she felt more at risk at night than anywhere else. The Social Work major stated “ I feel pretty safe here , except for when it’s night time, then I get uncomfortable. I’m a young black girl walking around in the predominantly white area, sometimes it can get a little spooky because I think that I may become racially targeted and if I’m by myself then I don’t think I could handle an attack to be honest.”
As expected however, when  Devin Ray a recreational and parks management freshmen male from Baltimore Maryland was asked the same question, he had a very different answer. “I feel safe as ever,” the bulky former Frostburg football player stated, “I doubt anyone is going to mess with me, and if they do, I think I can handle myself pretty well.”  
It seems that for the female population of Frostburg State, safety is always at the back of our minds, while the males of this university don’t have much to fear. So the question that may need to be asked next is, if the males aren’t afraid and the females are, then does that mean that the males are the reason for the females unrest?

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