Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sphinxman salon: March event

On March 31, 2014 the men of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated  founded hosted a free salon day for women at the Frostburg State University campus. Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, a predominantly African American fraternity was founded on December 4th 1906 at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. They are known for supporting socially and racially discriminated people because of their good character and humanitarianism. The fraternity has been interracial since 1945.
 Every fraternity or sorority has a week to host events of their choice, and this week happens to be Alpha week. The purpose for having their own week to host events is not to party. But to prove to the Frostburg students that they are involved not only academically, but socially and somewhat politically.The men showed their appreciation to the women of our campus by providing 2 stations to pamper them. 
As I walk into the room, there are lots of girls conversing amongst each other as I expected. There was one station for women to receive massages and one to get a manicure. Only 5 women were able to get massages due to the first come first served policy. Allison Testamark stated ecstatically “the massage was good, it was good!" The event was called Sphinxman Salon due to the room that Alpha's hosted the event in. There were about 50 young women present; out of the 50 women 35 of them were able to get a manicure. Also, a few women from the Delta Sigma Theta sorority showed support as a group.
As time progressed I noticed the refreshments that the Alpha’s offered that made the women happy. There were pretzels, chocolate covered fruits, and cheese cubes available to everyone. This event was not only significantly pleasing and pampering to the young women of Frostburg, but it was a social event in which young African American women were able to socialize and network. The young men of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity did a wonderful job at catering to the needs of a young woman in college. Who doesn't need a free and quick massage followed by a manicure? The men hosted the event very well by playing movies and also a playlist of good music which kept a feeling warm and welcoming throughout the event. I sat and waited with a few people before they were able to be serviced and according to the attitudes of the women, they were pleased.

“I was really glad they had the nail polish that I needed RED ” said Gabrielle Adair as she left the library. Overall, the event was successful in catering to the needs of the young women of the Frostburg University campus. The Alpha’s clarified their appreciation of the women that they encounter daily because of their good character and humanitarianism. I thought that it was very generous, in a way a random act of kindness. Men usually don’t cater to women during their fraternity appreciation week. Not to mention, everything was free. Everyone seemed to be  pleased all due to the Alpha’s.

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